July 18, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Although I certainly had many issues with the reformation church, there did not seem to be a lot of competition at the time for a few decades. In that, there was much to admire. One was that even though they were dominantly cessationist, there would be times that CJ Mahaney and John Piper would be granted the main pulpit for teaching (Charismatics). It would seem to be a world of deep convictions where holding those deep convictions in opposition (to a degree) to the views of one another, yet, would preach at each others churches. I would admire this as a mature spiritual quality. And i think what sets this forum off as so unique is its strength to permit and discuss dissenting or alternative views. It certainly is what made the most powerful country in the world just that too in my estimate.

In a time where social media seems to be pushed by government and (from what I have heard) Christian forums too are typically known for not being all that permissive of differing views (which I think to a degree some find JDF so incredibly different than everything else that is out there). As I’ve looked at @ jdcpe17 I see a person that is not in favor of what he might understand as over concern of the vax. I have stated my taking issue with that:

My Taking Issue

However, I might add that the church does have some history (like the Great Awakening of Jonathan Edwards) where although godly intent was meant, aligning the church with the oppression and superstition of the dark ages is never a good idea. So even though I agree with Pastor JD’s concern of the vax, we see New Agers out there hyping it up too. In cases like this i think it is healthy to have other views. And i would consider it more a respectable honor to have differing voices before assigning them (in all respect meant here) a label we might lean easier in conscience to contend against.

I remember some cat named @brucepeters. He made videos on youtube going against JD. That is a little too steep for me even (although I see controversy as healthy). But I was very blessed to see that the overall way our forum handled it was pretty decent. He just kind of gave up posting…lol. What blesses me most in that…he pegged this forum as hostage to wolfdom…and yet found love he could not deny. May not change him…but that sort of thing never goes away…nor should it.

As many know here I don’t see eye to eye on everything with pastor JD. And although we all have a place to chime in as we might, we all favor our opinions (self certainly not excluded). But giving grace is not a bad thing. We can all do better (totally self included). How God uses Pastor JD in someone’s life is kind of God’s business more than ours. And although this forum is under the gracious and awesome care and stewardship (as it should be) of the JD administration and our admins here…it so good to keep in mind too that like the sheep on a thousand hills, this is God’s property more than any of our views on that. Blessings.

Why I Like Pastor JD


“CDC source has provided a sworn statement that the actual number of deaths are conservatively… approaching at least 55,000 vaccine-related deaths.”


And a treatment… “deliberate suppression of a life-saving medication led to the preventable deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans”



What I wish that they would list is how many positives are unvaccinated. Yes they said 99%, but I find that hard to believe. I know of three people in this past week that have come down with covid and all 3 of them have had the vaccine. My county lists new cases on Facebook, that is where I would like to see how many of those new cases are from the unvaccinated.


I have been struggling so much about taking the jab too. I opened the forum and your post was my answer to prayer. I live in the US and all my family and extended family live in Canada. My dear Mom is 99 in August and I have 5 little grandchildren and I cannot cross the border to see them without the jab. I want to go home to spend time with my loved ones. I have been separated from them for 16 months.
Yes!!! Jesus is way more powerful than the jab. And of course he will take care of me. Worse case scenario, if I die from the jab, I go home to be with Jesus forever! Thank you Cameron!


So… Because I give the analogy of wolves who attack the sheep and not the shepherd directly, in answer to both NamDoc and Redeemed777’s comments…

I am labeling ALL opposing ideas and those who express them as wolves?

Come on Teren! I know you can read better than that.

…and directly appose his teachings, so vehemently. is the conditional statement about who is the wolf.


I wonder, why, anyone would decide to come on a JDF forum, and directly appose his teachings, so vehemently.


Exactly! I’ve asked this question in several threads since I’ve been a member. I don’t understand the thinking of people who do this.

If I disagree with a Pastor and his teaching I surely wouldn’t come on HIS website to try to rebuke him.


They can say 99% of the positives are unvaccinated because the deck is stacked:
CDC: COVID Testing Isn’t Necessary For Fully Vaccinated People

“If you’re fully vaccinated, you do not need to get tested if you’re exposed to someone with COVID-19. However, you should monitor your symptoms over the next 14 days and get tested if you develop signs of COVID-19.”


