May 9 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

When we read the whole New Testament and we see what Jesus taught His disciples and how they behaved as they matured (after the resurrection basically) we see them as new creations. We are called to be in the Spirit we are not called to anger, etc… We are not called to win or fight back in a fleshly way; this is not our home. The disciples served others-always having others’ needs before themselves because they were serving the Lord. When we are in the Spirit we are trying to show Jesus-in truth and compassion. It is completely counter to the flesh and counter to our worldly , human ways to not put up a fight. Its radical. I have to constantly remind myself of this and be in prayer and for wisdom. Yes, we still need to be salt and light, but that is done in the Spirit. Compassionate truth. Grace and truth always, balanced. We can’t have one without the other. I would say our dear brother in Calgary missed the grace part which I easily do all the time. He is under intense persecution and has no doubt had life experiences that are challenging him greatly now with the enemy coming to destroy our freedoms, etc. He is trying to fight this however in the flesh and that will not provide fruit.

The verses quoted with the righteous anger were Jesus speaking. The apostles spoke boldly but respectfully, recognizing authority that God placed over them. They knew who their master was.

I feel Pastor JD is a brother who is in Spirit more often than not (moreso than me I know) and if we tend to feel the flesh in our lives more we may have a hard time with his assessment of this situation or other situations where we want a different result. For me, all I need to do is remind myself of that whole NT and its crystal clear, serve the Lord, always, in His ways, not mine. Die to self. Trust me, I would love to sometimes break out and do it my way. But God.
Praise God for His Word. Lord, please help this Pastor in Calgary, be with him, watch over him and protect him and give him wisdom in the days ahead. Please remove his fear, help him know what time it is and what your will is for him. Please give him your unfailing love Oh God. May he continue to be bold, yet full of grace seasoned with salt for the glory of your name. In Jesus name, amen.


I have seen this as well. We have no idea what the extent of the problems will be for the vaccinated and how that will impact the rest of us.

Amen. :heart:

My heart goes out to the pastor in Calgary. His previous experiences will be traumatic. What Alberta law enforcement is doing to him must be even more terrible for him than for the average person.

Heavenly father, I pray with @Blessed that you will guide the pastor that preaches your word. Please grant him increased faith in You and Your ways. Help him to release his hold on the control that he may think will grant safety in this situation. Our safety and well-being is ultimately in Your hands. Please grant him wisdom and trust in You. As your servant Blessed says

In Your name we pray. Amen.


Thank you and God bless you, Pastor JD.


I follow the IceAgeFarmer too. I really appreciate his reviews of news stories that we’re not going to see reported. He does extensive coverage on the impact of The Great Reset and 4th Industrial Revolution as well.


Yeah I saw 3 of your post got flagged. They get flagged by the community members. The moderators seldom or don’t flag posts. When a post gets flagged it is because someone in the community is concerned with a statement you made. They are still readable though.

I have been with this forum for six months now and I have said some fairly controversial things and the community is actually pretty reasonable and tolerant.

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And its not a conspiracy. In fact they are working on this for years. Because they want to “vaccinate” those who refuse. I know now enough stories about women who are around vaccinated people and their montly circle is going off the rail! And some even had miscarriages.


May 2 thread under lockdown now. Due to disturbing instances there. Maybe they want to trigger lockdowns in this forum?

Warning: My guess only to shutdown our liberty.


Hope will trigger Ezek 38 alliance faster… and Isa 17.

Let me see if these happen before or after rapture. Turkey and Iran never supports Abrahamic Accord.

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I don’t think Jason and TWi will let that happen :slight_smile:


It seems to remind me of malware ( malicious software) that infects computers.

“Malware” encompasses computer viruses along with many other forms of malicious software, such as computer “worms”, ransomware, spyware, adware, trojan horses, keyloggers, rootkits, bootkits, malicious Browser Helper Object(BHOs), and other malicious software. The majority of active malware threats are trojan horse programs or computer worms rather than computer viruses.

I remembered that I had to clean up staff PCs that were infected due to clicking a psishing email which was sent to all staff and attacks the computer immediately once the link was clicked.

They using this model to vaccinate refusiniks and vaccine- hesitancy people.

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Very true. Such attacks will happen. @TCC

Don’t be dismayed. :hugs: @dlcv Continue to keep us all in prayer for discernment and wisdom.


“A Matter Of Time” might be getting much closer.

A world still in COVID chaos while the elites are trying to milk it for all its worth…or not worth.

Severe aggression in Israel is happening now, will it escalate and who might it involve ?

My personal opinion (for what its worth), is what comes next (whatever that may be), could very well make the COVID chaos seem minor in comparison.

Will it be war ?…
…it sure does seem to me that its on the verge.


Personally i’m not very sorry they closed the thread from may 2; it felt for me some time they were “flogging a dead horse”. We can always continue our conversations via the new thread of via pm’s, so possibilities enough!

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Thanks for sharing this app, I haven’t watched a single film or tv, newspapers or radio since the start of all this and I realised that everything was built on lies, I did find a Christian comedy club, which pulled me out of a couple of dark times, after I’d prayed about it of course, i just needed something to make me laugh, I’d almost forgotten the feeling of laughter through humour or irony, xx
So thanks, I might watch the film you mentioned, but I got a lot of prayers to do first… xxx


Yes. Personally, I have been around my various in-laws and have hugged a few, knowing full well that they have been injected. I am among others at my church—so many of them injected (elderly, especially.) God is with us, and I believe He wants me to carry on in faith. He will determine our steps.


Of course, always be vigilant with movies, series, even called “Christian”. I can’t install Pureflix in my country.

There are a lot of world war 2 documentaries with jews, interesting.

Personally I watched all the serie “Little house on the prairie” (not in this app), there are a lot of Christian values. And “Highway to heaven” (YT), with Michael Landon.

Check also Encourage TV on YT :slight_smile:


I mean no disrespect in posting this, but I feel a need to say this. satan has had a temporary victory on this forum. He managed to close down the tread from May 2.
He sends people who profess to be followers of Jesus. They have scriptural knowledge, they talk the talk, BUT, just using some critical thinking we should see, any and all questions, are not from someone searching for answers, but an enemy trying to plant doubt in what you believe. If Jesus himself, was explaining the truth to them, that person would still not accept, BECAUSE, they was never looking for truth, just to disrupt and destroy.

Our part :heavy_heart_exclamation:

is we continue feed into this, hence we need to examine our own selves. (WHY)
I believe unless we do that , it will never end. The father of lies has many * self proclaimed christians on the bench ready to come on the field, and they know their game, BUT if we don’t play, there is no game.
Take a knee for JESUS, and don’t play the game. It’s not easy, I’ve been watching from the stadium, and my ego wants to jump in many times, but I know it’s not Christ in me, but my righteous flesh.

  • I wrote self proclaimed above, because I have no clue who is a true Christian, I even doubt myself at times. :innocent:

Warmly Doc