February 18, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update -- Take Heed Take Heart

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_4: explains how God’s Word, as a double-edged sword, cuts both ways in these last days by way of the unbeliever taking heed, and the believer taking heart.

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Another spot on Prophecy Update Pastor JD!! :blush::two_hearts::pray: But God… I just prayed last night for the HS to give me a better understanding of the two edged sword of his word! A phrase I’ve heard & read so many times! Ty JD for allowing the HS to move through you to tend your flock so wonderfully!!
Indiana, USA

Ps. Can’t wait to meet all my family at the tree of life!:blush::two_hearts::pray:


May I humbly suggest Pastor JD wears “But God” T-shirt he received from the writer in one Sunday?

Boom and Zoom!

The YouTube video, The Rapture is Demonic?? RESPONSE to The Eric Metaxas Show worth watching.



AI did this. Knowing what it is, this is interesting as it has Jesus looking upward to Heaven and our Father.
I asked if it could make a free picture of Jesus with bright white light beaming from His eyes, wearing a fine white linen robe just past his knees, and calves and feet of bronze surrounded by joyous people in white robes.

What a day of rejoicing it will be! See you soon.



As far as I am concerned the Eric Metaxas radio show will not be worth listening to anytime I come across it.

Another stunning sermon by Pastor JD we are so lucky to have him.


20 Feb 2024

I posted an article months ago about this cancer company bought by Pfizer:

Thanks for letting us know there will be possible 49 cancer mRNA vaccines in future, yeah right…

Sounds like the same problem in western nations?? No sound doctrine churches?


21 Feb 2024

Today we learn a new term: anti-hero. Elon/Trump/Putin/Tucker et al all play this role.





This link is an amazing report on the digital ID/mark of the beast. Only a few minutes long. I highly recommend it.


Thank you, RJ, that was very interesting. JD had spoken several years ago about the patch, and I see that they are still planning to use it. Maybe when the next planned illness shows up, they will have it all ready for us. They care so much about our welfare, don’t they?


The “Eye of Horus” effect requires UV light to detect it. That is impractical for whole world of 8 billion people to do.

I believe the mark of the beast will be visible for normal eye to see else how the AC can hunt down tribulation saints easily?

From Our World in Data:

The MOTB is imposed on 100% of world population unless that person can hide/prep in secret places…


Nice sounding euphemism of what is actually a fraud, an impostor, a fake hero. I just had some fun looking up some antonyms for hero:

Thanks Dennis.


Jan Markell and Jimmy Evans


February 26, 2014 article:

This is now old technology. They tried out enhanced streetlights during the past few years that make these look lame.
You may have posted an article that talked about using LED lightbulbs in the house a monitors. Those anti-heros are happy with this concept. They will make everyone use LED lightbulbs under their save the world mantra.

I appreciate you. :blush:


Excellent discussion with Lee Brainard and Pete Garcia!

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Special guest Lee Brainard

Have you ever wondered what your life will look like in eternity?

In our new book, Hereafter, Terry James and I explore what the Bible tells us about Heaven. What we discovered from our examination of Bible prophecy is just what the subtitle says, “It’s Far Better Than You Can Imagine.”

Will our immortal bodies possess supernatural abilities? Will we recognize others? Will there be joyous reunions with family members? Will we sleep? Will there be animals in Heaven? How will we move about in the huge New Jerusalem? What is Heaven, anyways?

What might our days look like when we reign with Jesus? How will ruling alongside Christ differ once the Millennium ends and the eternal state begins? Will we be bored in Heaven? Will the Hereafter consist of one long worship service?

Should we fear the judgment seat of Christ? What about the crowns mentioned in the New Testament?

How will living in the New Jerusalem far, far exceed even our most fanciful imaginations of beauty and wonder?

If any of these questions resonate with you, please pick up a copy of Hereafter where we address all these matters and many, many more. Chapter 20 contains 27 Frequently Asked Questions about Heaven, with answers of course.

Jonathan Brentner

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Livestreaming with Lee Brainard 8pm cst 2/23/24

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