Dear Janny, I just want to reminder what you wrote two days ago:

It is absolutely heartbreaking for me as I watch them buy the lie and get injected with this spike protein, pathogenic, graphene oxide, toxic poison. I am actually completely shocked and in disbelief that they have been so deceived.

You know thats a poison and it seems that you want to take the risk, because you want to see your family? I hope you reconsider it, though its your decision. I just would not be sure, that Jesus will save us from the side effects, because he is warning us about this gene experiment. Dont forget, that every so called vaxxine was produced by cells of human foetus.

There are many deaths that are covered by the politic and pharma companies and we are not sure what side effects we are getting from this poison. And yes I call this what it is and you know this too. May the Lord give you peace and calm your troubled heart. Stay strong, Jesus is coming back soon!

And you wrote this in Juni:

I’m guilty too Cindy. All I could think of is that I will never see my family again. God had work to do in my heart and I had to stop listening to the devil’s lies. It is so vitally important to be in the word every day. I am also reminded to live one day at a time. These 24 hours are all I can handle. It is our Father’s world and He has the last word. Today I am at peace knowing that I have Jesus and heaven waiting. My future is in His loving hands.
God bless you.

So why not trust in Jesus now? What has changed?


CDC says jabbed folks don’t need to be tested even if exposed. Don’t have to quarantine even if exposed. And don’t have to be routinely tested. So of course the numbers are going to be slanted.



You are so right to point this out to me. My elderly Mother is very frail and not well. I have moments of weakness as the thought of not seeing her again overrides what I know to be true about this jab. Back to praying now for wisdom.
Thank you for reminding me.


Recently sang that in church!


Dear Janny, thank you for your response. I dont walk in your shoes, although I could not see my mother for half a year (I am living alone) because she is living in another city and not healthy enough to visit me (and I am not either). But we are not far away, like your family is. Everything our government is doing is to getting us to comply and take the shot. I feel that too. I am living in Germany and in France there was recently the passport installed (thats why the people in france are protesting!).

The enemy - the devil - is trying to make us comply to this satanic medicine they created for us. Sometimes I have bad days too when I am thinking “I just want to go to bed and sleep till the rapture happens.”

But I think its important to make a decision and stick with it. For me, I will never ever take this shot by my free will. They have to force it in me - but then the sin is on them.

I will pray that the Lord give you strength and calm your troubled heart and that the peace will give you joy - even in this situation. God bless you :heart:


They think it’s climate change :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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You never know who is going to read what you post. If it is an old man of God then they will just dismiss it. If it is a new believer why do you think they are on the forum ?

I agree with what @JackN said.


@VickieV and remember who stood by you when that happened ?

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Ken, ah it doesnt matter. Look everyone, even us with our trust in our Blessed Hope, it still is unnerving and the stressors caused are taking tolls on all of our health as we wait.

I have been reading or video not sure, that the gov will encourage industry, churches, etc., as the front line. Then they will come behind it like a tide of scourge. This is part of the same play book as the internet roll out.

I had a chance to talk to the guy who issued the RFP from the NSF to commercialize DARPANET. The internet rolled out on the backs of small dial ups, then Worldcom, uunet, MFS, etc., and the rest rolled in and gobbled it up.

The government in this case will use churches and employers and associations and all sorts to sift the sand to find the hold outs.

I am fairly certain I can find a place to be able to do this experiment, just takes time. Batch, lot, total traceability. I want to have a mechanism that it will hold up to more than me turning on a vid and saying here look! I have a few cross checks in mind.

Be well.


The fact that I stand by what @JackN said is because it is a general truth that I have witnessed time and again in the threads. He said it because it’s true. I don’t claim that @jdcpe17 is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

However as I have experienced time and again it is better to disagree agreeably for the sake of all.

@Saved-by-Grace was very gracious towards me and we both agree that we disagree on certain points. However, we both agree 100% on the fundamentals where neither of us will back down or give an inch in compromising. That is worth so much more than giving time to something that is not edifying or encouraging.


@VickieV remember that you are loved by us. As I said before I will not condemn or condone.

It is a choice and it is made individually and I think not very lightly.

However anyone may choose and we may disagree personally, never let that cause us to be divisive.