January 14, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update -- Profound Last Days Confusion

Full Video: Bible Prophecy Update – Profound Last Days Confusion


Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_3: provides two chilling examples that reveal how the profound confusion in these last days is fulfilling Bible prophecy, specific to how close the rapture is.

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All the way here in Alabama… a 9 and 1/2 hour plane ride, Bro. JD must have been reading my mail. I’ve believed in Jesus all my life but the unbelief, deception and confusion has led me down a path I’m fighting to get off of.


Hello @Oprygirl2,
Pastor JD has a way of meeting us where we are in life because he uses God’s word, which will always meet us where we are if we come, or return to Him. God saw over your long flight and safety, right? Trust God. The more you read His word, think on what you have read, and pray to Him over it, the more you will silence satan inc. (all of the fallen angels).
I don’t know if you are born-again, so if you have not given your soul to God, please listen and accept the most precious gift given of all eternity, Jesus the Savior’s call. If unsure of how to do this, JD explains how at the end of his update. With the Holy Spirit indwelling, there is no room for the demons.
I, of course, do not know what influences (whether in flesh or spirit) are persuading you, but you have tapped back into a loving, caring band of brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. We will help however we can.
Welcome back!



Thanks Pastor JD…the timing of this topic couldn’t be more timely. Even our ownbrothers and sisters are trying to cause division among the brethren. It is very evident of their agenda because they come her every once in a while e without a word of caring or encouragement , instead a critical and ‘better than thou’ attitude.
Anyway, it is getting insidiously darker and harder with all the distractions and confusion. But God is in control and the HS is helping us and guiding us to Truth as always!!! Praise God He is with us andthat we have Hope of our Blessed Hope coming to fetch us outta here! Maranatha!


Aww man! Talk about flipping the high beams on scripture in a way that I hadn’t seen before! Love it, Pastor JD. This is yet another reason why God spreads out His truth across His word, and man’s existence.

I will say that understanding the why of God’s use of His devil still affects my human spirit to the why them?

Just this past week I watched (not my usual YT choice of subject matter) two families where one member murdered another member of the family. The POV is from the police officer’s chest cameras. The reason I am writing this is because in both instances satan inc. was permitted to confuse the murderer. In one, a woman living with a man and their infant child tells the officer that she had been seeing strange dark blobs (her words) that frightened her. On that day, she had come home to, in reality, her boyfriend sleeping on the couch, and the baby in a playpen next to him. Extremely distraught and confused she tells the officer that the dark blob was on the couch. She did not “see” the boyfriend. Full of fear, she took a knife and stabbed the blob (him) several times. It was only afterwards that she saw it was her boyfriend. She called the police.

The second one was a 12-year-old girl, described by her mother as a “good girl who does not use those words (profanity)”. Again, this poor girl is beside herself in grief and shock. She constantly is saying, I’m sorry … I’m so, so sorry… I don’t know what happened. Constant use of the f-bomb. She had taken a knife and stabbed multiple times her much younger brother. She was confused. She had recently began to cut herself. Experimentation? Media influence? satan inc.? Yes.

This confusion of God’s devil makes puppets of the lost. This is not restrained to the past. It is being allowed to an evermore greater extent than in recent times. These are just two examples of what it looks like.
What horror awaits those left behind.



Similar to what has happened in my home. It is horrific. I’m a Christian, the situation has put me into intense pain, hurt, grief, depression, etc. Definitely confusion.

Please come quickly Lord!


I’m am so glad Bro. JD is back and prayers and get well wishes for Sis. Kellie. :pray:

This too shall pass!


Dear @HDM, your words of pain and grief, of confusion, are burdens that Jesus is waiting to carry for you. Jesus is beside you with open arms. Pray to God and our great God. He knows your grieving heart. Fall into His arms. Also, as a believer, you are assured comfort from the Comforter, the Holy Spirit.
When the very hard things of life visit us, the blessings of God are sometimes pushed back in our mind. It is the most important time to hold them steadfastly in the front of our mind, our heart. Take time in reading the Word.

I will pray for you. I am reluctant to ask you questions about this horrific event because of its nature. Sister, protect yourself with making sure the whole armour of God is on you. Cinch up your belt of truth, check for holes in your shield of faith, and hold tight to your sword of the Spirit.



When pastor JD was talking about the movie " Leave the world behind ", it reminded me of a movie that is coming out this spring called “Civil War”. It is even more disturbing. Here is the trailer…


Not replying to you directly as I am posting impt stuff here…

16 Jan 2024

Hmm, Trump + Obama, how to say here… same same right?

As a start, Let you ponder by looking at this pic:

What message/testimony these Christians are telling the unsaved/the world?

Even the secular The Economist magazine noticed that…no wonder JD had enough of these nonsense!

Now posting on Trump…

He used to reject vaccines but now he compromised:

The “God Made Trump” 3 min movie is embedded below besides commentary:

It should be word for word as pastor JD read that out. It was plagarised? from Paul Harvey - So God Made A Farmer


Today my mailbox fill with Trump Trump Trump! LOL


Hi HDM, praying continually for you. I understand you are still very traumatized and so I haven’t wanted to b add to your distress by sending messages. Just know that the Lord is right there with you in your great sorrow (HUG)

It is good to see you posting a bit
I hope this update help answer some of your questions


Yes, that is crazy but many do believe that. I do not watch mainstream media but I am sure they are having a ball with that.


Look at the NARly crowd. These prophets and apostles have been talking abt Trump all day long… I had to replace that video due to vulgarities by that host who mirrored someone’s channel. Sorry…

There is an upcoming movie called God and Country:

This is my opinion: I think it’s a reaction to these Trump-mania and NARly Christian Dominionism in USA.

God & Country,” a new documentary produced by Rob Reiner, opens with idyllic scenes of American churches and a speaker borrowing part of a well-known quote of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.: “When I look at all the injustices of the world, and I drive past churches, I ask myself: What kind of people worship there?”

The goal of the documentary is to wake up churchgoing American Christians — who number in the many tens of millions — to the threat of anti-democratic religious extremism in the United States.

The film, which will open in theaters on Feb. 16 and was shown at a private premiere on Thursday at the Capitol, is perhaps the first Hollywood-adjacent effort to make the term “Christian nationalism” mainstream and to get Americans (specifically Christians) to engage in conversations about recent well-organized and well-funded efforts to officially merge church and state.


@HCBrown, definitely interesting. It’s like they think they have all their ducks in a row. Maybe … maybe not.
I watched the trailer on my phone, but I will look for it on my TV to see better what is on the guy’s T-shirt from the store scene and the reverse image of the US as to what States are group with TX & FL. The A24 is curious. I think most would think A=America & 24=2024, but it might reference something else. Military A is Alpha. Alpha=First. The 24 could stand for hours, a date, or system used. Alpha24 (A24) is used in chip manufacturing, gaming, and even healthcare systems. Techies???

Most find it absurd to think Americans would fire on civilian Americans, but they would be wrong. Check out July 28, 1932, WWI Veterans at the White House.

They’re saying the attack on Washington happens on July 4th., Independance Day won, now lost? Texas and Florida are defeated. What two States are standing against Washington now? Seems awfully coincidental. Would governors be party to the death of their constituents and the uprising of like-minded people in other States? Producers seem to think so. Oh, it seems an EMP -Electro Magnetic Pulse caused the car scene in the beginning.
:popcorn: :cup_with_straw:


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Thanks Dennis for your articles. Always informative.

Sadly, it is like smelling rotting eggs from a group of bags, looking for that bag, and finding rotten eggs in all of them.

Trivia: Nikki Haley is not her real name. Politicians do this when they think the populous would not vote for them if the populous knew their real name. Hers: Nimarat Randhawa. Religion: Sikh

Carry on good sir.



You think like me. In every tv show I count addresses, they always add up to occult numbers. Breaking bad, better call Saul, Ozark, occult symbolism is everywhere. If you are talking about the guys T shirt at 15 seconds, I don’t know that symbol, if you do let me know. It is California and Texas that succeed. If I am wrong let me know.


My bad. You are correct, Texas and California. DeSantis did a lot of defiance during 2020+. I just mentally switched them. California’s govenor/reps succeeding from the union? Maybe that one-on-one chat with the leader of our enemy… that makes everything … presented a deal too good to pass on.



It is predictive programming imo. It has to be. They are constantly blasting us now. It is getting really bad. One disaster or corruption, one after the other. What I meant about addresses is how addresses add up. Watch a show that shows an address and 9 out of 10 are occult numbers. Walter White, breaking bad, address is 308 Negra Arroyo Lane. 3+0+8 is 11.


Our victory’s won.
Heart of our own heart whatever befall. . .
Be our vision. Be our wisdom. You are our TRUE WORD. Praise you, Father! In Jesus’ name.


When JD said that Satan is the author of confusion but God is the sender of confusion, one only has to look at our Presidential 2024 madness/delusion of the masses to accept these choices for either party to see evidence of this….

It’s absolutely illogical, irrational and overwhelmingly desperate to even consider them. But God is preparing the eschatological landscape and the hearts for what lies ahead.

Steady our hearts and our faith Lord.