How did you speak of Jesus today?

As children of Jesus Christ, we have to work for him.

In this topic, please share how did you speak of Jesus, salvation… today?

This can encourage one and another.

There are several technics/methods to speak of Jesus.

If you share the full gospel “Great”, if you just speak some words about him it’s “Great” too. Maybe someone else will come after you or came before you, or Jesus will meet them.

Last year I preached with the end times (difficult but not impossible, but the problem people don’t have time so you have to be drilled and do it in 10 seconds!).

Today I have another technic or style lol :laughing:, and don’t really search to make a point of 4 goals each day as I did before. I don’t have a limit to reach, maybe one day I speak of Jesus, maybe not. No pressure! I do it when I feel it! If you are stressed… not good too much pressure, people feel it. The communication is not perfect BUT when you don’t premeditate that you will speak of Jesus and find like a good “puncher” or shooter, let’s go, just find a context. It should come “naturally”. Personally I don’t have sentences to tell. It comes with the conversation and it often goes well because I’m happy and not stressed. People love that.

Now I can speak 5, 10 minutes with some of them.

I don’t know what will be the result at the end.
Only God knows.

Here I will share some of my encounters and I suggest you to do the same.


Today I saw a old catholic sister in a shop (I didn’t follow her hey!). I just met her at a corner of press section of the big shop. She was reading magazines of computing (I’m programmer hey hey). I searched something in my head to engage the conversation (30 sec!!!). Finally I said something, I don’t even know if it was really from me: “so, you are going to make computing or use a computer” now? And bingo, she was interested. She said yes. “Maybe I can suggest you a book, I’m a computer specialist?”. I asked questions about the hardware, operating system and suggested her to stay on Windows 10. I checked her magazine and finally came to the question if she’s catholic. She said yes. I spoke about the divisions in catholism and asked if she prayed Mary and prepared sermons? She said no to Mary and yes she prepared sermons. I told her I was catholic but now I’m just a Christian because I didn’t believe in the prayers to Mary. And of course suggested her to continue to pray the Father, and also spoke of the end times coming really fast and suggested her some Bible web sites.

Interesting conversation, maybe I will meet her again in this big shop. In this case I have to find another subject.

Maybe difficult to change all the catholism in one conversation and stay friendly.


Yesterday in a bar/restaurant I drunk a coffie next a woman of +50 years old. She was alone. I wanted to say something about Jesus and heaven but didn’t find what to say. She left and I left 15 min later. In the shopping center a family of 5, 6 italians also left the restaurant at the same time than me. And they spoke about the movie “Don Camillo” when he spoke to Jesus. In fact the theme of the restaurant is Theater and big pictures of old movies like Don Camillo. I jumped on the conversation and said “who is greater than Don Camillo?”. Silence! I replied Jesus!!! Don’t follow Don Camillo but follow Jesus because Jesus is the way :slight_smile:

Now I’m outside the shopping center and the woman of +50 was outside waiting for a taxi. She was looking at me. I started a conversation with her and said “do I know you? Your face is familiar. Did you work here or in a shop of the city?”. She said she was pharmacist in the past. I said “maybe”. And asked if she has a brother. She said yes, his name is Santino. Waw Santino like the wrestler. She smiled and said he loved to watch wrestling (like me). I said what I was speaking with the italian family… and asked if she believes in God, Jesus? She said yes and is catholic. Same story, I said I was catholic but warned not to pray Mary, statues, saints… She didn’t read her Bible, I suggested her to read it each day a chapter or 10 verses or even 1 verse a day and meditate it (learn…). We spoke until the taxi came, probably 10, 15 minutes. We also spoke about our testimonies and that the tribulations are coming really fast, probably in 2022. She taught we already were in some kind of tribulations with covid. What was strange and I told her, is that at the same place 2 or 3 days earlier I thought at Santino the wrestler and that his brother has this name. I asked if his brother is OK and believes in God, she said yes. I also told her that purgatory doesn’t exist and that the judgment comes after we die.

Really interesting conversation.


Today, I spoke with a black man (~30) in the toilet when we were washing our hands, I took time to wait for him :slight_smile: Same question: do you believe in God? In Jesus? Are you catholic? Are you evangelist? He replied: yes, yes, no, no. He was according to him: just Christian. Next question: do you think Jesus will come soon? Correction to show the importance: very soon? He said nobody knows. Indeed but the signs are there, watch Jerusalem, watch Israel. Jesus will come back very soon now, could be today, bye see you…

It was short but he seemed to be on the good way.


