May 23 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

this update, I don’t know if I was distracted while listening or what, but it felt like there wasn’t a lot of new specific stuff to say, as if farags mainly like, yep things are still amping up and heading toward what we’ve been talking about. and I agree.

something that has changed in my life lately is this: for many months into having realized we are so close to the end, each morning felt like such a drag upon waking. like, one more day, really? why? why can’t it be over already?

so yeah that daily sad way to wake up has ended. now that I am seeing my purposes more clearly in these times, I wake every morning feeling SO purposeful. like, okay cool, God, what do we have today?

I’m still very much looking forward to the end whatever God shows me of it. but I am SO glad that I no longer dread waking up. in fact I’ve never in my life enjoyed getting up until now. it’s still nice to sleep in, but when I do get up, I feel like I’m truly on God’s mission instead of disappointed that the end didn’t already come. I welcome each day God brings me now and I am making the most of it. purpose has exploded before me and I’m never without something important or meaningful to do, though none of my tasks have really changed. my heart just is changing. thanks God <3


Really? Could you maybe explain? I was asking for thoughts, just telling me that and nothing else doesn’t really help. I watched 45 minutes of tons of people this is happening to, how has it been discredited?


Have you seen this? Further down in the article is a link to Jim Stone’s site where he goes on about a lot of things, but he has a decent theory about the concoctions.


@DEC shared this – thank you brother!


Thank you! I had seen the first article and it somewhat leads into same as I was thinking, it may control people through 5G smart grid, hadn’t seen the Anthony Patch article, so I’ll check that out.


If you hadn’t looked at the link to Jim Stone, he seems to have the knowledge to explain the how and why.

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Gotcha, thank you

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Yes, our church also is not bringing up anything about worldly events and end times prophecy. We have to rely on JD and other on line as well as reading


I have seen the video with over 45 minutes of people, it was a compilation of tons of eople off internet and tic toc that had posted videos of it. So maybe it’s not really widespread but happening enough that people are reporting it, so either all these people are being paid to start a rumor or just thought it would be funny or there really is something to it. Like I said, if whatever is in the vaccine has magnetic properties maybe in some, for some reason it stays closer to the surface of the skin… maybe due to their muscle, their skin, their blood… or maybe the way the injection was given. So just because it may only happen in small percentage, to me doesn’t mean there is not possibly magnetic technology in the vaccine and in peoples bodies that have been vaccinated. And I find it really odd that the NIH was researching such technology using nanoparticles, PEG, and injecting it during researching it. And that this tech has proven to control behavior in mice. I honestly don’t know anyone that has been vaccines I could test it on, but even if it didn’t work on that particular person doesn’t necessarily discredit it to me.


Help needed.

I’m trying to find the sermon by JD that references Andy Woods and his work on the Rapture, specifically, his use of the Geneva Bible to interpret 2nd Thessalonians.


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They want to turn us all into antennas.

I am sure they will send out false flags to blame conspiracy theorist but also to deflect what is going on that we know is real.

This will only get worse believe it or not if it’s true we may start hearing this is a benefit some how and many will believe it.



The Rapture comes first:


Ok this really isn’t worth arguing about, but did you watch the video? With the 45 minutes of individuals?? I don’t think all these people are just that stupid, they even did one arm and nothing would stick and then on the arm with the injection in it, it did. The video is in the article that fearnot posted a few minutes ago, the link that says “47 minute version” (also posted below…) of examples or something to that effect. I believe there is more to it. Plus we are talking about magnets, not coins. I can’t get a magnet to stick to me anywhere. But it definitely isn’t worth debating. As pastor JD says, stop arguing with the saved and reach the lost.

Oh and I definitely would not trust fact-check - I’ve seen them try to debunk anything and everything. Those sites are run by the elite as well.

Thank You,
Carrie Rogers


Yep, Methodist Hospital once a great bible believing institution. Science is now their god, what an apostasy that is. Maranatha


Actually it seems medicine is abandoning science. As a medical professional, it is quite remarkable and surreal.


This guy better watch his back, they know what they are doing it’s all according to plan. Just as Joe?

Me too. Not only that, I have returned to Canada in April 2020 after traveling during 2019, and the Baptist Church in the small town I settled in has yet to give a salvation message or anything close to an altar call. My soul is grieved. The church was known for their good work in the community before the lockdowns and has the largest congregation in this small town. The pastor speaks on scripture passages and I can’t fault what he says, more like what he leaves out. All the websites of the small churches in this community do not have a listing of their doctrinal stands, which is another thing I found strange on my return to Canada. The church I came from before travelling was very firm in their beliefs and scriptural in their teaching. I am thankful for online pastors, such as JD. I make cards for shut-ins at the community retirement home and include the ABCs of salvation with them. It’s not much, but I know the Lord will bless even this little effort. As you may know, pastors who have kept their churches open here in Canada face large fines and imprisonment. Please pray for these brave men of God that keep the message of our Lord and Saviour ringing clear in their communities.


Do not use strongs concordance. - it is so flawed !!!
Use walvoord and zuck. -very cponsertvative - they founded Dallas
Thjealogical simanary - very. Conservative - I did not misspell think it is satanic - really evil !!!.

Hi there!
I know that this has nothing to do with this week’s prophesy update, but I remember in a fairly recent update that JD mentioned a cyber pandemic. Do any of you remember which update that was? I want to share the links with a friend.