July 11, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Hi Dennis,…What a cutie! :heart: Is he/she your dog? Can I borrow for when or if the Joe squad arrives? :laughing: Just kidding. Ours are little ankle biters, so too small to scare anyone.

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Agreed! The injections ARE the pandemic.


Agreed to. The so called variants are those who suffer from the side effects. Its like watching a car crash that is happening in front of our eyes. The impact (many will die and the unvaxxed people will be the ones blaming for it!) will happen. I just dont know if we are here on earth or finally safe with the Lord in heaven. Time will tell. But I am so ready to go!


Same here, dear Kris. I see this fall or late summer as the time when the blame-game begins to scapegoat the unjabbed. But they are planting the seeds now in media with the bogus “delta” variant mythology, which is taken from the “deltoid” muscle of where the jabbed took their injection. I think it was Faith1 who noted that watching this all play out is like watching a slow motion train wreck. It is indescribably difficult to see people becoming sick and passing away from this stupid toxin jab, that they never would have taken, had they just waited a bit and done fifteen minutes of their own thinking and research on. maybe I’m wrong, its just grief all round. I still have trouble believing that people actually fell for this ruse, its like I must have overestimated the grey matter in a really big way. Do you think its due to plain spiritual blindness or …?


I know how you are feeling and feeling the same. Yesterday I was buying food in the supermarket and hear a very happe song and got so sad because I was seeing all the people with masks and think by myself: "How many are saved? Am I the only one here?

I have my own website and produce videos for Youtube/Odysee to warn for the coming times. I post the links, maybe you are interested:


But we have to keep in mind that this is a spiritual battle and most of the people in the world will take the coming mark.

But we have to keep in mind that there are two categories of people. Those who are saved by the blood of Christ (A) and those who are not (B).

A: can be deceived if the person wont listen to the holy spirit, or fall for the fear in this world. Doesnt change the salvation. Everyone will get raptured, even those who are saved and dont believe in the rapture.

But I stay away from the deceived brother/sister in christ, because it would make me sad/angry to see this deceiveness by myself. In the beginning, I tried to warn two brothers and they ignored me. In fact, I am not sure anymore if they are brothers or fall in category B.

B: can be easy deceived by Satan and his minions, because the person is not saved. There will be some people who will take the mark and allready prepared for it. Those people stopped thinking for themself and listen to the mainstream media.

For me - I try to reach those who are awake but lost. The two categories I ignore, because you cant open their eyes. This is a spiritual battle and we have to seed but dont watch if it grows. We can only pray and do what the Lord tell us to do.

We cant change whats coming and every person on this planet has to do their own decision to say Yes to Jesus Christ or say No and get lost.


Agree with all you said. Thank you for sharing your heart on this and you y.t channel, will check that out. What I always love about your posts is you are strait up honest and say it like it is. PTL. We need more of this in the world. I was up in the garden today, talking to the Lord, and as time went on, I started thinking how salvation is such a one on one matter with God our Creator. It is not a collectivist groupie ra ra thing, though some really believe it is. Yet each one of us will face the Lord Jesus one on one, and answer to Him alone at the very end. (The very beginning of our new lives, when we are saved and go home) The unsaved will also have to face Him alone and answer too. The spiritual armor of Ephesians 6 so vital in these days. Satan is aiming at peoples helmet of salvation and their assurance of salvation. That’s what he nearly robbed me of with the Lordship salvation incorrect doctrine, but God delivered me by His grace.
At one point you had mentioned a y.t about some person Crone. I think it was Bill Crone or something. I’ll try to check that out too. God Bless and Maranatha Kris.

p.s. @Kris I so wish I could understand German, visited the y.t. are there any vids with subtitles? Looked so interesting.


Good question.

Thank you very much for your kindly words :heart:

I think thats the way to stay healthy. Because we cannot save anyone. And I would get insane if I take it personally that many of the people wont listen to me (Cudos to Jeremia - I couldnt do that job he did) But I cannot be around those who are sleeping and still thinking that they get their freedom back, if they take the poison. I would see them suffer and still denying that the gene experiment caused this.

And I recommend Billy Crone because he is also very honest. His teaching is unique. He has more Humor than JD Farag. But he was a satanist before the Lord saved him and he warns about this time for years. This is his channel:


God bless you. Cant wait to see you in heaven :heart:


You can auto translate it by clicking in the setting on the video. It may be not perfect but its understandable I hope.

The funniest thing is, to begin I say “Moin” which translates as “9” but we here in the north are saying Moin - like Good Day. :grin:


wow, thank you Kris. I didn’t know that feature existed! Same here about Heaven…it will be so awesome to finally meet you and all our brothers and sisters! What a wonderful celebration awaits. God Bless.

