November 5, 2023: Bible Prophecy Update -- Idolatry Within Last Days Christianity

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_3: explains how idolatry, while not the usual suspects, now has a pronounced presence within Christianity in these last days.

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You bet it is!

I am grateful that you mention the boosters again, as we know that the flu vaccinations have the same nasty contents. With all that people are distracted with in the news, they often forget that this danger lurks in the background and claims countless lives.

Many of us are tired and exhausted from the constant spiritual battle, and many of us barely have the strength to cope with our daily lives. That’s why your final call fits so well into today’s talk, Brother JD, the call to have hope and to give hope to others. - Thank you for the encouragement and the love with which you have chosen your comforting words.


Amen, Pastor JD. Wonderful.
We are getting closer to the Rapture!
Interesting how there upping their game on the booster death shot again, isn’t it?



David is a beautiful singer! I was listening to the worship songs there at CCK online. The woman’s voice in the background sounds angelic.


Well, Farag nailed the ongoing and ever increasing ‘you will be despised’ part of being born again and teaching the word. The attacks upon him and even those who follow him have increased intensely and the oddity to some degree, is that those pointing fingers at Farag ,don’t see the four pointing back at them.

I think the attacks from those once called friends is the worst in many respects. Whether it’s for Farag, or for ourselves individually. But we know through Jesus warning us, this was going to happen. Even fellow brethren (or so-called) continue to intensify their animosity and even THAT is worse.

Good update. Sobering in many respects.


Once again Thank you so much Pastor JD for speaking desperately needed truth. I have been attacked by “Christians” on social media pages for even brining up the topic that Christian’s should be praying for all involved and broaching the topic that there is something very shady about how the Hamas attack was even allowed to happen. So called Christians are fast becoming hostile, angry and have a blood lust to see all of Gaza and it’s inhabitants destroyed in the name of Supporting Israel and God’s chosen people. I have now stopped watching most prophecy teachers because you are one of the few left with a true heart of God that speaks truth and encourages us to pray for all. May God bless you richly for not cowering like so many have. Maranatha :pray:


Amen Jon


I’ve had to agree and add it’s not stopping with the war going on but also the destruction of all who don’t align with ‘their’ view of Christianity or being saved. Not everyone obviously, but there are many out there that are forgetting Jesus came and died for everyone. And many Christians are no longer allowing new green Christians into the mix because of this or that. Many of us have forgotten the whole “you will know them by their fruits”. If we don’t give a new person a chance, what kind of illustration or ambassador of Christ are we? Y’know? It’s not our sandbox, it’s God’s.


Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

I have made an interesting discovery that could help shed some light on the Revelation 12 sign and the Rapture of the Body of Christ.

This finding is based on a Greek word and how it is mysteriously translated differently in one chapter.

Teknon is a Greek word that is translated to the English “children” 13 of 15 times in Books written by John (Gospel, three letters & Revelation)

The only two times it is translated singular-child- is in Revelation chapter 12 verses 4 & 5:

-”And the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth, to devour her Child as soon as it was born.”

Why did translators translate the Apostle John’s teknon Greek to the singular English word child?

They translated the Greek teknon to children in John’s gospel, all three times; the three letters all nine times; and the Book of Revelation teknon is translated children once in chapter two; but when we get to Chapter 12, verses 4 and 5 not only translate teknon to the English plural ‘children’, but they capitalize it, leading the reader to believe that it is speaking of the Christ child.

Was there a bias in the translation?

If there was, then you could view verse 4 the following way:

“His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth, to devour her Child children as soon as it* was born.”

*note: the English translation of “it was born” is from one Greek word, “tikto” which means to bring forth in birth: so there is no “it” or “them” in the Greek.

Now, this is the interesting part:

If our enemy is waiting to devour the children (us) before we are “harpazoed”, then it gives us insight:

he actually thinks he can prevent God from translating us to heaven at the Rapture!

Verse 5 can be read this way, when we translate teknon to the English “children”:

“She bore a male Child (Greek:huios, singular, correctly translated as Child) who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron. And her Child children was* caught up to God and His throne. “

*there is no Greek word for “was”, so it is just “teknon harpazo” or, children Raptured.

However, if I am mistaken, and there was no bias by the translators, then please disregard this mini-study!

Just something for you to consider while we eagerly await the upward call of our Jesus.
Grace and peace,


I like your mini study but I disagree that the children would be ‘us’. For one, it is a male child or children. The 144,000 are all males and virgins. (Perhaps the Ashkenazi Jews??? They remain virgins till they marry, and I hear there are around 400,000 of them today)

My belief is that the male child/children are the 144,000 Jews. They are mentioned in Chapter 7 and then we see them again in chapter 14. In Chapter 14, it seems they are in heaven. Many think they will not die, but the bible never says that.
There is also debate about whether they are in heaven or on the earth in Ch. 14

Many think it is Jesus because it says he will rule with a rod of iron. Well In Rev. 2 it says:

Rev 2:26 And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:
Rev 2:27 And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father.

