October 22, 2023: Bible Prophecy Update -- Whose Side Are You On?

Full Video (with worship): Bible Prophecy Update – Whose Side Are You On?

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_2: explains why asking, “Whose Side Are You On?” related to the Hamas attack on Israel is the wrong question for which there is only one right answer.

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Thank you pastor JD for this much needed update.
This has given me much needed answers.
I am sharing this update on my social media platforms.
My prayer for you and us all and to all that are on God’s side, that we finish the good fight and occupy out time left wisely and fear God only.



Hate the Sin but Love the sinner.

Quite a number of years ago, I learned what that meant.

I debated whether I should share this or not but feel led to do it by the Holy Spirit.
I had a cousin that I loved very much. He and I were good friends and he would visit often. One day, I found out through the newspaper that he had brutally raped a girl in our city. At first, I doubted it could be true, but all the evidence showed he did it.

I HATED what he had done but yet I still loved him. One cannot just turn off love because of something one does. I knew him from very young, yet what he did was horrendous.
So many turned against him and wanted nothing to do with him, but I stood by him because I felt that is what God wanted me to do and I still loved him.

He got one of the longest jail sentences ever given in our province. My husband and I continued to visit him in prison quite often till they moved him to another province. I would write him letters talking about God etc.

Years later, when he got out of prison, he came to visit us. We welcomed him with open arms. He claimed to have given his life to the Lord while in prison. I do hope he wasn’t lying or what they call a jail house conversion. I hope to see him one day in heaven. (He died a few years later.)
He paid for his crime in prison, plus he ended up getting aids while in there.

God knows those that are his. We are all sinners. Some are worse than others, but sin is sin in God’s eyes.

Many of the Hamas people have been brainwashed from young and didn’t really have much of a chance. They’ve all been deceived by the enemy.
But for the Grace of God, that could be us.

God knows each individual one and he wants all of them to turn to him. I know he is working in each and every life. They will be without excuse when they stand before Him. There are no lost causes with Jesus.

I hate what was done to the Israelis. It was horrendous. But I also know that there are many dying in Gaza this very moment going into an eternity separated from God.

I stand for Israel because they are God’s people, and it is God’s land, but I also pray that the Palestinian Arabs will also come to a saving knowledge of Jesus and become our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Lord come quickly Please.


Wonderful job, Pastor JD. The But God testimonies are blessings. I am sorry that Pastor JD is being attacked. A sign of the times, I guess. Sad.
Just means we are getting closer to the Rapture.


Amen Sister!!


I just started listening to the update so we’ll see if he presents what I thought of after seeing the title this last week. Joshua seeing an Angel and asking who’s side he was on. “Are you for us, or our adversaries?” and the angel said, "No, but as Commander of the army of the Lord I have now come.”

Little weird how it basically stops with that after telling Joshua to take off his sandal as he’s on holy ground and Joshua did so. But we all know later on what happens to Jericho’s walls.

[UPDATE] He just said it and I’m smiling now.

I’ve been wrestling with this situation pertaining to one or the other and all I can think of is, “Jesus died for everyone.” I’ve observed Israelis declaring that it’s a crime to show mercy to an enemy who attacks. I’ve seen pallywood playing out what pallywood does. I’ve seen the childish “They started it! No, THEY started it!” between both people and giving a powerpoint presentation as to why YOU should hate this group or that group.

We’ve witnessed people from terrorists groups that have come to Christ just as Satanists have come to Christ in the past (and continuing). Jesus died for the alphabet community just as He died for you and me. He’s wanting ALL to come to Him.

And how does one answer “who’s side are you on?” “Who’s wrong on this war?” My answer now? “No” I am a child of God. A lot of people really need to read the Bible to understand there are answers to these questions more so now than ever before.

Still listening to the update and I’m enjoying what he’s expressing as I’m mirroring what he’s saying so far.


Thank you Pastor…we needed this teaching today. We are either saved or unsaved both Jew and Gentile. I hope I fully accept this Truth.I know I can be fickle when these disastors happen. I am far too quick to choose sides. I hope II will retain this teaching and apply it next time
I too stand with Israel because of God’s covenant with them


Well said. Thank you for sharing.


How great is our God

Holy is His name.

On His side, on The Solid Rock we stand!

