May 28, 2023: Bible Prophecy Update -- Unsubscribe Unfollow and Unfriend The World 👍

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_2: explains why those who have severed their attachments to this world will instead be tethered to what awaits them in heaven.

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28 May 2023

Many are still hold out hope in this world to turn around…



Note: Elon Musk may in future create a chip to be on human forehead as MOTB prototype. Just watch this space…


:raised_hands: :raised_hands: :heart: :heart: :dove:


This past month decided to disconnect my cable TV service because I realized it had become an expensive, unhealthy distraction from all that really matters…Jesus.
I still have the ability to view an occasional movie, get the news, listen to my radio…but most importantly spend much more quality time with and for the Lord.

I’m yearning and aching for Jesus’ return…to rescue me from the evil that is taking over hearts and minds.
Maranatha Lord…PLEASE come quickly


Blessings JDF family. Just wanted to drop this update from within this past week on red heifer update. Blessings :slight_smile:

PS – Considerations for April 2024 sacrifice timing potential / CBN skeptical about temple / Links to China…

What mght be viewed as social artificats are:

a) interesting developments evolving in CBN attitudes towards any significance of red heifer and 3rd temple.
b) China distraction (or perhaps there are aspects to China in our era that might have relevance relating to Israel and end times).

Just some thoughts. Blessings guys.


29 May 2023

This afternoon on my way to pick someone, I saw this prophetic word…


1 John 2 prep sermon for this week and next week:


Today it is a talk about nano technology stuff, Dr Ana mentioned this guy: The merger of man and machine is ongoing

Dr. Ian Akyildiz - Injecting Programmable mRNA Bio Nano Scale Machines

Supporting materials for reading:

Stew Peters To Release Documentary Of The Year TOMORROW! : ‘FINAL DAYS’ Coming TOMORROW! The Transhumanist Documentary…


The truth which helps keep me sane in the face of the madness.


Just can’t :heart: the madness. Everyday feels like we are living in the Twighlight Zone! Just give us Jesus!


Blessing to Pastor JD and all there in Kaneohe. This point especially spoke to me. . . I was especially grateful for the mention of our young people! Speaking into their lives has been especially challenging. The millennials in my life have been unable to consider that Jesus is coming SOON! Pastor JD’s mention of God preparing us for our role in the Kingdom for eternity offered me another point that I can share with them. THANK YOU!


I really loved Pastor JD’s prophecy update yesterday! I could relate in so many ways. When he talked about how the world will hate us…I work at a doctor’s office and am the only believer there. No doubt that my coworkers don’t like me. My birthday was 3 weeks ago and I didn’t get a card signed by my coworkers, like everybody else does. I certainly feel like an outcast, as I am not privy to much and am always “the last one to know.” I could expound, but won’t. I live alone and have no friends. My family members rarely call me. I have to call them. Pastor JD’s church has been my church for 4 years. I cannot find a local church that preaches/teaches the ENTIRE gospel!
Everything I own is old. Why? Because I am not tethered to this world! I own a 23 year old car, a 23 year old house, and my washer/dryer is 23 years old! I just maintain…Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!


Pray you’ll be encouraged always as you walk through this world as a wayfaring stranger. We walk with you. You have brothers and sisters here, and . . .


Thank you! :heart:


Happy Belated Birthday Deborah @deborahutchens :birthday: :bouquet: :hibiscus: :balloon:
Everything I own is old as well, I also just try to take care of them and maintain too. You certainly are not alone, am praying for you :pray:


Thanks Sherry. It’s nice to know that there are other like-minded believers and that I’m not alone.


Thank You Pastor.
We are free from all attachments of this world. Praise God our treasures are in heaven. To be with Jesus is my biggest gain in my life.
We drive a 1991 Honda Accord that Mike keeps running very well.

Deborah, no one cares or checks on us. We are both old. That’s ok, we have to depend on Jesus for everything and I mean many times Jesus does miraculous things, one thing after another!
When we have only Jesus to turn to in our time of great need, this is when He demonstrates the wonders of His Love that can ONLY come from Him. I have 100% confidence that He will provide whatever we need.


Wow Susan! :flushed: A 1991 Honda! That’s amazing that it’s in such good condition! Repair costs are better than monthly payments & higher taxes/insurance, for sure! God is so good and He has entrusted us with vehicles, and as long as we maintain and take care of them, He will take care of us and will provide. In heaven, we won’t need cars, thankfully. Thanks for sharing and may God continue to bless you!


May we all celebrate your next birthday in Heaven with Jesus!!!


Yes! Amen to that! :raised_hands::airplane::pray:


@deborahutchens we all stand together as we keep looking up, Sister. :revolving_hearts: