February 26, 2023: Bible Prophecy Update -- The Only Way Any of This Makes Any Sense

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: explains that the only way anyone can make any sense of anything that’s happening in the world today is by way of the Word of God and the God of the Word.

10 Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth. 11 Behold, I am coming quickly! Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your crown.

Revelation 3

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Here’s a screen shot of the 8 Questions J.D. asked regarding discerning if it is a revival or not.


Thank you @DallasT for this much appreciated x


26 Feb 2023

Watched the Asbury 23 Feb Live Prayer stream, I dunno who this fella, he proclaimed “revival” to be in USA and around the world!




@DallasT I need to watch this one (all of them really).

Time is flying by so fast.

And yeah Asbury…my church and leadership seems really inspired by it.

Also our pastor recommended “Jesus Revolution”… @Gigi @Stephmerm …I did a quick look into that and it stars Jonathan Roumie the guy from Chosen. Leadership at my church likes the Chosen too. It seems shady to me, but Jesus Revolution seems worse somehow.

Is all this revival stuff bogus? I will watch what JD has to say, but will say…I get a check in my spirit…this revival business is fake or misleading in many ways.

Not that good things did not happen at Asbury, people get saved everyday (Praise God!) But this revival business seems so…off.


If you’re in reference to just the case of Asbury - I’d say yes, it is. That’s just me (and a number of others) believe though.


I would say that if you are getting a check in your Spirit, the Holy Spirit is warning you. Listen to Him.
(If it is fake, God can still use it to reach some people.)

If it is of God, nothing will stop it. If it is not of God, I think he will clearly show true believers, the truth - if they are willing to listen to His Spirit.
That’s just my opinion.


I said almost the exact same thing to my friend Mary today at church!

When evil leaders are overthrown and God’s law is reinstated as the standard, then it’s a revival…think Josiah.

We are being run by evil rulers…think King Ahab from scripture.

I’m not seeing any biblical markers for revival happening.

God’s Word is the authority on all things.

And yes I agree God can still use it to reach people.


I am so grateful that Pastor JD gave the message about Asbury and
NAR agenda.
I know that I was led to his ministery as I am only a little old woman
who all already think is off her rocker.
I am not alone with a message that sounds bizzare and crazy to most.
I cant imagine not having a group here who see the same to strenghten
and comfort one other as these things keep unfolding.

Disclaimer–I am aware that God is capable of using any situation to
save and deliver His children.

Asbury is a University that teaches and practices Spiritual Formation.
Info here about that:

This “revival” we are watching spread is mystic occultism.
These students have been programmed and taught mystical
practices. Mystical Christianity does not value scripture.
It is a spiritual quest to find “the Divine” within themselves.
Also called Christ Consciousness of finding “The Cosmic Christ”
by New Agers.

Mysticism is the same spirit and tenet in Eastern Religions, Catholicism,
etc. and NAR.
The false church will unite because they are all of the same spirit.

Those who practice mysticism grow in spirituality, but it is not Christian.
It is “another spirit”.

This link is good and tells names and groups who practice this:

A belief system that uses ancient mystical practices to induce altered states of consciousness (the silence) and is rooted in mysticism and the occult but is often wrapped in Christian terminology. The premise of contemplative spirituality is pantheistic (God is all) and panentheistic (God is in all).In the mid-seventies three monks wanted to bring contemplative prayer to Christianity. This is how they did it:
"They invited to the abbey ecumenically oriented Catholic theologians, an Eastern Zen master, Joshu Roshi Sasaki, who offered week long retreats on Buddhist meditation, and a former Trappist, Paul Marechal, who taught transcendental meditation. The interaction between these Christian monks and practitioners of Eastern meditation helped distill the practice of Christian contemplative prayer into a form that could be easily practiced by a diverse array of “non-monastic” believers: priests, nuns, brothers and lay men and women." by Joseph G. Sandman (America Magazine 9/9/00).

Contemplative Prayer is described as “an experience of God’s presence” and "movement beyond conversation with Christ to communion with Him" resulting in “…body sensations, feelings, images, and reflections”.

The above article speaks about a labyrinth at Asbury.


This is the best article of the bunch.
From the book Phoenix Rising-Birthing -The Strong-Delusion:


Will look at this all tomorrow dear Gigi.

Sure appreciate Pastor JDs discerning and testing of the spirits


I don’t come on here much any more because of what led to the changes in the forum, which was disheartening.

But since I saw my name referenced and what the prophecy update was about , hopefully I can add my 2 cents.

The NAR and Dominionism/ 7 Mountain Mandate theology was brought out in the now closed discussion tent and many of us in the forum tried to show red flags and the false unity of these doctrines being brought into the church.

Sadly, the conversation ruffled feathers but JD is pointing out what many of us respectfully tried to explain.

