May 9 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

True. My youngest daughter and her hubby are not jabbed. Beginning of April, took their young daughter to a small gathering in a play area and one of the moms there talked about having been jabbed a few days before. The very next day my granddaughter got sick and was throwing up. This past Sunday, they went to the small zoo near their house. Yesterday my granddaughter had a bloody nose. She has NEVER in her life had a bloody nose before.

My daughter herself didn’t have any reactions either time of which she is aware so far. Could be coincidence on the first one maybe. But I wonder if some are more susceptible …


Everyone should be made to read this!


I’m convinced that ALL of us will hear it in our spirit. We’re leaving this flesh behind, so it won’t really matter. :wink:


Yes, I feel it, they “updated” to 5 G during the lockdowns last year, and ever since I get nauseous and dizzy in stores and when near wifi or mobile data. I have never had this problem in past, it’s called " EMF sensitivity" and it’s bad. I wondering if others feel it too, and think it’s something else…


I wonder if you’ve been exposed to this…How can they keep it from affecting anyone in the vicinity? The symptoms you are having are described in this article.

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Biden White House couldn’t find their backside with both hands :speak_no_evil::joy:

Not being flippant about the subject though, because I believe they are using all sorts of things to mess with us.


Thank you, Pastor JD, for helping us to become prepared for whatever is waiting for us, in this world and the next. I pray that GOD gives all of His children the strength to be willing to die for Him, if He so chooses. Help me LORD, so that I am as courageous as Polycarb and the Christians who died on that day, almost 2000 years ago. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray this. Amen.


I agree. This Polish Pastor also said that he leaves his door open anyone who wants to come he won’t turn away because of restrictions. Again, he is acting biblically. Do not forsake the gathering together. I think he was acting biblically too.


Speaking about the holy spirit, I just rubbed a man’s face two hours ago as his spirit departed, along with the holy spirit. Can I admit that I’m a little jealous? He’s with our Jesus and I can’t wait to be there too.


Hi Tommy, thanks for your reply. In no way did I mean to infer that pastor should have remained silent. Although we can ask, as spirit filled believers…would not some verses not come to mind? We could also ask how did the Christians respond under Nero?

“Some were burned alive. Others were sewn into the skins of wild animals and given to dogs to tear. Still others were crucified. Martyrs were exhibited in the circus with Nero presiding, dressed as a charioteer. The wicked emperor threw open his own gardens to more such spectacles. So many Christians died so brutally that public sympathy swung in their favor.”

How did Christ handle His persecuation?

1st Peter 2:23

When they heaped abuse on Him, He did not retaliate; when He suffered, He made no threats, but entrusted Himself to Him who judges justly.

John 15:20

Remember the word that I spoke to you: ‘No servant is greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me, they will persecute … and Christ did not revile in return. We should though?

What does the bible tell us to do when we are persecuted?

Matt 5:44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you

Romans 12:14 Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.

2 Cor 12:10 That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

Rev 2:10

Do not fear what you are about to suffer. Look, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison to test you, and you will suffer tribulation for ten days. Be faithful even unto death, and I will give you the crown of life.

What I would say is that I believe it is perfectly fine for the pastor to say like: “Gentlemen we come in peace, in the name of Jesus Christ. Do you realize this stance you are taking is out of the Nazi playbook? This is what you want to teach your children, your wives, your coworkers, your nation to become? For you make up its gracious guard. Without a warrant you cannot be here. I insist you leave. Consider your ways. Repent, for your minds and hearts are weak and not your own. Because you came in the name of a police state which we are not. You must leave our house until you know who are you are. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? Seek Christ while there still is time. Have heart and care for your families. Until then, you must leave our peaceful gathering protected by our United States Constitution and be with your families also protected by the same, no?”

Or he could have made the sermon about them. At least on the first visit. Granted them a place to sit. And steering the message toward them. Not to shame but invite them to the knowledge of Christ. In light of all of this…is it not strange how strange this seems to us having discerning minds in the 21st century…and they the mind of the spirit in the 1st?

Please keep in mind that we live in a day and age where much of Christianity believes in reviling the devil in their casting of him out. But in the first century?

2 Peter 2:11

Daring, self-willed, they do not tremble when they revile angelic majesties, 11 whereas angels who are greater in might and power do not bring a reviling judgment against them before the Lord.



I completely agree. I understand that some Christians think we should always be pacifists.

I don’t doubt my Christianity, and I believe that we are all unique. God made us as individuals. I think that perhaps I got a raw deal: hyper-sensitive, bold, and can’t keep my mouth shut when it comes to supporting people who are being bullied. Feels like a curse sometimes.

But, on the other hand, all the people standing around me, afraid to speak into a situation, know that I will step forward and put myself on the line. It’s not fun. It’s not safe. You get a lot of flack.

I think that pastor is brave. I think that pastor JD is brave and calm. They both have completely different life experiences. One lives and preaches in Hawaii and the other came out of communist Poland or Russia.

Trauma affects our emotional responses. I would never judge a man who is trying to uphold Christian beliefs while fighting for his freedom. It’s easy to say, oh, he should have used a better tone. Walk in his shoes, then judge.

