March 31, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update -- Everything Now Points To Jesus

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_3: explains how all that’s happening in the world now points to Jesus and the pre-tribulation rapture, then talks candidly about the unprecedented demonic division and deception in this last hour.

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I just picked up my solar eclipse glasses at the Metropolitan Library, they had plenty and were free. Not sure what the symbol mean on this cover of this glasses with the 4 stars but God is speaking thru NASA with these words “KEEP LOOKING UP

Here in Oklahoma City it will be between 90% to 95% totality of the solar eclipse.


Not replying to @Cara here

2 April 2024

I am studying the red heifer commands as I noticed sensationalism and taking things out of context by some online.

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To think that these (nano-fied?)bodies will be soon changed-in a nano-second-to glorious, Illustrious, Immortal, Spiritual, Incorruptible ones.
Some, including myself, were happy to see that Barry Scarborough is back on youtube!

Finally, just want you to know, that you who have at one time in your life realized you are a doomed sinner but decided to trust in Jesus, YOU ARE among the excellent ones in whom is my delight!
Grace and peace :slight_smile:


This video was over a year ago. It’s the person who provided the red heifers. The entire interview is good especially the first 5 minutes. It gave me chicken skin :wink:


Which makes me wonder why Israel Bar-Ilan University is involved in this project… hmmm. They are building AC system.

This may explain how AC will have easy time hunting down tribulation saints because of the nanobots present inside their bodies. This may also explain how the False Prophet can “remote kill” anyone who refused to take the mark.


They Know what is coming… THEY Can’t Hide from God Wrath


Awesome :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to Tyler Generation2434 and Barry Scarborough’s livestream tomorrow night! :smiley:


Thank you so much for this information


What strikes me the most is the beheading of the Tribulation saints. What other reason than the absolute evilness of Satan is behind that? Why behead people?


Before you view this, if you view this…

… understand that I am speaking solely to and about the Trump commercial within this video that starts at 2:05 timestamp, not “The Next News Network”, not Trump, not the KJV bible, etc…

Also this is not about a VP choice as the splash screen tends to imply.

Get ready for some discernment…

Before I continue, I will say again:

  • I am not against KJV bibles, I have and use one.
  • I am not against America, nor her founding fathers, nor her documents
  • I am not even against Trump really, as compared to Biden


I am not a fan of the use of the bible for political maneuvering or fundraising.

The whole thing to me is atrocious. Like a Snake Oil salesman. His is the very first money changer table that Jesus would turn over.

The documents of the founding fathers for this nation do not equate to the level of the writings in the Bible. They simply are not the inspired word of God, so they are not only considered adding to God’s word, but an insult by tying them (and America) falsely to the word of God. This is the same mistake of the Jews with the Talmud, elevating the writings of men to the level of scripture “to be included” along with it.

This is a ploy to promote a false blessing and anointment on America (reminiscent of Manifest Destiny) that does not exist, into the mind of the gullible and weak of faith. It is an insult to true Christendom. It is also subliminally, a move of NAR and Replacement Theology.

The timing is very suspicious as well, concerning the national vote to come, so as to grease the track and fan the patriotic flame.

And I do have to wonder a bit at the KJV aspect along with the whole package. Is this a ploy also to expand the KJV only demographics?

It would have been better to put all the documents in a separate book along with a KJV bible. And that is the most positive comment I can muster.

Get your own bible on your own terms. Run from this!


Exactly! “Run from this!” - As fast as you can and DON’T LOOK BACK!


Hello :fox_face:

IMHO he is already so icky to young people and non-believers that this kind of thing is not only frustrating but despicable. If only it were truly for the glory of God, God could protect America. But the problem is systemically spiritual and “religion” is not the right approach. It’s superficial. A national presidential candidate can definitely …iconically… become a manifestation of the evils of this world. Oh my. Did the words “deceive” and “the elect” just pop in my head? Yes they did. I have my own speculations that I don’t really talk about. But hey….there’s a puzzle piece forming with someone like this in our midst on the world stage :thinking: It depends on where we are timewise prior to rapture. :hourglass:

Think happy thoughts. :blush:
ie Philippians 4:8

Done editing


Thanks for this video Ali. Interesting. It is fascinating to watch how different people struggle to make sense of how things work in our day. No one of us is perfect in really seeing enough of how to piece together all the variables, I believe. Although I believe we should try, amen.

I would not see a 3rd temple for all the world, although it is an interesting thought. I would differ on this guys take of Zachariah 2/3rds being for the world because that would infer that the entire world would be saved (the leftover remnant) at the conclusion of the tribulation. But according to the parable of the wheat and tares, it looks a lot like the reapers gathering many people at the end of the tribulation for the feast of God is how things pan out kind of in the end though. So i would see that the world is not refined for all the world to be saved. Although i do believe quite a number will yet still. I would localize 2/3rds to Israel at Ez 38 would make the most sense to me.

I believe, in general though, this is a helpful video in how we might as watchers consider what a proper filter blend might look like in our day. In other words, what kinds of things could we consider in “how” we look upon unfolding prohecy. And in that respect, i think this video is hugely helpful toward that end. Thanks for posting. And blessings :slight_smile: