March 10, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update -- The Prophetic Brew In The Satanic Stew

Full Video: Bible Prophecy Update – The Prophetic Brew In The Satanic Stew

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: explains how the key ingredients are now being brewed in the prophetic pot, using a recipe for disaster with the Satanic stew of destruction and death.

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Strange kinda witches brew they are brewing.

And all on our hard-earned tax dollars.
Storm the bastille!

We are not of this world anymore than Jesus was.
You may wonder how much more
(technological advances,Sodom and Gomorrah-izing of the westernized world and Israel in the Mid.East.,“health” regulations,divisions in Christianity and even perhaps in the body of Christ, if possible)
until Father says “Enough!”
But don’t you know that it is all in perfect organization and synchronicity with God’s will?
Which is a comforting thought.
I recall those Q Anoners I used to pay attention to said “Trump and the white hats are 5 steps ahead of the deep state”.
Well, God says “woop-dee-doo” to that; He is not only infinite steps ahead of these jokers, but He subsists in the eternal, while us “dusty ones” exist in the limited realm of time and space.
But for us, only for a limited time.
Eternity beckons each one of us who at one time in our life trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Savior.
It’s getting close-don’t you just know it?
Grace and peace.


I would be most grateful if someone could guide me to the transcript for this update. Thanks to anyone who can assist. :slightly_smiling_face:


It will be a while before it comes out. Right now all that is posted is the full, with worship version. Usually the shortened version comes with the transcript and that a few days later. Check back mid week on the main site and it might be there.


Okay. Thank you, Jack.


Today only these:


I learned this the first time I wanted to go look at the transcript and realized it was not there then a week or so later I checked again and it was. Takes time to transcribe it to text.


I just listened to the first 10 minutes or so on podcast. So I can see from your post it’s not just about the shot. Thanks Dennis. Sometimes I like to just read the transcript because it’s faster.


I have a serious question not meant to be a complaint or to stir up any trouble. :blush:

I do understand why a few years back the Bible Prophecy Updates were about the Crona Virus and the Vaccines. To keep us from taking the Vaccines, correct? So my question is why do they continue to be about the vaccines? How does it help we who are Christians and have already received that message or those who are not yet saved?

Again, I really want to understand and then might appreciate the Bible Prophecy updates. :thinking:


I can’t finish it this evening but am under the impression that it’s not entirely about that. Sounds like you must have watched/listened to it. He did mention prior to the message that there are still technical issues watching via Apple devices. He believes it to be spiritual. I do find it difficult but where there’s a will there’s a way (as they say.) The podcast works fine for me but since I can’t exactly listen to it tonight I thought I’d just read the transcript but that’s not going to be immediately available. However, it sounds like, from what you’ve said, that it’s all about the shots. Hmmm. Whenever I can get to it, I’ll have to see what’s up with that. I can always glean something good from his services.


If you click on the last three resource links, you’ll see that this update covers more ground than just shots. :slightly_smiling_face:


By the way, you guys, if anyone missed this, I’ll share it here:

JD reshared in today’s update that Kellie’s tumor appears to be shrinking! Praise God, and keep praying!!


Sweet! The power of prayer. :+1:t4::blush:


You got that right!


I know what you mean. Last week, I was itching to find a transcript.


Just a thought, GB @goodboy, one reason for the ongoing focus on the injections is that the Bible Prophecy Updates (BPU) audience is not a fixed thing. And because these injections play such a prominent role in the grand scheme (the final goal), people need to hear the developing events/plans. New people are finding Jesus and waking up every day (All glory to God) AND finding Pastor JD’s BPUs, and they need to hear as much of the ‘whole story’ as JD can reasonably provide. That’s one reason that came to mind after reading your question.


Certainly, goodboy, Pastor JD first explained the danger of the injection via what he knew then about its ingredients. As time has passed, he has updated us with more specific information.

Pastor JD said that he had not, nor would he take the injection. The choice is left to each of us of whether we do or don’t get the injection.

The vaccines aka injections are the catalysts propelling the 2030 agenda, in a nutshell. In order for the UN/WEF to achieve their end goal, albeit it is actually God’s, they must capitalize on their achievement of overpowering the world’s population through fear. If they were not directed/possibly indwelt by satan, then I would give them kudos for their tireless work. It is something to think that all of these people, minus any that might be saved, are working, conniving with grotesque thoughts, to their reward of eternal Hellfire.

Do you cook? JD used a “dump” recipe to illustrate the merger on his list. Whether you or another in your household cooks, I’m sure there are recipes that you know that require patience during the process for it to turn out as it should. A stew typically needs a long time to simmer once most everything has been added, but you shouldn’t leave it unattended indefinitely. You check it, perhaps add an ingredient or seasoning, then it simmers longer. When completed it is taken from the heat. These updates, in my opinion, are the equivalent of taking the lid off, giving a stir, and seeing how everything looks. Did something get added in since the last check? How close is the stew from being done because I know that I will be leaving the kitchen before its done.

For me, it isn’t about the injections in and of themselves. The injections are the pot that holds everything together.



Yes, we must keep praying until Kellie is fully restored. Praise God’s mercy and grace in His pleasure in reversing the tumor.

Kellie’s cancer has allowed brothers and sisters around the world to join in prayer. What a sweet aroma it must be to God. What a good encouragement to enter into conversations with Him. There might be those who are not sure if their prayer really matters. It does.



Robbie, that is one trippy song. :slightly_smiling_face:
The cover looks like Aphrodite and her symbols. The Devine Feminine. There is a whole lotta people drinking that strange brew.



While I appreciate your reply and am not saying that Pastor JD is incorrect. I am just asking what does this information cause us to do? How does it help us? How does it get people to Jesus and Jesus to people? :thinking: