June 13, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

I don’t really understand why anyone has taken such issue with @RuthandGiovanni . I felt she(?) was simply being clear about what she believes. we don’t always include a disclaimer saying, “there could be error in my words,” but a disclaimer isn’t always necessary. as for me I am not getting into the topic at hand itself. just want to say that from watching this unfold, I didn’t see anything wrong with the way Ruth outlined her thoughts, and hey perhaps she’s open to other points of view. but she is being treated as though she’s deliberately ignoring parts of messages, or deliberately telling lies. is that going to convince her to consider what someone else has to say? maybe, but it’s become less likely that she will be able to fully soak in the rebuttals, based on how she’s being treated. she’s being led to not feel understood, and yet I think she’s been very patient in her responses. I didnt see any ill intent, I only saw a fellow Christian (who has a great handle on the corruption regarding covid) stating why she is considering that perhaps the vax is the mark itself. (and despite Farag saying over and over that it leads to the mark and isn’t the mark itself, I found myself intrigued by Ruth’s viewpoint, I don’t have my own view outside of what Farag and a couple other prophecy teachers say. I think Ruth made excellent points, and it’s fair for someone to disagree…) I just would expect a little more love and patience from those who want to innocently challenge her viewpoint. that is not the reaction I saw. just what I think guys. <3


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I don’t have time to read your whole message right now but I want to clarify that I did not disagree with you, I don’t know what to believe, I was enjoying the convo and didn’t understand why anyone ganged up on you so I finally spoke up even though I can’t speak on the topic for myself lol. I’ll come back to your message to finish reading, love your contributions I’ve seen.

I have seen many wolves come through here with the goal of convincing us there’s nothing wrong with the vax. you’re not one of them. I’ve learned to just avoid engaging with people like that, as much as I can help it, because it’s fruitless. so whether you’re right or wrong, which I don’t know, I was just happy for you to be here since we have common ground in the most important ways. thanks for being here <3 and for sharing your biblical perspective. we are all learning in one way or another and should be here to discuss.


Seriously! :slight_smile:

If you have to do something to maintain it, it’s not really salvation. :wink:

The whole reason He came is because we couldn’t do it.


I appreciate the serious warnings about the shots and the truth from the manufacturer’s own words. This is definitely a precursor of what is to come and the fact that so many are deceived about them is unsettling. We don’t know how soon Jesus will come, lets hope soon so that the people who did make a choice to take the shot, will hopefully not suffer very much and will not have significant changes made within their God-given bodies. End times deception folks. Do not fear, trust in the Lord, and lets love our brothers and sisters who are warning us (in love). We can only pray for those who are and have been deceived about this.

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Where has this whole mess ended up ? Exactly where I thought it would. Salvation has once again been brought into question as it always is.

Who flagged the original post I did, why ? Some dangerous stuff mixed in with a bit of scripture. We can have differences of an opinion which are not salvific. This was more than that. It was putting faith in an already completed work done by Christ into doubt.

I asked questions like anybody who reads something that doesn’t seem to add up. If trying to understand the reasoning behind it all has caused so much strife because of this then I will say sorry to all and ask for forgiveness. I AM NOT sorry for asking questions about statements made, that were apparent to me, putting God’s Word into question and causing doubt and confusion.

Would this make sense in any way from what we know of God: You get strapped down and injected by force, what now ?

Romans 8:38-39

38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[a] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

WAKE UP !!! The church age, US, IS NOT FINISHED YET !!! We are in A tribulation now, we are not experiencing The Great Tribulation. Do you have any idea what that is ? It is literally hell on earth. If you are feeling like this now and we have not even arrived at that point, how will you stand ?

OUR BLESSED HOPE is coming for us. Yes in this life we will have trials and tribulations we will suffer as Christ suffered. However judgement is coming upon this world and we are not appointed to God’s just and holy wrath as we deserve. We have been imputed with Christ’s righteousness. Do you think human imperfection can nullify what Godly perfection has ordained from the foundations of the earth ?


I can add I don’t think it is the Mark yet; scripture is pretty clear people will be warned about that before taking it, the anti-christ will be on the scene. Holy Spirit /restrainer gone and church gone. In any event, what becomes of these people who are left behind who took these shots is a scary thought. And, again, I appreciate the warnings. With as much propaganda coming at us to take these (becoming more and more - including from Israel today telling kids to take them), we need to help remind each other to stay away and to be vigilant. They are coming for the evangelicals next (another article I saw today). I don’t want to alter my God-given body in any way; I don’t need to be an experiment for this plandemic. I don’t want to be part of the satanic plans for the soon future of these shots.


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I have ignored the original poster but I am completely enraged at what this has caused again. I cannot explain it as I have never been so furious about this before.


Give me the passage of scripture if you would please.

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Right, WHEN does this happen ?

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Do you not think that The mark could be in the form of the antichrist’s name or the number that is used in place of his name. Apart from that WHEN does this happen.


Right let’s replace mark with any other word to look at the text logically. Had the stone, or the name of the stone or the number of the stone.

You sound like a really fun person to have in one’s life. Nice :grin:

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The mark can be a symbol, a number for the symbol or the name of the symbol. What The Mark and you used THE which means, singularly defined unique, will be defined by what it represents. Open conscious rebellion KNOWINGLY chosen.


Dear brothers and sisters,

In my first post to this great forum I confessed that I’m new to Christ and do not have anywhere near the knowledge of those who have studied God’s word for many years.

I would just like to say regarding this conversation of jab/MOTB that I sense an un healthy divide that is truly paining me and I hope it will not be allowed to grow.
As a babe in Christ I look for fellowship to help me on my walk and to learn from those who have a greater understanding than I.

I pray that our spirit be strengthened to stand as one in Christ Jesus.
After all, one day hopefully soon, we will know all.



So basically what you are saying, correct me if I am wrong, I hope I’m wrong is that believers who have already had the vaccine are damned ? WHEN is anyone considered in God’s Word irredemable. Which part of Revelation explains this ?


Point taken, I am going now.

Right so you have had the vaccine ?

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@VickieV Do you believe with all your heart that Jesus is who He says He is ? Do you beleieve He died for you and me because we are sinners and desrve death ?

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