July 23, 2023: Bible Prophecy Update - Your Trial is a Prophetic Indicator

Full Video (with worship): Bible Prophecy Update – Your Trial is a Prophetic Indicator

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: explains how it is and why it is that our increasing trials actually serve as a prophetic indicator of how close we are to the pre-tribulation rapture.

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28 July 2023

OK OK so late in the week this thread up…

From transcript:

What follows is this aforementioned list, which is neither exhaustive, it’s actually almost an abbreviated list, nor is it going to be presented in any particular order.

Number 1: The “controlling” demolition, and better said, disintegration of the current global
economy so as to usher in the prophesied cashless economy

Number two, in concert with that, the “reorienting” and “restructuring” of a new global bio
digital economy predicated on one social and or carbon credit score.

Number three: The “mandating” of a bio-digital verification system predicated upon one’s
compliance with any and all vaccination requirements.

Number four: The “escalating” deaths and potentially terminal illnesses for those who have
taken the injection and worse, subsequent boosters.

Number five: The “alarming” projections by experts.

Number six: The “declining” supply of basic goods and necessities under the banner of
“supply chain disruptions,” which is deliberate by design.

And number seven: The “continuing” tracking and tracing of every human on earth with the
final evil plan as foretold in Bible prophecy that Satan would bring about transhumanism.

To sum up this week news here:

Do enjoy tonight’s sharing!

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Court Filing: JPMorgan Chase “Actively Participated in Epstein’s Sex-Trafficking Venture”

(Court Filing: JPMorgan Chase “Actively Participated in Epstein’s Sex-Trafficking Venture”)

An old-line banking corporation has launched an attack on vaccine skeptic Dr. Joseph Mercola by closing his business account, according to a report from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The publication said it obtained copies of documents showing the accounts closed by JPMorgan Chase include those for Mercola’s business, Mercola Market, officers of his company and an officer’s wife.

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@K7 Keegan, i’m so grateful for you, you’re one of my favorite watchman and you’re always kind to me… i can’t wait to hug you in Heaven :two_hearts:
Please Jesus come quickly


Sister Stacey! Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so humbled. All glory to our Lord Jesus! You have been an encouragement to me! Jesus bless you sister! See you in the clouds anyday now!


“I have experienced in my own personal experience in talking with Christians, genuinely wanting to know why they’re not excited about the Rapture, I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that they don’t recognize or understand or discern the lateness of the hour and the times that we’re living in, and or they still have it pretty good down here and that’s why there’s really not that much of an attraction to leaving and graduating from here.
Well, let’s go ahead and end the live-stream at this time.
What follows is this aforementioned list, which is neither exhaustive, it’s actually almost “

This quote was taken from the transcript of this update. I must confess I’ve been really struggling with it. At this point in our journey toward the day of Christ’s appearing I find myself in a lonely place between two “camps.” In one camp are those who don’t see or don’t want to look. They live as though they’ve not heard any of the news nor connected any of the dots. It’s just business as usual. The other includes all of those who are sooooo excited to think that Jesus is coming any minute! It seems I don’t fit in either group. And I am finding myself more and more in need of daily reminders to be encouraged. My “But God” testimony has not yet been written. I SEE the day approaching and long for HOME. I don’t at all feel comfortable in this life! But I can’t look up with the joyful anticipation as so many others seem to do because I can’t bear the thought of leaving anyone I love behind to face the horrors still to come! It is truly eating me alive these days! Sorry . . . Venting here . . . I just am overloaded with “signs of the times” that are screaming that the end is near and my prayer for confirmation that my children won’t be left behind has yet to be answered! Trying to rest and trust and wait patiently and have faith . . . I KNOW God can. I pray He WILL . . . I wish I could be “looking up” with a truly joyful heart and not weighed down by anxiety, but it is a daily struggle. I’m feeling Like a helium balloon that’s several days past being filled . . . Could use some “blessed assurance” about now, for me and the ones God has given me to love.