I’m not saying JD judged him. I give JD the benefit of the doubt. I’m just saying, this pastor did nothing wrong. Perhaps he alerted some sleepy Christians to an unfolding dire situation. We need to stay strong in Christ. To do that, we need to be compassionate and take the perspectives of other humans. We need to always seek the Lord for wisdom and guidance. In my humble opinion, over the 63 years of my lifespan, I choose to leave judgement to the Lord. I would not judge another, lest I hurt another that was in need of support and a witness to bring them to Christ.


the war going on with israel at the moment has been mentioned in another thread, but this is the latest prophecy update thread here, so I wanted to get a current conversation about it here too.

I searched “Israel” in my search engine, and got article after article about the fact that war strikes are happening as we speak and show no sign of slowing. it is really hard for me to follow wars and battles, so I’m reluctant to say much. I don’t want to get anything wrong. but it is kind of hard to go to bed tonight, thinking of how this is happening right now even though it’s inconceivable from where I stand in the U.S… it’s strange to me, knowing this is “such a small world,” and yet a horrible war is going on whether I can see it or not.

praying for the people threatened. and for those who are fighting without a cause. and for those defending the innocent.

with what I know nowadays about the significance of the temple mount, Jerusalem, and the Jewish nation- and I’m pretty new to having any real comprehension of the significance of it all- I feel an urgency in what I’m seeing there today. I don’t know if it’s because of my new understandings or if it’s more than that. but I don’t remember an event like the burning of the temple mount happening in my lifetime until now. does anyone with some more knowledge of this want to chime in?


Hi Caryl,

I’ve read several of your posts in this thread and while all are entitled to their own point of view, I think we need to remember who we are communicating with. We are brothers and sister’s in Christ, who are supposed to treat one another with kindness, respect and dignity, just as Christ would want of us. Your brother/sisters are not your enemy or adversary :slight_smile: . I think you can calmly/easily get your point across without resorting to getting angry/name calling/insulting others/yelling (using caps). I’m not trying to come at you at all. I just want you to maybe take a step back and look at how you may be coming across and whether that’s what you intended, as it appears quite aggressive at points.

This forum is an open space to discuss & share, but most importantly, it’s to support fellow Christians in an unprecedented time in our history. We may not all agree with how others here think/believe, but we should all still strive to maintain a respectful dialogue with each other no matter the topic. By doing so, it may bring about new knowledge or way of seeing things that one hasn’t previously considered. People are much more likely to receive your message and ideas positively, which is what I believe is what you want. I just know they are really cracking down on people who are name calling/appearing to start arguments as opposed to genuine dialogue and discussion. I have absolutely no Ill will towards you at all- just wouldn’t like to see you kicked off the server for it. Anyway, food for thought. I assure you my message comes from a genuine, caring place and not from judgement or desire to upset you further. Wishing you many blessings. L


Hi Kris,

Thanks so much for posting this. When I started and saw it was over 5hrs I thought there was no way I’d watch it all. Well I did lol. It was excellent. As you mentioned, he could have trimmed some sections down, but he did a fantastic overview of everything. Very interesting for those who know nothing or who know a lot. I found the excerpts from the various books written by the members extremely fascinating that explain their roles/goals/practices and plan for the future in their own words. Lots to learn and absorb. I hope he does more videos.

Thanks Again & God Bless!



I had the same thoughts like you when I saw the lenght of the video :laughing:

He could have splitted the video into parts. But he did a great job of giving an insight of the oaths from the freemason and what they are believing. For them its not a sin to euthanise the weak, because in nature only the strongest survive.

I highly recommend any to see this video (and you can skip parts). I saved many screenshots from the books and the statements that are inside them. For me - even I did know a lot about freemasons - it gave me the full picture why they acting like they are.

I just have to state, that the regisseur from the film “deep state” wasnt murdered, nor that he was christian. In fact, he and his wife were doing some occult practises and had ghosts in their house. There is a good documentary about this man which called “grey state” and if you see this documentary, you understand, that the regisseur was killing his whole family and then himself, cause he only did a trailer for his film and couldnt finish the film for which he raised a lot of money.

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I liked the 5 hour video too Kris, and would recommend it. But was this stated in the video…as to why you are correcting it here? I just don’t recall. Thanks :slight_smile:

I Stand With Israel 100%, and I will for all my days upon this earth…

…however, there are lives lost in Israel and Gaza today that likely did not know The Living YHVH God. I saw and heard Gazan’s crying for Allah, and as always, Allah can not help them, because he does not exist.

There are many Jews and Muslims coming to Yeshua Ha’Mashiach in the days we live, we can hope and pray that according to ‘His Will’ that eye’s across the world will be opened as we continue our journey through the closing time of The End Of The Age.


Hi everyone. In the netherlands we have a watchman (Jaap Dieleman) who has numerous projects in India (Abba Child Care). I asked him about the reports that we hear via regular media. This was his last answer:

“Er is ook mediahype en covid uitbraken in gebieden waar net massaal is gevaccineerd.
Niet heel veel anders dan in de rest van de wereld, maar met de enorme mensenmassa die hutjemutje op elkaar zitten en de lage weerstand/hygiëne kan je je voorstellen dat de schade snel kan oplopen.
Laten we bidden

Translation: There is also media hype and covid outbrakes in areas where they just had mass vaccination. Not so different from the rest of the world but with the huge masses living close together in terrible unhygienic circumstances you can imagine the damage!
Let us pray, Jaap


Yes. He told it at the end of it for a quite a long time, that they were a christian family and killed by the deep state. Sadly, you cant comment on his video.

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Hi I found this report about India that the reason for death is more likely to be starvation than covid

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