May His kingdom come and HIS will be done,
Here on this angry, bloody, broken world the way it is in Heaven

Deliver us all from evil

Forgive us our every sin

And help us to forgive those who sin against us

Thank you for our daily bread . . . May there soon come a day when no one is starving, either for a meal, or for the very Bread of Life

Oh, Lord, THINE is the kingdom. THINE is the power. THINE is the glory forever and forever. Thanks be to You, Lord! Amen


Prayers for you, Pastor J D! Dear Heavenly Father, We love you and need you everyone second of everyday! Please be with Pastor J D, please provide him with discernment, wisdom, strength and guidance, give him safety as he brings the Word of God to us all! God’s side is the only side we should be on, Come Quickly! Praise ye The Lord! Give us the ears to hear your will in our lives, the urgency is great, the harvest is ready Now! May God bless you and keep you Pastor J D, in Jesus name, Amen!


I do believe Pastor JD was speaking by the Holy Spirit for today and the days ahead.

Convicted of a hardened heart toward Hamas
While I have prayed for the Arabs I must admit I have not put a lot of heart into my prayers for Hamas, I do feel conviction about that self-made blind spot in my heart.

Sadly they are also lost and deceived by their puppet leaders who are also deceived as Pastor JD stated. So I will now move them into my heartfelt prayers and out of my less discerning prayers list. I admit I do have a prayer list of those that are harder to pray for.

I have to wonder if believers are in Gaza right now preaching to the lost. How courageous and how much faith must a heart have to do such great exploits for the Lord? I pray for them because I believe there are such believers. I ask that Guardian Angels will stand guard over them while they are on a mission and that they shall have great favor.

Wonderful Update from the LORD through Pastor today.
I needed the reminder about Abba’s heart for all the loss.


An observation relating to the 2019-2020 Hong Kong Civil Riots, they seemed to be squashed by the CCP Virus.

Now Israel coming near to civil war, when the real threat of the Hamus war exploded on the scene.

I still find it hard to believe in coincidences.



Interesting topic on Iran discussion that brother Chooch is thinking out loud about.

Interesting facts about me Stacey:
I had a high school best friend with the last name Elam.
I also had a nanny in the 1st grade who moved here from Iran.
I wonder if this is God’s way of showing me some hints…
God could have given me a nanny who’s from Alaska, UK or Iceland but he didn’t, God chose for me to have a nanny from IRAN and God could have given me a best friend from high school with the last name Meyers, Smith or Amis but he didn’t, he chose for me to have a best friend with the last name ELAM… is God trying to tell me something about a possible soon rapture?



Are you washed ? Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb??
Have you been to Jesus for His cleansing power? :latin_cross:
In the soul cleansing power of the Lamb - amen :grin: :heart_eyes: :pray:


I wonder if the Commander of the army of the Lord was wanting to give an eye roll because Joshua only offered the two opposing physical armies as options. His “No/neither…” was a great answer to remind Joshua that there is also a spiritual dimention to the fight.

When God’s perspective is embraced, things fall into place. When ignored, we are left with chaos and both sides suffer. So yeah, do you like A or B? Neither, I prefer purple. Let’s pray for them all.

If I recall, he mentioned ‘Two weeks’ in an update once too… “Teacher’s pet, teacher’s pet!!!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Kinda like this?

Yeah he mentioned it but I think he was giving some shade to those who said two weeks and not in a good fashion lol. I think it could have been for me in a sense of…


Great job on this update Pastor JD! The divide and conquer is everywhere now. I forgot about it again and started to pick sides. I wouldn’t mind if you reminded me about this every week. haha

God Bless


Hi Brother @Doge !
And a big welcome to Pastor JD’s Forum.
Lots to do hear besides the prophecy updates.
Don’t be shy in asking questions, we are here to serve.
God Bless you and Maranatha


I agree, @DEC.
My mind turns to Jesus’s parable of the master and the field workers as it reads in Matthew 20:1-16, in part, “14Take thine, and go thy way: I will give unto this last, even as unto thee. 15 Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with mine own? Is thine eye evil, because I am good? 16 So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.”

Throughout the past 2000 years there has been a continuing persecution, even to death, of the faithful laborers, but here in this quickening last hour persecution is agreeably at a level unprecedented. Jesus is calling the last of our brethren, living in environments of grave danger, to serve Him. Those in the frontlines are His chosen. What they will endure is worthy of reward first. They need our prayers.



Welcome @Doge! I hope that you will continue with Pastor JD’s updates and lessons. Those of us on this forum come from around the world. Stay tuned and you will learn and laugh. Welcome again, brother.



AMEN, @Rrush. The Blood will never lose it power, for it reaches to the highest mountain, and it flows to the lowest valley. The Blood that gives me strength from day to day, it will never lose its power. Hallelujah!