September 26, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

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:hawaiianshirt_2: Pastor JD continues sharing what we’ve been affectionately referring to as these :butgod: testimonies.

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Thank you once again to all the people that submitted their testimonies for our edification and thank you to J.D. for reading them and sharing them.


Such a powerful collection of “But God” interventions! What a blessing! What a mighty God we serve! He has answered prayer for my daughter-in-law! Waiting to see that “But God” moment for my son. Still praying for his return to the faith and for protection from the mandate! Thanking God for his perfect answers before they come! Also, was deeply moved by JB’s testimony, and especially by her ability to gather a small home church family through connections made here! I have been praying for that very thing as I’ve been without a church for over two years now. Wondering if there are any like minded believers in my neck of the ADK woods?




This video will help you survive the coming dark winter:



I love the types of stories shared in this “update,” but in dedicating it to submitted stories- which we don’t have a way of verifying usually- it ceases to be a prophecy update. I wait every week to hear what JD has to say about what’s happening in the world. it seems to me that this little “break” is probably due to the people who complain JD is just fearmongering or whatever… like he has to prove that fearmongering is not his goal. well I already know he’s here to inform us and give us the hope that is found in Scripture. it’s too bad that instead of being able to get updates, once again we are only reading off of things that random people submitted. who knows if these all are true. oh yes I’ll still listen faithfully every week because this isn’t the norm. but I’m taking this opportunity to say that I’m caring less and less about pleasing the crowd and I don’t think it’s fair for people to try to water JD down just cause they can’t handle hard truths with the balance of love that he already provided. so that’s how I feel about this update. it’s a worthy discussion but it’s not a prophecy update.


I wanted to write this too. I saw the last update and when I heard at first the testimonies, I was excited to hear how God is working and providing safety and a way in this crazy world. But to read testimony after testimony with no pause till the end was too much information for me. It was like, my hearing energy got sucked out because it was story after story after story.

I really hoped that this would be a regular update with a few testimonies, but not the entire video. I am looking forward to the next prophety update.


it’s as if you just continued on my own comment for me lol. I feel the same as you


I almost started crying during today’s prophecy. My soul has been uplifted by today’s testimonies. I fear although I know the Lord does not give us the spirit of fear. I have received both Moderna jabs and now regret it. I did not know at the time what I know now. The Lord did not convict me not to get the jabs, which puzzles me. My Dr. has told me to get the booster in December but no I will not. Praise Jesus for lifting the blinders from my eyes. I worry now what if by taking the jabs that I will be barred from the Kingdom of Heaven. Please pray for me, thank you.


Jennifer, you do not have to worry about being barred from the kingdom of heaven. Be assured dear sister, that your salvation does NOT depend on whether or not you took the jab. Your salvation was paid for at the cross of Jesus Christ. If you truly believe in Jesus - you are saved - period. No - and, if’s or buts about it. It is not anything you CAN DO. He did it all.
This is NOT the Mark of the beast yet.
You will NOT be barred from the Kingdom of Heaven.
Please do not worry. I will be praying for you dear one. :heart: :heart: :heart:


Thank you Dallas. I know what you say is the truth. I know nothing once we are saved can separate us from God’s love. I feel like such a failure for taking the vaccine. I have 4 co-morbidities that make Covid so dangerous for me. I just pray that when December comes around I don’t chicken out and get that booster. There are real articles of pure lies about the Covid vaccine. I stupidly thought they were all lies. The Lord has been chastising me as well as comforting me about my decision. I am seeking him desperately during these perilous times.


Are you sure it is the Lord chastising you and not the enemy making you feel guilty? Perhaps you have to forgive yourself.
The Lord will continue to love you no matter what. He will turn all of this into something good, for His honour and His glory.
You are his little girl and He loves you so much.
Keep close to Him, continue trusting him, stand Strong and keep looking up. Our redemption draws nigh. It may be sooner than we think.
Love in Christ. :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts:


Hugs to you. You are not alone in that… a Jewish friend of mine has her eyes opened on what is going on for the most part and yet she took two Pfizer jabs because her doctor talked her into it due to that she has COPD. She lost her hubby to lung cancer at the start of the pandemic, and she is not used to living alone and make decisions on her own… so she caved. She also does not plan to take the booster.


I’m ready to go to Heaven when the Lord calls. This earth is not our home we are only passing through. I really hope not to get Covid and that be the way the Lord carries me home. I have to trust whatever happens is the Lord’s wishes. Sighs, this pandemic and the escalations are hard for everyone.


Thank you to all the brave and beautiful souls for submitting your amazing and powerful testimony of our wonderful God almighty and Thank you JD :heart::pray:


I really enjoyed hearing all the testimonies today and last week. It is very uplifting to hear how God is touching so many and answering prayer. It’s funny, I never for a second questioned whether they were true. It is nice to hear positive things in how God is working evil for good every day. JD will get back to prophecy soon enough.


yes, i enjoyed listening to all the testimonies, gives me Hope!



This is very long conference, you need to split to listen in parts:

Evening Session for sensitive topics:



PDF Download: Destroying the Narrative: 40 Reasons Why a COVID-19 Pandemic Never Existed – Pt. 2


I am really enjoying the direction that JD has taken in filling us with good news and hope. So do my friends. Some of the other pastors have tunnel vision and just rant about world events. I am tired of it. I want to hear about Jesus, with a LITTLE bit of world news mixed in.