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Hi Grace,
You asked,

Nope, generally speaking it was more to be a loving silent witness so that their husbands’ would be won over by the wife’s conduct, and become Christian.
I am also sure that some men who were into false god’s could easily become angry at their wives and forbid them to mention Jesus in the house. Like if they liked their trips to the temple to be with whores as their pagan worship. A hard habit to break for some men.
Some husbands might harm their wives for becoming believers, but I do not think it was the norm of the day, but I am sure it happened.

Husbands were considered head of the house, period. Women were easily abused in that day for a multitude of reasons and were considered as property. Many were in forced arranged marriages.

This Christianity thing often turned men off because of the upgrading of a woman’s stature. The Apostle Paul spoke a lot about this and to this day men still read and get the following passage wrong and out of context.

Ephesians 5:23-24
23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior.
24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.

One of the biggest mistakes new Christians make, is attempting to cram Christianity down the throats of their friends and or their spouses. Once that person has heard the ABC’s of salvation, and they understand where you are coming from, let it go.
The seed has been planted if they don’t accept the Lord right away.
Someone else will come along and water it.
And when it grows, someone else will come along to feed it. But it is the Holy Spirit who does all of this work, not us.
It is the Will of the Father that no one should perish.

Can you agree that this sort of thing could potentially make a person angry, depending on the person? The last thing one would want to do is cause dissention in one’s own home.

Absolutely! And the Word of God never comes back void.
A better game plan is to PRAY, and to have the brethren praying for that persons salvation as well. There is POWER in PRAYER just like there is power in the Word of God.
God always answers prayer.
But it is on God’s timetable, not ours.
Therein lies the problem for some Christians.
They become impatient and give up on God when they don’t get an answer right away.
Not too smart move.
You know what is truly sad. JMac actually is an excellent teacher for the most part. But he like all men can fall and blow it. I can remember about 15 years ago he got himself into some pretty hot water, and I openly called him a heretic at our church. That got me is some hot water but I was right.
He had passed judgement of condemnation on another major Christian denomination.
Pastors from all over California and the US approached his Elders and complained of his sin.
To JMac’s credit he did publicly apologize and he repented.
But it was such a shame when it happened.

It just goes to show you that all pastors have to be held accountable. If something does not ring true no mater who it is, question it and search the Word of God in context for the answer.


This is terrifying butwhy are we not seeing mass deaths? Israel have forced the majority of their citizens to take this poison! UK were pushing it on older people which really bothered me if the majority of people over 70 die it can be hidden behind natural causes

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Thanks, Ken. Your answer made me think of something else. As the nurse or tech drew each vial of blood, he paused after each and tilted the vial back and forth a few times. I have a lot of blood taken regularly for an auto-immune disorder and don’t recall that being done - they take the blood & lay the vial/s on a table. The first nurse placed an IV line for fluids in my step-sister’s hand but, for some reason that couldn’t be used for the blood draw or blood didn’t come out of it, then the nurse had difficulty inserting a needle in my step-sister’s hand for the blood draw, thus a tech (or different nurse) was summoned for the draw. After he took them to the first nurse, she was the one who came running out to ask what “brand” of vax step-sister took. After step-sister was admitted to the hospital, she still had not been hooked up to saline despite her being very dehydrated. Step-sister (retired degree nurse (Bachelors & Masters) - whose career included managing the intensive cardiac care unit and, later, teaching various nursing classes) said they told her it was because they first had to get results of blood tests to determine type of fluids she needed. (4+ hours from time we arrived.) As I was leaving, the tech who took the blood entered her room, stating more blood was needed. Any time I’ve been in the ER I get saline going in my arm barely before they know why I’m there but, again, could all be related to diabetes/dialysis.

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Thank you for your extremely thoughtful reply, Ken @YosemiteMountainMan . To be honest, I try to lay pretty low (a very helpless feeling) and I continually and daily pray for my spouse. I have others praying, too.

As time presses on in such turbulent ways, I will admit to getting concerned all the more. You answers are settling. Thank you.

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Yes, and amen.

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Speaking of car crashes, is it safe to fly?
I belive most commercial pilots have had to get the jab.

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Many deaths by the so called vaccine are not being reported to Vaers. In fact, some people discovered, that Vaers deleted hundreds of thousands side effects. There are many people right now dying. But the media wont tell you. And the Facebook Groups will be deleted by Facebook himself. There is a massive censorship right now on the internet. But the deaths will rise in Autumn/Winter when the immune system is weak.


I think that Alex Jones is controlled opposition. And like every controlled opposition they mix truth with lies. Like the crazy Reptilian theory David Icke believes (Alex Jones too!). Be careful with controlled opposition. Its like the Corona Untersuchungssausschuss we have in Germany with Rainer Füllmich. He is controlled opposition too, but he talks to very interesting people, thats why I listen to the interviews often.


comedic relief for the times we are in, hope you enjoy

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