The Jesus Revolution…. Jonathan Ruhmie is Lonnie Frisbee. He is also Jesus of the Chosen.
We already have discussed in detail the issues with The Chosen. Don’t forget that Ruhmie is a staunch Catholic.

Greg Laurie has huge involvement in The Jesus Revolution. If we as Christians are going to discuss these things , then let’s not sugar coat it and dance around what are troubling influences behind the scenes.
The original Jesus Movement involving Chuck Smith, had ties with Kathryn Kuhlman, a known New Age mystic, and Lonnie Frisbee who continued in the homosexual lifestyle even after his conversion. If you research his story , his girlfriend at the time admitted they “ found Jesus” after tripping on acid. I’ve already explained concerns about Laurie and his relationships with certain people.

Regarding the Asbury Revival. I have watched parts of it and then about 6 or so videos by pastors/ Bible teachers discussing certain things both good and bad.

In my research , there were people such as Francis Chan, Todd Bentley…. who claims to kick elderly women in the face during services, left his I’ll wife for the church secretary and married her and she can seen in many videos shaking her head and body in the kuhndalini spirit while taking about elephants acting like it’s the Holy Spirit.

There was an NAR pastor who preached to some of the young students about the subsequent need of being filled with the Holy Spirit as a separate event apart from being saved. Then teaching about speaking in tongues.
A young woman was shown apparently speaking in tongues who was then “ slain in the spirit “ proceeding to fall backwards.

Many of the attendees made it known that the lgbtq were involved and celebrated in the services.

There was an event of a demon being cast out of someone.

We all know God can use anything and reach anyone. So it’s possible there could be some good going on. But to attribute everything of the Asbury Revival, the Jesus Revolution and the Jesus Movement to be ALL of the Holy Spirit is imo a grave lack of discernment.

Those who tried to give the benefit of the doubt but are cautious and not jumping on the “ this is a great revival of the Holy Spirit “ are Spencer Smith, John Haller, Sean of Revealing Truth , Grace Evangelical Society, and others.

Disappointingly, Tim Moore and Nathan Jones have promoted it ( Moore had 2 daughters that went to Asbury college), CBN has had numerous program with numerous clips of praising it, and of course many in the NAR camp.

People that are trying to be bereans and speak up about some of the red flags they see are being horribly treated by so called fellow Christians who are resorting to name calling and hate simply because they are not endorsing these events.

It’s great JD is addressing the NAR and Dominionism but I do find it ironic about how this very topic and similar red flag discussions contributed to the forum changes.

And, as JD pointed out there is no biblical basis that a great / mass revival would take place prior to the return of Jesus. However, that’s not to say that there can be a revival of sorts in individual people whether that be an unbeliever becoming saved , or a Christian getting right with God or become more driven in these days.

What became almost a censoring of a topic that needed discussion especially in the extremely deceptive days we’re in , is why I have backed away from the this place.

I decided that it wasn’t worth the stress trying to repeatedly explain that this stuff is concerning, that associations matter because they are leading to a false, unbiblical unity that is NOT the same unity Jesus was striving for.

Discernment starts with the understanding that just because “ Christianese” is slapped onto something, doesn’t mean it’s of God. This is followed by research of both sides and filtering what is seen and heard through scripture. Then based on what scripture showed, a decision is made regarding if something is or isn’t of God.

It’s wrong to discount that some may be getting saved or to judge the heart of any who were involved in these events but it’s equally wrong to blindly accept any and everything going on in these events as all of the Holy Spirit.

There is a way and a need for Christians to discuss these important issues but it’s just not happening as much as it probably should be because it’s a touchy subject and unfortunately offends some instead of opening up respectful dialogue.


Thank you sister Stephanie. So true . We need to be testing the spirits and I agree with everything you said. Missing your voice here too as a voice of truth in love.

For those who don’t understand this other spirit and teachings please take alot of time to read bereanresearch.org and look at all the NAR testimonies of those who came out of that false teaching. I implore you to do this so you will understand the false from the true if you don’t already have a grasp of this.
For Satan masquerades as light.

This NAR has encapsulated the church and is a cancer . Pastor JD nailed it today about this . He nailed it. Do not be deceived brethren.


Thank you, Stephanie very well express!

Matthew 24:4
And Jesus answered and said unto them, take heed that no man deceive you.

It is very evident that we are living in an AGE of great deception.

Matthew 24:5
For many shall come in my name, saying, I AM CHRIST; and shall deceive many.

False prophets, and False Apostle are everywhere these days, all of them are prophesying smooth things, they claim prosperity and great abundance.
They are deceiving spirit doing the work of their father, the father of lies.

Matthew 24:13
But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

Good news my brothers & sisters in Christ because that is us, the believers who are always watching out for deception, and we are daily praying that the Lord would keep us diligent watching for his return.
Although we get weary at time, the Lord is always faithfully replenishing our strength to keep the faith.
For that we thank you our dear Heavenly Father.


