May 29, 2022: Bible Prophecy Update

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_2: talks about the saying, “it’s always darkest before the dawn” as it relates to Bible prophecy, with a message of encouragement as the world today becomes increasingly evil.

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So JD just opened the can(of worms) involving Monkey Pox being the cover story for VAIDS or AIDS which was the initial insult caused by the vaccine.

So there are reports from Pfizer that state its vaccine causes massive herpes as a side effect but actually it could be d/t weakened immune system since whether you know it or not we all have that virus which can resemble Monkey Pox due to severity.

Not disagreeing…but oh boy…thought it would be nuclear…maybe both

Edit:There is a forum discussion on Monkey Pox being the new Covid(have to learn how to link forum discussions)

Again, not disagreeing…this very well could be the cause(of 2 billion deaths)…it is plausible.


The link is not working.

The issue is there a 100% surety test for Monkeypox? It will end up like that C19 fake test kits and results. Then WHO can declare next plandemic 2.0

This may be a good reference:


I appreciate Pastor JD’s foresight and keeping the remnant aware and looking up for Our Blessed Hope !…I need his input each and every week.

I also need all the contributors at this Forum each and every day.

Thank You : )


Ouch! I love and appreciate Pastor JD soooo much. And . . . I found this update especially painful because it spoke directly to a struggle I’ve been having with prayer. Perhaps some of you have worked through these issues already and could offer some helpful insight?? I find this hard to articulate, but will try to be as clear as my muddled mind will allow.

I guess it distills down to this. . . When the miracle doesn’t come, when the prayer goes unanswered (and I know what the standard pat answer here is so hope someone will be able to go deeper), when the answer doesn’t look at all like what I had prayed believing. . . Is it my my own faithless fault???
But didn’t I only need a mustard seed’s worth to move that mountain?? I KNOW I had at least that much!! So . . . Is all of my prayer life answered by Romans 8:28?

Please help me here!

I’ve heard a lot of folks make reference to Psalm 2 recently. I’ve made that reference myself! And then I think of the children who died in their classroom at the hands of evil . . And I think. . . Surely Jesus weeping isn’t he?? And I wonder about the parents who had prayed God’s protection over their babies as they left for school that morning . . . Do they wonder, like me, if their faith was too small?? Or does Psalm 2 chafe?? How ARE we to understand how to pray and not be afraid that, like Job, we just might suffer great loss and pain anyway. I really just don’t know how to do this!!! I really don’t know how to think about this!

Anyone else have trouble with knocking knees, never knowing how painful the answers to their prayers might be? I WANT to trust and believe in God’s goodness! But here I am at the age old dilemma of trying to answer the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people? Innocent children??? Even when we pray our hearts out???” And the pat answers just leave me with a rock in the pit of my stomach. God forgive me. . . Help me to rest in hope that one day it’ll all make sense . . . Give me strength to persevere in prayer, come what May, in the meantime


The rise of Germany?

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Another fantastic sermon by pastor JD.
It is dark in the world and we know it is going to get darker.
Keep looking up.
The darker it gets the more we begin to shine in that darkness.


Sweet SongSparrow!!! You have such a tender heart. The school shooting of kids is such a trauma and I understand what you’re feeling…I think we all do. HOW was this evil demon ALLOWED to just murder those sweet kids. Kids!!! But we don’t know the lesson in it-maybe for me, it’s a reminder to call my brat kids and cherish them even when they are rude because you just never know (they are young adults so we all know how that age can be :rage:). Only the Lord knows the reason why.

Here is how I’m handling it….and my unanswered prayers….

I allow myself to throw fits about it. It’s frustrating to not understand little kids being murdered and it’s frustrating to pray and pray and pray for what seem like basic needs only to feel ignored. BUT-then I reflect on my over all experiences in life and I remember the goodness of God…the ways he’s protected me, the ways he has blessed me with some of my “answered” prayers which I appreciate, and the way I feel when He does communicate with me in funny ways like a sermon that convicts or the way my daily devotional seems “personalized”. THEN, I have to just make my choice-believe or not believe. Right?? We believe so we just have to truck along being confused and keep our hopes in Heaven. Such joy will be there!!! And zero confusion-yay!

Don’t get too caught up in it, my dear!! We believe and that settles it. Vent your frustrations (life is HARD) and count your blessings. You’re so known!!! He really cares for us and in Heaven-it’s going to be so perfect and super duper worth it! :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:


Addendum to Daniel sermon on that Noah guy:

I have not heard/read anywhere as to what will happen to children and babies at the Rapture. Wondering specifically about those in totally non believing families, but even those in families with believing parents I have not seen addressed. Thank you.

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Saudi delegation highlights efforts made in societal and economic empowerment in WEF

Dear Amy,

You’ve given me good, sweet meat to chew on this morning. Thank you for this beautiful response. I will read again, and take to heart all of the strategies you’ve described. I’ll add a prayer that the hearts of children will return to their parents. . And to their Heavenly Father, who, through Christ, has given the only hope that really matters in the end . . . Love in Christ, and great blessing to you as we “soldier on” :two_hearts::pray:t3:


Brenda i have asked the same questions and on many occasions wept my heart out before the Lord…or worse raged at him. But we have to trust in his character. We tend to think it stops at death, my uncle died never acknowledged Jesus but i prayed for him for years. Why did God not hear? My child went from Rebellion to witchcraft /cutting me out of her life now flirting with Satanism…are my prayers wasted? Never God is faithful if we ask anything in accordance with his will we have obtained it and he is not willing that any should perish…he died on the cross thats how much he wants our loved one’s salvation. perhaps my uncle in the last seconds of his life cried out Lord have mercy? I don’t know i do know asking for his salvation was in accordance with Gods will, and he heard my prayer. We are not called to walk by sight but by faith. The innocent little children slaughtered in Texas, just like the innocent children dying of Starvation in Ethiopia or killed in the floods in pakistan china south Africa are with Jesus now. They are not suffering they are with him. Telling a parent screaming in griefvthat wd earn a good punch in the nose. But God knows what is best. If for example it was my grandchild and i knew if she lived to 20 / age of accountability she wd reject Christ and go to a lost eternity…id rather she was taken now before she made that choice. When Job who sufferred more than we ever will got a chance to dialogue with God …God didnt try to rxplain or justify himself. He asked " where were you when i laid the earth’s foundation? TELL ME if you understand. Who marked off its dimensions? " ch 38 and 39 of Job God shows how litter we understand or control the events on earth or in the physical universe. Chapterv40 v1 The Lord said to Job: "will the one who contentends withbthe Almighty correct him? ". God knows all things we dont. We are not called to understand but to trust. Trust his goodness faithfulness and justice.


Thank you for these encouraging reminders of truth which I do know to be true. And I know my enemy knows my weaknesses, so I need to colllect all of the verses I know to throw back at him! It’s just wearing me out though, I must admit. I’m just growing weary. I’ll share more in a private email, not wanting to bother EVERYONE with my personal issues. Please know that I’m so grateful for those, like you and several others here, whom I feel would be able to support and help. In all my years walking with the Lord, (and even in those when I wandered) I’ve truly never found anyone with whom I could share the deep questions and struggles until God led me to this forum! God bless you, especially now, my friend!


God bless you Brenda, it is great to have somewhere safe where we can share. I know what its like to be weary also…so glad jd going through Jetemiah. I live the fact that Jeremiah is so compketely honest with God, even callinh him a deceptive brook and sulking…he is real person with deep wounds . Venting to his friend xx