Stacey, you are a breath of fresh air to this forum. We know you are all alone and Jesus is your everything. Praying your dad’s heart to soften.

Soon and very soon
We are going to see the King
Hallelujah, hallelujah,
We’re going to see the king


When Does The “Last Trumpet” Sound?

The article this week is about why the Rapture has to happen BEFORE the 7-years of Tribulation. You can count on it !

“The Air-tight Case For Pre-Trib Rapture.”


I used to “feel” that way too. And I will continue to not “feel” comfortable in this life.

My brother (and we were very close) was murdered at 27 years old. I wasn’t saved at that time, and do not believe he was either.
In the 7 years between sentencing his murderer, to his release from prison (yes, that’s all he got), I contemplated ways in which to take revenge, yes, kill him.
BUT GOD… during that time, used my brother’s death, to save my father, and in part, myself.
I was shown mercy and grace by Him, even though I am unworthy. God changed my heart, and my way of thinking, and of “feeling”.
I found myself praying for the salvation of my brother’s murderer, and still do to this day (3 decades later)… and for his family’s salvation, and for fruit in his life that will glorify Jesus Christ.

What I learned from all this?

We cannot base our thoughts or our actions on “feelings” but only on God’s Word, and our clear understanding of His Nature and Attributes.

He never fails, never makes a mistake or a “bad” decision, and is Sovereign, Just, Truthful, Loving, Gracious, Merciful, and Holy Holy Holy.

He has always known who will choose Him, and who would not, yet even so… He loves us all, each and every one, enough to give us free will about this eternal decision. He knows what pain His children will suffer regarding our unsaved loved ones… More than we ever could… for He loves each and every single one of us, and was never willing that any, not even one, would perish. We have a God who undertands us, and cares.

I Praise Him that He will wipe away every tear and all sadness eventually, because of that great love, a love we can only get a glimpse of… so great a love that He gave His ONLY Son, so that we (totally unworthy and undeserving) would have eternal life.

For He is Infinite, and we are finite. His Ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts.

Knowing this, because He told us this… in His Word, we cannot allow the enemy to suppress our joy.

A simple well known statement pretty much covers it…
“Let go, and let God”.

jesus peace he gives


Thank you, Mike, for sharing your testimony and your encouragement. Powerful story of forgiveness and grace shown toward your brother’s murderer. I pray you’ll be able to greet them both when we all get to Heaven. Blessings. . . Brenda

Working on trusting in the waiting . . . Oh for Grace to trust Him more


Thank you Susan! I am never alone, i have a bodyguard, he’s a sniper… His name is archangel Michael and Jesus is my everything plus i have sweet dear friends that i keep in touch with. I appreciate your kind words again and your prayers for my dad. I trust God will take care of my family. I need to rest in Jesus :yellow_heart:


@FoxMan Hi Jack!

Saw this today and i know how much you love Foxes so i thought you might want to watch this.


29 July 2023

This image is about purpose of 5G, Hope/Tivon covered this in previous videos, they cited this researcher: For this Sunday…

Pastor JD answers the question of why everything that’s happening in the world today is so strange now.

Other interesting stuff:

Deception Alert 2:

Julie Green exposed:



Yep saw that. :slight_smile:

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The basic idea is to merge biology with AI, something that could forge new frontiers for machine learning tech for self-driving cars, autonomous drones, or delivery robots — or at least that’s what the government is hoping to accomplish with its investment.

Folks, are you familiar with Sky Net or Jade II Helm?

Remember this? They doing it on Humans now.

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Dear SongSparrow, you are in mourning it sounds like. Exactly how I feel and I suspect most brothers and sisters here on this forum. I cry every time I pray for my lost family and ask God to give me strength to wait for Him to bring them in. Others are oblivious to the hour and enjoying the pleasures of this world. I sit at home without fellowship with my prodigals and the joy escapes me too often and I feel ashamed. We must remember to put our armor on each day, but b4 we do, we must stand in our faith and not waiver. Ephesians 6:12-18