27 Feb 2023

It seems Crazymatics and other undiscerning Christians accuse anyone who dares to question this “revival” by citing 1 Thessalonians 5:19:

Do not quench the Spirit.

In Greek: Not to be confused with blasphemy of Holy Spirit

In 1 Thess 5:21 Paul told us to:

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

Pastor JD was doing this discernment as mentioned above. We are to test ALL things ( “Revival”, Prophecies, et al ).


@Gigi , I found this one Billion soul prophecy by Kansas City Prophets you mentioned:


This is for us who deposit $$$ in the banks: look at the conditions;

Please research the word “Bail-In” by yourself.


I asked ChatGPT who’s in tent meetings…



I’m responding to Casey’s post— but I pray my message is read by everyone who is trashing this movie based on anything other than its actual content/message. As of yet, I’ve not read one single review of this movie based on it’s content. But I have seen too many posts trashing the movie because of the “sinners” involved. I urge each of us (myself included) to examine our own heart before we pick up stones.

I haven’t seen this movie but would like to because I’ve watched a couple interviews about its subject, which is

   The Formation of Calvary Chapel

of which Calvary Chapel Kaneohe is associated. The closest theater is almost two hours away and I just don’t leave my house unless I must anymore….

Just putting this out there because all I see online are negative comments by people who have not said they’ve actually seen the movie. The ‘reviews’ negate this movie because Lonnie Frisbee was was a sinner (oh my!) and Jonathan Roumie (another sinner) are part of the story. And I’m reminded of every single Bible hero I have, every single person I know, of myself. People: we are ALL sinners— at different places in our walk, but all have sinned. I am grieved to the core of my soul when I see people badmouthing a project because a sinner is involved.

If you’ve seen a movie, revival or series and know it promotes some anti-Christ idea… you should tell others. But to trash this movie based purely on the sinfulness of people connected is absolutely ludicrous.

Is this movie is a total corruption of the history of a group of Believers I’m most thankful for? I don’t know. Because no one has mentioned content yet. I listen to/study under (with my Bible open and marked up) 2-5 teachings every day from Calvary Chapel associated preachers/teachers, like our beloved Pastor JD. And I’ve learned more about the Word of God from this group of about ten men (that I listen to; there are 1400 CC in the USA) in the last 7-8 years than I learned in the rest of my adult life.

It grieves my soul to see so very many Believers spending their time condemning. All I see is strife anymore— people creating it, people suffering from it.

Feeding frenzy is the term that comes to mind.


Hi Georgia Ruth, I haven’t seen the movie in question but thought this might interest you. Here is what is written about it. This was put on YouTube 9 years ago and I have watched it a few times. It is 2 hours long.

This is an outstanding documentary on the history and philosophy of Calvary Chapel. It demonstrates how through one man’s (Chuck Smith) faith and obedience, God began a revival in a period known as the Jesus Movement. This video chronicles the trials that Chuck Smith faced by stepping out into a ministry and trusting that “Where God Guides, God Provides.”


Man oh man, the layers upon layers of DECEPTION! Please come quickly Lord Jesus!

Thank you Pastor JD. Thank you for your research and discerning spirit to warn us. In my prayer for you today I asked the Lord to pour out his blessings on you. You can even have some of my blessings today.
Thank you Stephanie. I never knew this about Chuck Smith and his ties with a mystic. Definitely will not see this movie.


Morning Dallas @DallasT,
I’ve seen Greg Laurie interview Chuck Smith about the movie, which is how I know what it’s about. Gotta admit, I wasn’t a big fan of either before watching. Didn’t have a problem with either man— their styles and voices just didn’t resonate. Since watching that one interview though, their voices aren’t near as troubling. (By way of explanation, I have some hearing issues)

I look forward to watching this. Thanks for sharing!
Hope you and yours are all doing well. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Stephmerm @Gigi thank you! I appreciate you guys.

@GR I see Hollywood as a non-source for my spiritual food. It just can’t be trusted.

My church seems to be constantly using shows and movies to promote Godly wisdom, when what I believe people need more than ever is a return to the word of God.

Josiah, Ezra…church! Read those stories in our Bibles. That is revival.

I’m wary of all this “revolution” and “get used to different” and…yes I’m weary also of sin being represented as a “pathway” to God i.e. “labyrinths”, drug use, strange things.

Sin is a side effect of getting AWAY from God.

I can’t recommend Jesus Revolution, nor condemn it, but I can recommend the Bible and prayer …and fasting.

I love you Georgia Ruth, I’m sorry I can’t really give a recommendation based on watching this film.

I’m going to stick with catching up on prophecy updates and my Bible. I just get a yucky feeling anymore from these movies and shows.

Utmost respect to you dearest sister and friend.