Some days ago, I spoke with another black man. I don’t know but it’s more easy for me to speak with them. Same location: the toilet when washing hands :smile: He was evangelist, saw the signs of the end times. We took a coffee and went outside. We spoke a lot, he was French and returned in France. I spoke of my apps, spoke of my interventions of God in my life and shared the app references by email. Yesterday he contacted me and installed the app foe iPhone. He also liked to speak with others to see where they are with Jesus. :smiley:


Yesterday I asked a guy if I can sit at his table outside in front of a gas station/restaurant, he had 4, 5 cans of beer of 33cl in front of him. I thought he drinked the cans with friends before they left. I told him I like to see the sunset at this place. I thought how to talk to him about Jesus and not be impolite at his table. I opened my can of tea and drinked a bit, thinking, asking God to help me. Finally I answered (before he had the intention to leave): do you speak French? He said not really, English? He said yes. Ok, I have to translate, he smiled.

Go to the point: as he was reading his smartphone (as a lot of people nowadays, it’s easy). Do you read the Bible on your phone? He said no, Facebook! We don’t have time to read Facebook, Instagram, Twitter but to seek Jesus because Jesus is coming really soon now. He was listening :smiley:

He was Romanian and probably a van driver.

Do you know what will come probably in 2022 or tomorrow? He said no. The tribulations, 7 years, the wrath of God because God said you don’t believe in me but love the darkness, ok I give you what you want, the antichrist. The antichrist is in fact a man having the power of Satan, his son, to make miracles and prodigies to seduce people. And a lot of people will believe his lies.

After I don’t really remember what I said but I spoke of Jesus, the son of God who came on earth to die for people believing in him, others will go to hell.

I told him to know if Jesus is real (and he’s real), just ask him, in your bed, your shower, on the road, everywhere, you don’t have to go to church, just believe Jesus really died for us, for our sins, if you do that he will give you a new heart and you will be a new creature. In this case, we are called children of God! Not when he will come back to take us but immediately when we believe in him. Unfortunately I forgave to tell him to repent and that Jesus was resurrected.

I spoke of my 2 God’s interventions, I was catholic… I told him not to speak to statues or Mary or men but to Jesus or his father “Father in heaven…”, just pray with your heart. He will give you a sign, not always as you want, but he will intervene in your life, I gave some examples… do it today!

As pastor said “today is your day of salvation, because I talked to you about Jesus”, not exactly correct but I was not so wrong.

I spoke probably 15 or 20 minutes :sweat_smile: and spoke about the mark of the beast…

Before leaving, he took the cans, and I realized that maybe he drinked alone.

If I would know this before, probably I would not talk to him!!! (What a mistake)

I hope guys, these stories can encourage you to meet people and speak of Jesus. This topic is not my topic, so add some stories to read :slight_smile: Together we are stronger.

Maybe if next time I have the opportunity to speak so much and the person was listening without smiling (as he did, he was curious), maybe I would suggest to pray with him and accept Jesus. Unfortunately, I didn’t think of it :confused:

Yes, drills are important but fortunately the holy spirit is there to fill all the gaps.


Today, at a coffee machine, a muslism woman was trying to get a coffee. Her boy of 10-12 years old was next to her at the second machine. I went there but he was just in front. I talked a bit to him “vous parlez français, french”. He looked at me :roll_eyes: “you can’t talk to me?” His mother was a bit nervous. The young boy showed me a german flag on the coffee machine. “Haaa you are Germans”, smile. I told him I don’t sprech deutsch. The husband came at a table (a German), I asked him: do you believe in God, Jesus in Germany? The sentence was not so right, but I asked it 3 times :relaxed: He replied “my wife is Muslim and believes in allah” (of course I know it). I said “who is allah?”. Silence from everybody. “I know that in the Coran you believe in Jesus. But I tell you and looked the wife and pointing a finger to her, Jesus is more than a prophet, he is the son of God”. She was very nervous and said “you are crazy” and left. The husband was still there, I thought he would punch me but I asked him “why she can say I’m crazy when I speak of God?”, he said “I don’t know!” and gave me 2 tickets of discount of 0.7 euros each.

Rem: it’s probably the first time that someone says I’m crazy when speaking of God. Good, good :+1:

In fact my goal was to guide her to talk of Muhammad and I would say that the holy spirit can’t contradict the Bible but I planted a small seed in them :slight_smile:


Yesterday it was a very bad day for me (with my very sick father and my wicked neighbor). I went to a store and met by chance a old friend (I told him that I stopped working but work for the Lord, I sent him the references, he will go in a rock concert some days later with other old friends) and just after at another location I met by chance my hairdresser with his family eating in a bar/restaurant (I already talked to him several times of Jesus). In another location, I thought to recognize a guy I spoke with him one time (he told me he reads sometimes the coran) but it was not him! Same style of car, same look, approximately the same plate number. He’s often there too. I wanted to talk to him about Jesus but didn’t know how to do it as he stays in his car, now it’s done. I took the opportunity to speak about tribulations, salvation and my testimonies.

