March 17, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update -- The Dissenting Voices Teaching Bible Prophecy

Full Video: Bible Prophecy Update – The Dissenting Voices Teaching Bible Prophecy


Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: provides a Biblical and practical template to use in discerning what’s true or false concerning all the different dissenting and dividing voices teaching Bible prophecy.

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I can sure say “AMEN” to this topic. The dissenting voices out there are louder than ever before and are so much more than those that are biblical. Thank you, pastor, for such a relevant teaching. You certainly know what we as the Church need today!


21 March 2024

This table for reference from BP:

Jonathan B. said this as well:

Then on “Jesus wore what sandals” pastors and leaders:

This week expose/revealing: Project Veritas + O’Keefe Media Group is untrustworthy and hide the truth!


Isn’t it ironic that all it takes is just a little twist here and there and poof, the rapture doesn’t exist anymore. Like all the talking points in the news, lie after repetitive lie!! I don’ believe anyone will ever be held accountable UNTIL God brings down His judgement. The AC will continue and even insist that the “false” narrative be put to rest and will punish those who spread such “lies”.


This sermon was long overdue, and I was so glad to hear Pastor JD teach on it. Perhaps now it will help the forum members, as they can now follow his teaching, and discern on their own what they should, or should not, post on our forum. This will benefit us all. Don’t be deceived and allowed your ears to be tickled. You are wasting your time when time is so short.
God Bless


AI is getting good at who they want to silence or be made to look like fools.
A sure sign we are on track and in the right place, and that Pastor JD’s teachings are solid in reference to prophesy.

But they clipped off The number one sign, deception.


Hey Dennis!
Thanks for reminding me to check out the Brenners again (his wife Ruth has a solid facebook page).
Sound Bible teaching, with the Gospel-Good news-undiluted!
Grace and peace, Brother


He’s skirting on the edge of a serious and very real analogy of his own experience with modern day Hananiah type(s). Remembering some of the specifics created a kind of emotional stir within as I watched. God bless JD who isn’t always 100% on target (no one but God is) but who is humble to not proclaim to be and deserves better treatment from his passive aggressive peers. He suffers from persecution. Pray for him.

I also realized that as believers who believe deeply and see vividly we all feel like Jeremiahs (the “Weeping Prophet.”) We behold the world in its wayward state and feel a sense of mourning.


Some Middle East news as of today.



Seems to me that the U.S. is sneaking behind Netanyahu’s back and aligning with these countries to help the so called “Palestinians”. Judgement may be coming soon for us and rightly so. Evil is as evil does.


If I learned one thing in the last couple of months, it is to wait and see how the LORD watches over His Prophetic Word to be fulfilled.

And I learned that the LORD can protect Israel even under the current US president… That is how amazing and awesome our God is. There is none like Him.


22 March 2024


As promised, this is two part videos by former Pfizer employee and whistleblower Justin Leslie. This gripping exposé reveals the shocking reality behind the Pfizer vaccines and tells the story of one man’s courage to expose the truth. He also shares his encounters with James O’Keefe, who admitted to attending the infamous Bohemian Grove, further fueling suspicions of a larger conspiracy.

If you think these videos can help people reject vaccines, go ahead and share the link to them.

Bohemian Grove is a restricted 2,700-acre campground located at 20601 Bohemian Avenue, Monte Rio, California, United States. It belongs to a private gentlemen’s club known as the Bohemian Club.

Every mid-July, the Grove hosts a more than two-week encampment of some of the most prominent men in the world. The club’s all-male membership includes artists, musicians, as well as many prominent business leaders, government officials, former U.S. presidents, senior media executives, and people of power.


This is HUGE!! Get ready church family I feel the HS moving! Everything is about to change! Maybe we’re about to fly?!? Or our Amazing God is about to wake up a whole lot more people!:blush::two_hearts::pray:


Hi RJ,
This has happened in several states already. So Geo-Engineering is doing a great job educating the states. It’s good to see states ban the spraying. :grin:


Really good points on Ez 38 :slight_smile:

LIVE UPDATE with Pastor Tom and John Haller (


Amen. Nice to hear. Thanks for sharing :+1:


Hi Teren,

I started listening to it because you mentioned the point on Ezekiel 38. I have not yet got to that part as I am on the road with my family (with the husband driving though) and do not have the quiet time to finish listening to it.

I got to minute 9 and Tom is saying how from his most recent trip to Israel, he understands that the muslims and Jews really want to get along and, Tom’s words:

it will eventually lead to a peace plan as we know.

What do you think he means?

  • the expansion of the Abraham Accords with SA and other gulf states?
  • the Daniel 9:27 covenant?

I am asking you as you have recently been listening to Tom more than I have and you may know which peace plan he means.

Thank you! :smiling_face:


I heard something awesome today & I thought I’d share it…

“When you look at a live picture of Jerusalem, specifically the Temple Mount and you see that Gold Dome - as long as that’s still standing, not in jeopardy, know that God is in control & He will flatten it when His Divine Timeline calls for it. As long as it’s there, the Tribulation hasn’t begun” - John Haler

It made my heart smile and the time of the Gentiles is still upon us. Exciting times aren’t they fellow brothers and sisters. I’m happy with semi-perilous, Restrainer still in place time while simultaneously longing for His Return. God Bless you all…


I wish our leaders read, understood and believed the Bible.


