May 22, 2022 - Don't Get Too Comfortable

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: talks about the seductive danger of getting too comfortable in this world, with everything that has happened, is now happening and is about to happen.

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I wanna go home . . . I want everyone I love, and everyone you love to come home too. . . My prayer in a song for all of us . . . And all of them . . .


Check out the Monkey minute with Monkey Werx.


I can’t say that this update didn’t excite me. The final ground work for the global system is about to be completed ready to go for Satan to come along and flick the switch for the start of the 7yr Tribulation period, just as JD so wonderfully put it, some time ago in another update. Think about that… not date setting but there’s nothing stopping God from taking us out the second that agreement is signed. Yay!


Thanks for Daymond Duck Article. I tried to watch 2000 mules with the link he provided and got the following.


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There’s a petition at the end of this article we can sign to stop this treaty! On life site news.:wink::pray::heart:


Nothing we do is going to stop it, this is part of Gods plan. This world is ending and we are leaving soon.


I agree! And Amen. I know that’s the truth and I struggle daily with feeling angry, frustrated, & betrayed by my “so called” government. I even hesitated to put my name out there to protest against it… But God is on my side… if he is for me WHO can stand against me!! :blush::pray::heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::wink: (pun intended)


Might not be the best place to post this observation . . . But . . . This is a nearly daily occurance over my home. At 7:30 am the sky was clear and blue. At 9:30 am . . . Two planes making x patterns across the sky. . . I first started noticing this back in the 1990’s, though whenever I’ve mentioned it to anyone they’ve looked at me as though they think I’m nuts. Seems to be ramping up now, as it has become an almost daily phenomenon. The ADKs, where I live, has been designated “forever wild.” Maybe someone doesn’t want any people to be alive here anymore?? Recently we had the highest incidence of “Covid” in the nation. My grandsons have been sick with fever and stomach issues repeatedly in the past month. My son told me yesterday that my grandson, who is in kindergarten, has missed more school this year than he did in his entire school career. My mom was very ill for a couple of weeks with upper respiratory stuff. My sister tells me that whole classrooms have been shut down in her school because of students and teachers “testing positive.” Is it all related? I don’t know. I’m just a simple, “country girl” longing for Jesus to come and set things right. Just don’t know how to live and breath and walk and speak in these days. Sure would like to know how others are managing! All I can think to do anymore is watch and pray and weep! Sometimes I don’t even have the words to pray anymore! What are YOU doing to live out the moments of your days these days?? Could surely use some advice!


Right there with you! I’ve had to let the Holy Spirit say the words for me when I’m praying because I can’t seem to find the words anymore. Especially when praying for my enemies.

Praying and keeping our immune systems as healthy as possible is about all we can do until the Lord comes to get us. Oh, thank God for that Blessed Hope.

Keep looking up dear sister, but ignore the chemtrails if you can.


That made me smile! I’ve often thought just how hard it is to look up when every time I do I just see the trails and clouds! Most days, these days, I wish I didn’t “see” and “know” quite so much. We ARE like the Jeremiah’s of our days I guess.


The people around me who are comfortable, or at least acting like life is business as usual are mostly the inoculated unbelievers who have not passed away yet or come down with illnesses blamed on something else. Of the Inoculated believers I am aware of, only a small number are clued in to what is going on (3) i went to our local restaurant and saw people chatting, eating and drinking, laughing, talking about a myriad of subjects. They seem to think things are going back to normal. They are blind to the impending collapse of our country.

Those of us who place our faith in the Lord and are not injected are not complacent, not exactly comfortable. We are hoping for Jesus to come soon, as we see the writing on the wall. We are concerned for family members not saved and for what the next evil action of our governments will be. We are a strong loving group who will meet for Bible Study in the home of the couple who gave us their cottage for nearly 3 months after our house fire. They had to be injected to return from Florida, where they held very well received introductory Bible Studies. Some attendees got one or more and are just focusing on God’s return. All of us know we are in God’s loving hands.

Local Churches are not discussing end times or even repentance. There is a plague of wokeness in those churches. I do not know these people well, other than those from my mother’s church, all of whom got their shots. Some have already died. The rest are in denial. The conclusion I always reach whenI analyze the situation is that there are very very few born again Christians living near me as a percentage of the population.


It does feel that way. I met a lady today where I get my car serviced, and she told me how blessed she is - she’s 86 and in great shape and very active. So we talked about the Lord. I didn’t know what to say when she expressed fear of that virus and those to come, so I just told her that I trust Jesus, and His will will be done. She agreed with me, but I could tell she was taken aback by my lack of fear. Maybe she’ll think about it and learn not to be afraid of these things.


Ditto that!

“We are a strong loving group who will meet for Bible Study”

Wonderful that you have found others of like mind to meet with! Sadly, I seem to be all alone in this, but grateful for this forum and for “church in HI with Pastor JD”. Still praying to find few folks in my neighborhood to gather with.

“ Local Churches are not discussing end times or even repentance. There is a plague of wokeness in those churches”.

Yes. Here too. I had to leave my church because of this very thing. Embracing homosexuality. Focused on social justice and ending racism (which, IMHO, doesn’t exist in the church, nor in our community. Supports the cause of the “Palestinians,” and NEVER touches the subject of current events in light of Bible prophecy. Breaks my heart. And leaves me feeling a bit like an orphaned child or “the black sheep.”

Oh Father in Heaven! Help us!!


Perfect! Funny, last Thursday I sat next to an 86 year old woman on the plane from Fl to NY. She was masked up and said that her husband had insisted because we had the highest rate of Covid in the nation. I said how wonderful it is to know that, as believers, Our lives truly never end! She agreed with a smile but said she’d like to stretch it out here for awhile longer. I’m my heart, I asked, “why?” . . . But I guess part of me wants to stretch it out too, until I know that all of my children will be seated with me at the Wedding Feast.


I know what you mean about our kids. My girl is aware of everything going on, but still won’t turn to Christ. Every time I think she might, I won’t hear from her for days, even weeks, then she’s back to her old self again. Her “friends” are a big influence on her. She’s aware, so now it’s up to her. That’s all we can do. How bad do things have to get before they wake up and see the truth?


As moms with such great love for our own children, I guess it makes makes us more sensitive to the pain and burden the Lord must carry for all of His who won’t “come home.” :pray:t3::two_hearts:. May your daughter, and my children come running soon!


In June of 2019 I knew the Lord had called me to “ watch and pray.” At the time I didn’t know what He meant ( specifically) of course I soon found out, but have have run out of words. I often say “Your will be done” and pray for protection for myself and others.

Day to day, I simply do the next thing and ask the Lord to show me the next thing.
It feels weird every time I see people laughing, but I have enjoyed a good laugh occasionally, maybe others are too. Idk. I’m ready for people to wake up and for the Lord to come. I am so weary and sad, yet I am not depressed. Just -ready!

I am so thankful for you, @SongSparrow, Brenda, this forum, Pastor JD and many others!:heart:
Can’t wait to meet you soon!!!