A lot of “coincidences” :smiley:


Oh dear I am sorry about your father today.

Father in heaven we lift up ((Cindy?) hotchiwawa today to you in prayer.
Lord please be with her now as she mourns the loss of her earthly father . Please minister to her and help her as she grieves. We pray she continues to have Gospel centered conversations helping others know you Lord. Please bless her. In Jesus’ Name we pray.


Dear sister, thank you for your encouragement to us to share. You are boldly sharing about Jesus and using your environment around you!

I have been on vacation since Friday and home now but ashamed to say I want sharing and I feel a bit out of practice.

I try to share with clerks on the way out of stores - asking how I may pray for them, leaving a tract or if I have time a short conversation.
Last week checking out of Target I remarked to the cashier how empty the shelves were. She had a look that said yes she was familiar with that and I said unfortunately, in a compassionate voice that this would most likely get worse. She said yes I heard that. I said well if you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior it won’t be so bad, you can have peace no matter what is happening. She said yes she did know Him- she had a vision about a year prior of Jesus in a white robe and that was it. She said now her family thinks she is nuts. I smiles and said that is all normal as persecution and to not be alarmed. I asked her where she goes to church. Unfortunately she goes to Mac Hammond’s church here in MN which I think is called rhe Living Word.Not too long ago they had Kenneth Copeland there so I knew they was a problem (my friend later said they r a Word of Faith church). Anyway I said well are you studying the Bible. She said she was readingKenneth Copelands book. I strongly recommended to her that she stop reading that and read the New Testament (then Old). I said we cannot know truth until we read the Bible and it is the only source of truth. She thanked me greatly. I had the Hoky Spirit goosebumps the whole time talking with her. Customers started to get mad (she was very into our discussion!) so I had to go. Anyway I think God really used me there to encourage her (and me) and to strongly guide her to THE book. Praise the Lord!


Meant to say I wasn’t sharing on vacation. Wasn’t doing what I should and I will say I feel down when there happens.

I spoke to another cashier person last week about empty shelves and shared that having the peace of Jesus was so comforting and gave tract.

My brain is so bad I can’t recall other discussions right now. But usually each week (not today) I get to go out with brothers and sisters Wed, Fri day and Fri night. Fri nights r my fav bc people are not in a hurry , they are hanging out and we get to really talk.

I will say practicing more with strangers helps prepare us for our family and friends more.

I will leave tonight with my fav story- when a sister and I were sharing last summer - we were in a small group. Praying prior to figure where to go in St Paul. People in group and me were sensing to go to a park by the Holy Spirit. There was a particular park someone had in mind so we drove about 20 min which seems not so good bc we didn’t have a lot of time then. We got there and it wasn’t a park. Drove a little more and saw a walk and bike path along the river. Was dead. I thought oh boy what are we going to do here. We got out of the car and started on the pathway. Right away walkers, lingerers and runners coming at us. We engaged some people. Not too long after, Jenny and I went down the path. A young man started to come up behind me and pass me. I said, “stop”! He stopped and we spoke with him. He happened to be in recovery from alcoholism which Jenny was too- saved a few months prior and instantly done with drugs and alcohol. So they had a nice connection. We shared the Gospel and he said his uncle has been trying to talk to him about Jesus . We could just see the veil coming off his eyes. We asked what is in the way of you receiving Christ (after Jenny shared her beautiful testimony). He said I guess nothing, I think I am supposed to do this and he received the Lord !!! We received his contact to get set up with discipleship.
That is my favorite story- we just never know who is going to be ready to receive. And what that uncle was sowing we were able to be a part of . :raised_hands::latin_cross:

Keep sharing sister . When I can I try to let
people know how much God loves them, that He sent Jesus to die for them on the cross- explaining Gospel. Then silence to let Holy Spirit work. . And what do you think …… etc etc different approaches all the time but that’s one.

We can definitely use the times to point to Christ :heart_decoration:

God bless you and your family

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Lastly, it is very powerful at the right time when there is opportunity to share your testimony. A short version (and longer when appropriate) that tells life before Christ, what/how you came to receive Him, and life after Christ. When speaking from the heart, this along with Gospel message incorporated is powerful .

