March 31, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update -- Everything Now Points To Jesus

Jack :fox_face:man, that’s a wonderful idea! you could add Trump’s picture holding that bible with those words. If it wakes up just one person then all glory to God!

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i’m just going to leave this right here.


We are running a race. The only competition we have for eternity is ourself. Only ONE receives the prize. :crown: You.

The WORLD :earth_americas: tells us to go hard, or go home.

I just want to say, GO HARD. BECAUSE WE ARE ALMOST HOME :airplane: This life is almost over. Do NOT give up. Cross that finish line! :checkered_flag:

You may have made a mess out of this race like I have in my life. BUT, This is NOT a time to GIVE UP.
This is not a time to let up, or even shut up. We must pray up and preach up for the cause of Jesus Christ, until He takes us home.

Maybe you need to come TO Christ or come BACK TO Christ. NOW is the time.

The days are getting ready to get REALLY REAL, REALLY SOON. :pray: Everything is CONVERGING all around us. I don’t think any of us really realize how close we are to the end. Evil is currently being Restrained. Can’t even imagine this world once that Restraint is REMOVED :airplane:

Our redemption is truly drawing very near.

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In general I see the watcher world see the Abraham Accords with a fixation on the AC covenant with the many. However, what if the AC Covenant comes after Ezekiel 38? Andy Woods has Ez 38 as the 2nd seal and the AC Covenant as the 1st seal. It never made sense to me that the AC makes a deal and within days Israel is destroyed…yet they get up, dust themselves off…and continuing trusting the AC? That does not seem very likely.

What if the Abraham Accords align more so with Pastor JD’s previously all time favorite focus, Ez 38? I realize aligning Trump with literal prophecy may not be a comfortable endeavor. But if for whatever reason he is so aligned, then what we might have is:

  • Abraham Accords
  • Trump Election
  • Saudi Normalization with Israel
  • Further Strengthening of Abraham Accords (bringing other Arab nations with Saudi Arabia)
  • Peace and Safety Secured
  • BAM – Ez 38

In that above trajectory the AC covenant is not on the map yet. How do we know we should be looking at the middle east for the AC covenant? How do we know Ez 38 does no come first though? Espeically if Ez 38 is so detailed we can tell how close we are. Why would we favor the AC Covenant that has very little detail (a few verse) vs Ez 38 and 39 (two entire chapters of very detailed prophecy)? Why would we go with the vague notion of AC covenant though when we do see how much Ez 38 is aligning? Blessings.

We are on the Eve (as in a few days away) of the Eclipse, a comet is in the sky, (there is a bunch of etc as well(cicadas…) and Israel is in a major inflection point with its airstrike on the Iranian consulate!

Is anybody else on the edge of their seat!?!

I am trying to distract myself…this is unbelievable and we are living in and witnessing the end of an Age! Praise God!


5 April 2024


All these events nearing the eclipse…hmmmm


I would love to be but I have been disappointed too many times before. :disappointed:
The best I can be is hopeful. :pray:


Well!!! I was on the edge of my seat then too!!! I relaxed, now I am back on the edge of my seat! The eclipse and Rev 12 sign(???maybe) had a lot of events around them…mostly the UN amping things up with meetings that read “Peace and Safety” but I remember a huge earthquake and Iran, Russia, and Turkey meeting together….7 years later we are here presently!


While I am very skeptical of high watch times, this particular collection of events happening now in the next few weeks has raised my excitement level some. Lets look at things that are not on the well known list.

  1. The 7.7 quake in Taiwan. This could lead to US putting ships in close proximity to provide support in the recovery process. This will irritate China to no end.

  2. Not one but 3 6 point magnitude quakes in and around Japan in the past couple of weeks around the Taiwan quake. At the same time NK testing a hypesonic IMRB missile over Japan and into the Pacific ocean.

  3. More quake activity or lack there of in California with an almost 24 hour period of no quakes along the San Andreas between LA and San Francisco. That is really strange.

4 Recent solar activity of strong long duration M-class flares and an almost direct hit from a CME all followed by a sudden drop off on all solar activity for the past couple of days. Kind of like the quiet before the storm opens up with a vengeance.

  1. The first of a couple of groups of Army boats headed to Gaza to build a pier to assist in humanitarian support now in the Mediterranean and the second not far behind in the Canary Islands area. So much for rapid humanitarian aid support to Gaza. It has been 3 weeks since the first departure was hitting the news in a major way.

Side note here which might be something to look for. At the time of the crucifixion there was a 3 hour period of darkness during which Israel got hit with a large quake while Jesus was on the cross. If we see a major quake in the Middle East that is not something I think we can chalk up to coincidence. It is a possibility though so gonna be watching for that starting next week. Not saying it will happen on the same day but could with in a short time period of the 8th. Will have to wait and see on that.

Even if we do not see the Rapture in April, events for the rest of this year are shaping up to be great concern as to the outcome of some of them. If the heifer is sacrificed, this could well set off the Muslim community into a fear frenzy that Israel does something with the Dome of the Rock shrine. This coming at time when the US has assets close by with little to no defense capabilities of their own puts them with targets on them while trying to help out the Palestinians in Gaza.

There are constant hints of another pandemic, measles maybe, another flu based disease like Covid, or something else not quite on the radar yet. Food prices are still on a a fairly rapid rise and hourly wages for most are again stagnating instead of keeping pace. Times are getting hard.

Then there is national politics which will soon become the 24/7 news cycle event till the end of the year. Who knows what fall out will happen with that mess.

In short do not expect this year to be dull. I suspect we will see many surprises some we might guess because they are kind of obvious but I also think some will come out of left field as well. They could be political, they could be natural events as in some kind or kinds of disasters, they could be geopolitical of just one government miscalculates in what they do. We should probably be ready for anything that comes. That way we are not overwhelmed by it when it shows up. Panic on sudden events can spell disaster. If we remain calm in the peace of Jesus, prayerful at all times we can face what ever shows up till Jesus shows up.


Yes I am kind of expecting something to happen maybe the Rapture this year. I just don’t expect that to happen on April 8th. We do not know when the Rapture will happen according to the Bible, however I do believe we are in the season though. According to Pastor JD the Rapture is overdue. :thinking:


Buts its been a beefy 7 years. That’s for sure. We only get 1 ramp up to end times. No dress rehearsal. This is “our end times.” Lets make it an awesome one. Amen :pray:


Amen. Just like be good with being “broken in” for the real ride. :grin:


We are the generation that can honestly say, “Ends times is kind of exploding in our faces and gettin all over us and stuff. Like some one opened up a can End Times.” Cheers :slight_smile:


Uhhh no. God is never late. His timing is His own and it is always perfect. He is as 2 Peter 3:9 says not slack and longsuffering. Now if it was said we are overly impatient, that I could agree with. It makes me wonder how many may falter in faith because God does not go by their human idea of how things should go. I am grateful He does not work on my time scale or I would have been dead 30+ years ago. I did not think I would make it past my mid 30s. He had other plans and I got two wonderful children because of it.

Man really has to stop trying to tell God how to do His job as ruler of the universe. Just imagine how many would be fired if they tried that on their jobs. Some times me thinks the Rapture might have come sooner if we humans were more obedient. But God’s timing always was and always will be perfect whether we like it or not. I am ok with that as I am learning a lot more daily now with years under my belt than I did in my youth. I kind of like the lessons even the hard ones as they provide almost a Solomon kind of wisdom. It fills me with a wonder of the workings of God’s hands to see his creation in new light almost every day. I enjoy seeing the life of spring, feeling the warmth of summer and even the artistry of fall even though it portends the idea of coming death. It shows me that if I don’t make it to the rapture even death has its beauty to it.

The things I learn day in and day out are a marvel to behold. So if God chooses to patiently wait for a few more repentant souls, I am ok with that not just for the beauty but also for those He waits on. It my be a family member I am praying for or a friend, I don’t know. But if it is how much better that will be. I have had a good life so why not be patient so others will have a good eternity. That is just another day to see wonder in the world around me.


I love this Jack. When i saw Goodboys quote of another i thought the same thing. I think what might be a bit telling and helpful in that though is that if we get the sense that we are here later than it would seem…how that might mean something for us uniquely in it all. Like if we feel its overdue, perhaps that might suggest to us a helpful hint in how to view things now…maybe more than just being surprised. Maybe even a key of sorts. Thanks for sharing the above :slight_smile:


Totally agree!!! :+1:


4.8 Magnitude earthquake near New York City just now.


I agree that this is not true in God’s always, right-on-time, perfect timing. I do think, though, that JD likely meant this in a weary sort of way, and with a heavy sigh as he said it. JD knows who holds the future. He (among most all of us), just may have his impatience spilling out. :hugs:

I could be wrong, but that’s just my own 2 cents.:upside_down_face:


Very true. I think, though, that we may be taking JD’s remark out of context, here. I could be wrong, but I picture him saying this with a sigh and as a personal letting-down of his hair with us (um, few curly hairs…LOL), as he moved on to key points of a sermon (and nothing more with this except for letting out that sigh).

Someone, anyone…feel free to prove me wrong. :upside_down_face:


4.8 earthquake in the northeast, USA. Outside of New York City and felt in Philadelphia. Adds to our interesting times especially with Monday’s solar eclipse.