July 24, 2022: Bible Prophecy Update - At the Finish Line of Bible Prophecy

The following is a well-researched 12 minute synopsis that may interest born-again believers at this time in prophecy.

A religion which began at the Towel of Babel in the fields of Shinar…is still operating using her vast financial resources to control UN and Kings of the Earth. Multiple tentacles into the New Age movement abound, following the 1962 ecumenical announcement. Two of “Her” best friends were TBN and Billy Graham.

Great video! Thanks! Also, has anyone heard an update on Carrie Madeij? Last i knew she was in ICU from a plane crash.

Yair Gabbai incorrectly refers to the Jerusalem site as “UN Headquarters”.
Actually it’s “Headquarters of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO)” . . . . The main UN Headquarters is located
in New York City, not Jerusalem.

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Former president trump peace plan for the middle east

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So final report is due on September 9 2022

I know we will be raptured home before the tribulation but understanding completely we will see many things being put in place.

Just think how the earlier church waiting to see these things come to pass and our generation is now seeing it. Please all brothers and sisters in Christ hold fast to Jesus as these things come to pass!!! Don’t get upset or discouraged.
Always remember we win in the end


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NO WAY THEy will ever get it hack proof - bitcoin has been hacked to the tune of multi millions and the pentagon etc. etc. etc. … i guess is coming but i hope I am gone by then??? MARANATHA

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There she is looking fine in recent interview…




More chaos on the way…


Date of article 7/22/22

Quote from article:

" Back in December 2020, DeepMind took the world of biology by surprise when it solved a 50-year grand challenge with AlphaFold, an AI tool that predicts the structure of proteins. Last week the London-based company published full details of that tool and released its source code.

Now the firm has announced that it has used its AI to predict the shapes of nearly every protein in the human body, as well as the shapes of hundreds of thousands of other proteins found in 20 of the most widely studied organisms, including yeast, fruit flies, and mice. The breakthrough could allow biologists from around the world to understand diseases better and develop new drugs." —end quote

This may well be how the “mark” is placed in right hand/forhead. Instant ID and control of every protein structure and combination on the planet.

The snowball is gaining momentum. We are inches from the finish line Hallalujah!


In Jan 2021, there was this potential MOTB candidate announced: The Patch.

Now we dunno what is the progress since then.


Quote from the Darpa article:

" Newsweek covered it, too. In a 2018 article, they said that “the U.S. government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been accused of trying to create a new class of biological weapons that would be delivered via virus-infected insects.”

“Scientists with DARPA are looking at introducing genetically modified viruses that can edit chromosomes directly in fields — these are known as horizontal environmental genetic alteration agents (HEGAAs). The DARPA program is using the principles of HEGAAs but, unlike traditional methods of dispersal — like spraying fields with them — it wants to spread them through insects.”

Hmmm. That’s strange. Since when has Darpa been interested in improving agricultural health of plants for farmers and humans?
Nice auspice, …but no cigar.

Isn’t crop destruction more in line with the great “dimming”, weather-warfare and sudden mysterious loss of hundreds of food plants spontaneously burning to the ground overnight than…a sudden benevolence for “protecting” our green crops and foods thru viral insect vectors? God never needed injected viruses into crops to “improve” them.

If we think for one minute that their RNA-DNA veggie alteration program through insects (which probably started years ago) via mosquitos cannot transfer to humans…(yellow fever, Malaria, etc. etc.) we may have another thing coming. but no worries.

God knew the end from the beginning. He knew we would need some help in the end days to stay vertical and keep getting the Good News of Jesus to people right up to the harpezo. Wanna tiny tip from a nobody, who had to fend off some nasty tick and vector health problems? It’s Help that would be applicable for any virus they can dish up from their Franken-labs? Granny tip; Stuff a little package of Artemisia annua (aka Sweet Annie) or some glycerite tinctures of same in the old pantry. It’s a plant based ivermectin, in fact its what they get it from, and don’t want you to know exists. Turns out the God-made whole form—waaaaay mo Betta than the man-made lab gunk analog. Read some reviews for it at multiple sites of those who’ve tried it. You’ll be amazed. Of course this is not med advice, just a granny share. jmho. :wink:

God is Good…all the time.
God Bless and Maranatha.


Whoo-hoo! Come LORD Jesus, come. The Spirit and the bride says: “Come”. So looking forward to seeing our heavenly Father and our LORD, face to face. I agree. It seems like things can not go on this way much longer.


You are right Dennis, months ago pastor JD spoke of the patch with the palisades in it that leave a certain mark or code in the skin. Or “in” the body somehow.

This recent development would appear to comport with that…in a way that lets us know that Jesus glorious appearing and calling us home is very near. Praise God!


I saw the ring of fire video you posted, and I just watched a portion of the Opening for the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

And of course, right on cue… there was a ring of fire!

There was also a mechanical bull (beast), that at one point, looked like there was a group of people off to the side praying to it.

Shortly after, I heard a man say “We are the Prophets of Diversity” this happens around the 46 minute mark in vid #2

I thought I heard something about Jerusalem. It was during the time this large headed character came out. He had multiple trumpets coming out of his mouth. But I couldn’t hear it clearly enough to tell.

The whole thing is weird, but it gets extra strange during the 42-50 minute mark. (Vid 2)

The more I have observed these openings over the years (like the Olympics etc), the more I’m convinced that we are witnessing nothing more then weird occultic rituals.


i believe the Holy Spirit showed me these numbers when i listened to this a few mins ago. The biblical meaning for 726 in greek is Harpazo. 22 meaning could it be this year?


Let us wait for someone to comment and do a video on this opening+closing cermony.

These actions are predictive programming in previous sports events:

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Wanna tiny tip from a nobody, who had to fend off some nasty tick and vector health problems? It’s Help that would be applicable for any virus they can dish up from their Franken-labs? Granny tip; Stuff a little package of Artemisia annua (aka Sweet Annie) or some glycerite tinctures of same in the old pantry. It’s a plant based ivermectin,

I’d read about that @wren! Do you know of a good source for this?