Ruling with a rod of iron is not only ascribed to Jesus in the Bible. This is the letter to the church at Thyatira. Jesus is the one saying it to those that overcome.

I believe the 144,000 will be raptured at the time the two witnesses are raptured. That is why the angels proclaim the everlasting gospel in the last half of the tribulation.
This would be the first fruits of the final harvesting.

Anyway, that’s just a very brief portion of the study I did years ago.


I find this brother a wonderful preacher teacher and a Calvary Chapel one at that…

I have watched a good many of his videos and have been blessed by all of them. This one is a Calvary Chapel Prophecy Conference.


100%. Very sad but indicative of the time we are in.


So true. The spiritual warfare is off the charts and many of us barely have the strength to cope with our daily lives. Pastor JD delivered a message fitly spoken.

I have been praying for my loved ones and I’m asking, “how much longer do we have to wait?” It’s getting tough down here, even though the Lord has blessed me with food, shelter, and clothing.

The attacks on my relationships are killing me. I can barely hang on. Spend way too much time crying. Thanks for the encouragement, @Cora.


That comment resonated so much with me that I started sobbing. I love pastor JD Farag, my brother in Christ. His messages just cut to the truth and reality we are dealing with. Even though I cry, I feel encouraged just to hear Pastor JD acknowledge this truth and warn us. The truth hurts, but God…we are not alone; we do not need to battle this alone. We have our brethren. This sermon was just what I needed to get through the latest attacks.


I agree. You may recall in the past [THAT] I gave my idea of warnings for what the year was going to be for and each month what the type of attacks from wickedness would be. This month I just couldn’t help but say this month’s theme seems it will be an old fashioned melee. I’ve experienced a bit of that this month and I know others have. It’s going to be a drag out fight and the entire time, the point is just like every other attack - to pull us away from God and to leave our faith on the curb. A lot of people can’t contend after awhile, I get that, which is why we’re here to encourage one another – but some, these attacks draw them closer to God with each swipe and pin and throw. While I’m in hopes we’re outta here by the end of the year, I have my thoughts on what next year’s lesson could be. And I’d hope that would be the final one for us here till we return with Jesus.

I pray for ya, Catherine and I pray your armor is so reinforced that the arrows can’t even make contact with your shield let alone anything else, including the cloak! (Because cloaks are cool).


Thank you Jon. Yes, cloaks are very cool.

Running toward God while under attack is the best course of action. I used to do that naturally and reflexively. I confess, that as I grow old and weary, I’m making the mistake of getting into useless, hurtful sword fights with other humans. I feel ashamed to admit this. Pastor JD’s strong admonition to love on others was another important message I needed to hear. Sometimes I cross the line while “telling the truth to others.” Can hardly wait much longer for the rapture. But if wait I must, then wait I will. I pray that the Lord will help me curb my sharp tongue when a loving response would better cover a multitude of sins.


Oh oh! I have an account to share! I know a guy who was contacted recently by a woman who basically wanted to just chastise him because God doesn’t talk to her or answer her questions. Questions like, Why does he call himself male and why He doesn’t talk to us like He used to talk to everyone else. It became heated, he said and was trying to answer that God isn’t silent, but we have to be silent. He went on for 90 minutes, he said and it got worse. He had NO answers for her that she would accept because they weren’t ‘fact’ but instead ‘faith’. She just demanded God talk to her now and answer her questions. He finally had to end the conversation as she got into Christians made slavery happen and that was time to bow out. He said he told her that he prayed God would answer her in a way she could understand and deliver to her a flooding of answers that would quench her thirst of answers, but hopefully make her thirst for God more than answers.

I hear she responded the next day apologizing for her attitude or whatever, but still, the point being the man delivered every answer without being harsh, rude, or offensive and I gotta commend him on that. The guy doesn’t always respond so “Godly”. But he did say he prayed for God to talk through him on that conversation.

I used to try on my own steam in my youth, now, I’m the opposite with you where I just fall down and say, “God, tag. You’re it!” I could comically hear “Finish him!” like in the Mortal Combat video games lol. Some fights you just do to hold your ground while others you gain. To lose ground just gives me time to think about how to regain and realize He will regain it for us. We’re just the vessel He works through.

What’s the verse? “The victory is already won”? Something like that. Don’t be hard on yourself though. You have brethren surrounding you for a reason. :wink:


Thank you. That is true.


Yes, the “huios”, or the first “Child” of Revelation 12:5 is a male, & I believe that is referring to Jesus.
But the second “child” of the verse is the Greek “teknon” (plural) and not gender-specified. I would maintain that this is the rapture of the body of Christ, and the woman is the Jerusalem above-the mother of us all (Gal.4:26). But, again-I am not dogmatic about that.
Those were some interesting concepts you mentioned, especially about the 144k being raptured with Elijah and Moses-err, I should say the two witnesses.
also liked that you mentioned that we will rule & reign with Jesus, which we agree on.
Thanks for the reply, Sister.


Nice Nord Electro keyboard!

Sorry. That’s way off topic. I get excited when I see musical equipment.

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