June 13, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Whew, @anon43521308! Thank you for the reassurance. Much appreciated!

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No problem! I happened to be kinda right behind you when it was fresh so I thought I would speak up and relieve you of any (potentially) sweaty palms. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: @Gracings

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When Nam Doc posted a vid and picture of John McCarthur, I realized it wasn’t the same person I saw in the vid who was speaking of post trib rapture belief. I humbly apologize for my mistake. I will amend my previous comment to remove his name, and try to find the link to show you what I saw if able to. I was surprised to see that, yes, McCarthur is pre-trib, and apparently also a five point Calvinist with Lordship works based doctrine? I wasn’t familiar with his preaching. Does this mean that many or most Calvary chapel churches are also of the Calvinist or Lordship beliefs? Thank you for pointing this matter out to me. Very much appreciated.


Wait, this is very confusing to me.

Are you making assumptions about people on the forum’s lifestyle because of a doctrinal belief they hold? How do you know what any of our lifestyles are like?

Are you also saying that all those who hold a belief you disagree with got it from somewhere other than reading the Bible?

I very much respect and value your input on many topics even though we don’t see eye to eye on a few. So I apologize in advance if I am misunderstanding what you are saying.


As far as I know Calvary Chapel is neutral on Calvinism. It is not “regulated” shall we say that I know of. It is kind of like up to the individual. But certainly is not known for being reformation 5 point Calvinists. Nor do I hear of any Calvary Chapels that are Lordship Salvationists. Yes Macarthur is both Lordship Salvation and 5 Point Calvinist. Thanks for letting us know Wren. Blessings. :slight_smile:


@TCC Thank you Teren. So relieved to know CC is not affiliated with Calvinism/Lordship :blush:

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I read this last night !!! :smiley:


@wren No problem, please forgive yourself. If that didn’t happen , I wouldn’t have learned what I learned about John MacArthur.
I only started to watch him, I know he was Reformed, but not much else.
Now I know he believes, Lordship works based doctrine from @TCC
Now I have to figure out how a Calvinist,
and Lordship works, can be compatible.
So thank you for opening all this for me, dear sister.
Doc :rose:


I AM TALKING ABOUT MYSELF, my sin in labeling brothers and sisters.
So many labels,[division] so little time left, perhaps, just perhaps , were just all members of the Body of Christ. I’m pretty sure the Head of our Body JESUS , looks down at us as a part of Himself, with different functions, nothing more.


Lol— I think I have hearted many things I would not have hearted because my thumb hits :heart: as I merrily scroll along!

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@wren, in my opinionated understanding, John MacArthur was embraced by some of the CC pastors (especially Jack Hibbs) at the time of his bold stance in keeping his California (Reformed) church open during lockdown restrictions. I have followed a lot of his messages over the past four years (not as much this year, as I have rediscovered CC teachings online). JMac’s messages have been very helpful to me, as I had a very early Reformed and then Independent Baptist church upbringing when I was in grade school, and I longed to rediscover that. I longed for expository teaching. I am thankful to have now discovered the expository teaching among the CC pastors.


@Cinchacha :joy::heartpulse::joy:

That explanation helps me out, too, @TCC. Thank you.


In general, I have to say this; I don’t get hung up on the discord between OSAS and Lordship salvation because:

  1. I know I am His for keeps.
  2. He keeps righting me when I stumble. He’s promised me that.
  3. I am SO on board with the process of sanctification that I don’t look back, ya know?

Once I learned of sanctification, I couldn’t unsee it.


No problem @wren, I make that kind of mistake all the time, and it is a testament to your character to correct it and yourself. :wink:

No apology necessary. :slight_smile:

I don’t think he is a pure Calvanist, but I could be wrong on that.

I doubt that very much. And I don’t think MacArthur is a CC church either so?


The requirement, to be a member of the Body of Christ is simply the faith we have in Him as the savior, as God in the Flesh, and that all He did for us is true in our hearts.

If we wrestle with our siblings, and trip over each other at times, the bottom line, the core foundation, is still the above. He will finish His work in all of us. :wink:


Very observant @Violet:slight_smile:

True that Jack, [BUT, for myself ] I get caught up in labeling brothers and sisters, other than that, just brothers and sisters. OSAS, Leadership, pre rap, mid rap, post rap. etc. ad nauseam
I NEED to stop that, it only divides the body and how I think of them. Like JD said in one of his talks, when I do that it only helps satan.
Sovereign God YAH, will definitely finish the work, in us. Imagine if it was our job to do it :woozy_face: :woozy_face: Doc


Nothing personal brother, but I don’t want to imagine that… :smiley:

And oh how I feel for those that do imagine that, and pray for them to see the truth and the light.

Bless you brother, I am glad to see you in better spirits as of late also.

The adversary is prowling like never before these days.


Good advice @NamDoc something which we all need to be reminded of especially me.