I also like to use Romans road key verses - 3:23, 5:23, 5:7 I think and 10:
X forget verse and Ephesians 2:8-9

Catholics or those thinking sabed by works I like to talk about Galatians 2:22 I think it is- helping remind them about Christs death- basically if the law or good deeds could save us why did He have to die. Other good verses about that too. But using poignant Scripture is powerful.


Oh, dear hotchiwawa, I am so sorry for the loss of your dear father. I am thankful that he gave his heart to Christ. What a great reunion that will be when you see him again.

Heavenly Father, I humbly ask for your peace upon my dear sister. You gave her this man as her earthly father and now he is with you. Comfort her and give her strength for the loneliness that will come from his absence. Thank you, Holy Spirit for speaking to his heart and drawing him to you. He is free now indeed!


Great speaking of Jesus :+1:
What you can also say, is to come to our forum :slight_smile:

When they believe in Jesus, it’s a bit more easy.
When I spoke with the protestant pastor (for the funeral of my dad), there were no evangelical pastor, so I took the protestant, really quickly we found a struggle when I spoke of salvation, the pastor said “free”. Hum, not really the same. She gave me the name of an evangelical pastor and this guy was perfect! Ready to put the fire! Perfectly aligned on salvation, he knows how to do it, and already did it. We will see on Monday and will give a feedback.

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I didn’t read all the message above yet, but today:

I went to a bar/restaurant and drank a coca, next to me a guy speaking to 3, 4 people at another table. I let them speak… not knowing if he knows them. At the end they left and the guy remains asking an irish coffee. The waiter came with a double Irish coffee!! Bigger than a glass of cola! Ok, it’s time to speak with him. So I told him it’s a “beautiful” irish… and some stories when I drank that, the reason I stopped drinking alcohol (some funny stories). We spoke of politics in the world, “vaxxed”… he was in fact on the same line that corruption is everywhere, time to speak of the mark of the beast and the war coming, with famines… it’s biblical if you read the book of Revelation and Daniel. I didn’t ask him if he believed in Jesus but he said he was born in a catholic family. Time to go deeper: I was catholic… and shared my 2 testimonies and that my dad died yesterday but asked forgiveness to the Lord. Finally I suggested him to avoid religions but to follow the gospel of Jesus. Avoiding statues, all the commercial aspects and traditions and to read the Bible each day (a chapter or 10 verses or 1 verse) that the holy spirit will work, the rapture is soon. We said “bye, see you next time”.

It was not easy to speak of Jesus without be rejected when you see someone loves alcohol, but God helped me. Just be friend with people, share your stories. It’s not always necessary to rush to the point. Build the bridge as said Pastor Greg Laurie, not burn the bridge.


I go to the gas station and met (again) a guy trying to racket asking money for gasoline. The first time I was severe with him because I asked him if he believed in God (he said yes but probably lying) and called me “Lord”. “What Lord, there is only one Lord and he’s in heaven”.

This time, I told him I already met him and asked if he believed in Jesus. He said yes. Do you accept him as Lord and Savior? He said humm and finally said yes. I told him he was near to be Christian but he was joking, probably lying and still asking me money. I told him he called me Lord in the past! Once again I was severe with him, telling him not to play with God and joking that God could let fall a stone on his head. Accept Jesus and things will be more easy for him.

Yes we don’t have a lot of time remaining. And probably another lockdown or a war! Is coming soon.

I see you are an organized group for evangelization :slight_smile:
Be careful with whom you speak.
Personally I would not speak in a gay parade.
I’m not ready for this and there are too much violence.
I understand that they need to hear the gospel but I’m not a warrior.
“We have to survive to share longer”
As I said, my approach is now different but seems better because I speak much longer and friendly with people.

Rem: 2 days ago, I saw a board, billboard as you say. In my country, we don’t have billboard of salvation like in US.

So sorry! Thought you were a sister. My bad.
Blessings to you brother

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Today, I went to the funerals of my dad.

The pastor preached the good news, abc of salvation to the catholics. He preached a different way than abc of salvation of Pastor Farag but it was the same.

Now, let’s hope that some of them will turn from their wicked ways (he didn’t insist on that but I understand it was too much in one time). He clearly said that Jesus was the lamb of God, the son of God, the only man who has never sin, that he came to save the world (the people), that he will come back as a judge. We sang 2 songs (with a book of songs).

Unfortunately we were less than 15 people, only one of his friend was there. In fact he is the boss of the funeral service, he met him 2 times a week.
My dad had a lot of “friends” and was a good friend with them, but you see how the world is…

EDIT: in fact we were only 10 (including me and without the pastor and the guy who opened the door of the church). Sad :pensive: it’s also a sign we are in the last days. Their heart is cold…