Hi Anka (wait…I think that is with a "C’ though, right :slight_smile: ). Yeah they talk about a lot different things. Sorry my bad.

Please see your immidate answers in bold with palm tree highlight. :palm_tree:

Tom also does something like JD, where this video goes on a lot longer on his website–things they cannot talk about on Facebook and Youtube. Not about Ez 38 though…a bunch of things–i did not hear past the YouTube length.

:palm_tree: Ez 38 points on the video start at 15:30, someone asks a question. Goes till 25:30.:palm_tree:

What I like about this video is it highlights Ez 38 can’t happen just yet because “other things need to be in place.” I am blessed to know the watch world is taking a turn into this direction. For a while it seemed like we were just waiting for Isiah 17 as the next thing.

I bring this up because I am a strong proponent of Uturn’s Ez 38 master clock of Israel countdown is likely THE MOST PROMINANT prophecy indicator (because the focus, once again, is Israel…not America, not politics, not technology etc). So watcher perspective that picks up on this trend I believe will do well. Perhaps at some point the majority of watchers will be taking the time to see the subtle nuances that can only be clearly seen and discerned by the careful study of looking for them. It would be awesome if in 6 months or a year the church is focused on Ez 38 like Uturn was (as the main “tell” prophetically because of its Israeli clock indicatorness). For the first time in a long time, I am hopeful for rays of light in the watcher world (as some know my general disassociation from their general blue prints).

:palm_tree: PEACE PLAN :palm_tree:
The watcher world is not open to what this forum has been I believe blessed to be exposed to in the angles Uturn was looking at. The watcher world is in no wise looking for peace in the middle east aside the covenant with the many. The watcher world is not interested in how the Abrham Accords or Saudi normalization fits into prophecy unless it implies the Covenant with the Many. There is “no other” focus in the watcher world. Tom is talking about the AC Covenant with the Many.

In general the watcher world will be looking at Psalm 83 war or Zech 12 as it relates to prophecy. The church focus seems steeped into Covenant with the many. There does not seem to be any room for a prophetic air bubble like peace int the middle east that does not mean AC peace deal. It is currently not a possibility for the watcher world to separate the Abraham Accords from the Covenant with the many. In many ways it would be all we would allow ourselves to see I believe at this point.

So I use all those extra words Anca to help provide context. In no wise is the watcher world looking at things the way Uturn was. The church watcher blueprint is basically:

A) Who might the AC be
B) Who are the 10 nations
C) Is x the covenant with the many
D) Which verses in bible is what is happening with Israel now (Psalm 83, Zech 12 etc)
E) Isaiah 17
F) MOB Technology
G) Elements of beast system
H) Oppression of beast system
I) Wich day might be the repture
J) Covenant with the many
K) In some increasing circles: Hagelian Dialectic/False Light

Please keep in mind all the above are views “we have” in relation to how “we are thinking.”

I believe a best focus is:

A) How things pertain to Israel. Not us, the West or the Church
B) Ez 38 as a “Master Clock Timepiece.” We should know that like we know what the beast system and MOB are. Do we though? There is hope we are starting to look now, amen. Maybe Tom will get the Uturn bug :slight_smile:
C) The middle east in relation to how it affects Israel (not how it fits what we think is going on in the word)
D) “Likely” that which brings Israel to ultimate peace and safety – Not for AC Covenant but for what it might mean to Israel.

Please keep in mind the above are all ways things occur according to how it relates to Israel. Not how we are thinking.

See D is a good example of what i have been kind of saying (and open to be wrong or change amen). If we look for the AC, beast system, MOB, Ameriica etc, instead or in place of Israel and what things mean to her, I believe this can tend to blind or limit best focus focus. I just believe it is humble of the church to consider formostly before our own views. Making Israel the focus is not the same as focusing on Isael. I just mean it like focusing on what is going on in the world according to how this arffects Israel in contrast to how it explains what is going on, where things are going, what things mean now, what to be looking at now etc. I believe not having Israel as the receptor of incoming phenomenon can move us several miles away from most sober end time interpretive value. Just trying to be helpful where i would see concern with too much direction in making church watcherdom signifcant focus potentially or inadvertently, I don’t believe the church has such charge to bring “high resoulation” prophecy to the table. Maybe a form of low resolution…but if so, in my estimation, that will be found i believe in seeing how things relate to Israel. Not us so much. But i truly believe the prohecy nut is found in how things relate to Israel. Not our sense so much about how well we might potentially see this that and the oher thing.

In that sense, that is why i was impressed with Uturn’s approach because it was perfectly aligned with a hyper and single focus on “how things affect Israel.” Not the church or even the world. Just them. The one’s through whom God proivded prophecy to came. If that makes sense. Amen. In this I would say is the most probable clarity in sober focus…and the key to “everything else.” Blessings.