April 7, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update -- The Closer We Get The Crazier It Gets

When Trump ran the last time we saw BLM roll through public dinning areas shaming people and causing a rukas. We saw them smash and grab looting of stores. George Floyd seems to have been a well calibrated mock reality story to help BLM and Antifa defund police and erode protection of the citizens. We saw Antifa creating their own cities, spraying people with substances, setting off fireworks causing buildings to burn (the mostly peaceful summer of love). We saw youth groups strategize mayhem events such as the Sunrise movement (although there is some historical inaccuracy in Millies presentation…this video earmarks a lot about that time capsule 2020 is/was)…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6WeOjSjCwU (8 minute time capsul video)

This Summer and Fall seem to hinge somewhat around WW3 opportunities to bring global reset closer to home (along with false flag cyber attacks jamming up voting abilities). Palestine/Hamas styled protests (peppered with true terror activity), and 2020 on steroids (without the convenience of 6 feet apart COVID guidelines–can’t see voter cheating up close well enough & reason for massive mail-in ballots)…I believe promises to not disappoint. Blessings.

PS–but there are threads of some sobering up too which is good. Amen…

Should be 90%…but I guess there’s been a lot of coolaide drinking :frowning:

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While I agree with much of what you said about all that happened 4 years ago and the surrounding years I must interject about the mention of false flag cyber attacks. I have to let you know that it was real. Now some of it happened from outside the US but a lot more of it happened by politically motivated folks. A lot of it was not actual attacks in the sense that people broke into systems but that systems were specifically altered to move data out, alter it and the move it back in again. When there was not that exactly there were the claims of it happening and all of that behind closed doors.

Why is that an important distinction to make? It would seem that picking or choosing who runs the US really should be no difference as we are supposedly a nation of laws. It should be in reality it should not matter who runs the US except in how they deal with foreign policy, are they dyed in the wool war hawks or peacenik doves. More importantly how effective are they at their stated foreign policy goals. But that is not the reality. What is a reality and one probably why interference is a serious problem is that we as a nation in the US have long ago gone past the tipping point. It is only a matter of time or as it is said when not if the US falls. So how does interfering with the election help those outside the US? First off we have relegated to computers what should be done by humans only how we count votes. In so doing we have put that in the realm of accessibility to anyone with a computer and an internet connection. And sadly to say I don’t see that ever changing.

It started with the post WWII blossoming advnacements in many areas of life. It was Eisenhower in his last address to the nation who saw this warp speed change from living with challenges that kept people honest and hard working to one coming where a life of ease would do untold damage to the very heart and spirit of what the US was once known for. Strangely enough he lost out to JFK who ran on the idea of young people moving up rapidly without mentorship of the older folks to help guide them into a new and fascinating future of technological advancements as well as so called progressive ideals. Yet within months of his inauguration we got a speech from him with a dire warning about secret societies which at the time very few people even knew existed but some of them were already centuries old. It was a speech that some think was where the plans were put in place to eliminate him before he disrupted the behind the scenes status quo. And we got out first real taste of secrecy withing the government in the Warren Commission explanation of his assassination where we got the first taste of the terminology “conspiracy theory,” which makes those that those outside of law enforcement that recognize conspiracies are to be discounted. Yet many of our laws that people are charged under have the word conspiracy in them, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit fraud, etc.

Fast forward to the Nixon years where he is run out of office as a disgrace for doing the same things that his opponents were doing all along and that was weaponizing certain agencies within the government. Move even more forward to the late 80s and early 90s and we really start to see a prominent mention of a left wing and a right wing with more clear definitions of what those are with the rise of people like Rush Limbaugh and the early ability to reach not just those in his circle but nationwide, a forerunner to what the internet and social media will set on fire among the unwashed masses as we are often called by those in power.

So how does hacking the election, well the vote count work in favor of foreign countries. By calling into question the legitimacy of who actually steps into office it creates a very strong political divide where in we now see the results, with this being pride month, all the stuff you mentioned around the last election happening, even things like Ruby Ridge and Waco attacks and counters to that like the Murrow building attack. Then ultimately what appears to be some kind of government knowledge of the attacks on the twin towers pushnig us into a war in the middle east that has set in motion activation of state of emergency which allows the government to put aside the very laws that grant us our liberties. Even now people can be arrested with charges of being a terrorist whether true or not and even though they are citizens be treated differently outside of our constitutional protections. It is why we keep hearing mentions of Christians as being viewed as local terrorist even though we do not blow things up. But when we see the marriage of the church to supposedly the morality of this candidate or that, who ever is in the office makes those who supported the opposition appear to be fringe lunatics.

In the end the division is working just like it was always planned to do. We are the proverbial frog in the pot slowly being boiled so even with what destruction we have seen in civil uprisings it is not enough to fully destroy the resources that are to be controlled.

My point is that what was in the last and some preceding elections will be here in the next. It will just add more fuel to the fire of what is coming and open up probably new avenues to where the world as a whole is heading in the Tribulation period. For me that is enough to say why bother with voting. For others with a strong so called patriotic fervor will say we can still save the nation and by extension the world and put off the coming Tribulation by making those pushing for a one world government step back for a while longer. To them sorry but God’s time schedule is not up for debate and we will never convince him to change it. If we could we would not be in a state of the world that we are now. So for those wanting to vote, go right ahead. It is your right. Those not seeing any value in it, don’t vote it is also your right. Yes both views have the right to choose which way they go, but neither side has the right to tell the other they are wrong.


I broke my response in up so as not to kill the 8k character limit. Anyway I watched the video you linked. I did not go through it all about half. This is the very thing I am expecting starting this summer. Like I said we already have the LGBTQ pride month thing going and conservatives and many Christians are being very vocal about fighting back. This will continue to raise the anger of many of that group as well as other groups. BLM and Antifa. Now notice they do this only in the summer months not in the winter when it is uncomfortable.

That being said listening to the young folks with so little life experience to rely on much less any understanding what is available to the local, state, and national government like we saw at Ruby Ridge and Waco they really have no clue what they are really facing and more so how they are being manipulated. They think they are seeking liberty but they are pawns being sold a bill of goods to help destroy liberty. Then when it is convenient for the governments at all levels to do so they will turn on those kids and it will be a slaughter.

It is why I don’t consider all the prepping ideas about grouping with others, and joining local militias. Those are guaranteed death traps as they do not have the ability, organization nor size to contend with what the governments can bring to the coming confrontations. It is this very ability along with all the cyber stuff of surveillance nation states which we live in whether we like it or not that will send a lot of those kids to their graves early. The very technological advances Eisenhower warned about are here now and very powerful. The secret societies that JFK warned about are now coming out in the open and flaunting their abilities and yet these poor kids are being brainwashed into the idea they can make a difference by their antics. In the end it will be a blood bath of a civil war if that is what they want to call it. They don’t realize that while they are doing a sit in on some politicians lawn the whole lot of them can be taken out by a single jet or helicopter.

This is why I stepped out of the politics of this nation and even the world a long time ago. It will not end as people will hope and that is well backed up by Biblical prophecy. We are at the end whether people are willing to believe it or not. Will it come slower with another pandemic style lock down or will it just blow up into a civil disturbance where it is not people against the government but people against each other, I can’t say. I don’t know. Time will tell though. Either way though the path is laid out and the bridge crossed already is burnt and gone.There is no turning back.

Does that sound pessimistic? Absolutely to those who don’t have their hope in Jesus. But those who have their hope in Jesus don’t really care because this world is not their home anyway. How ever they exit it fly or die does not matter, they are just gone before the worst of it ever hits. ’

I do feel sorry for those poor misguided youth as it will not be pretty for them in the end unless they wake up to their need for Jesus. The level of pain and suffering coming if they live to make it to the tribulation will be much worse than anything they think they are dealing with now. As me pappy used to say they gonna be in a hurt locker like never before.

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Thanks Jack. I hope to talk with you for long years (yeah I mean years) after the rapture about all this…because there is a lot of catching up to do for sure. :+1:

As for false flags…and history or American presidents…yeah I do believe some false flags are real. Well like if someone dies even if it is a pretend false flag (like America destroying the Russian pipeline blaming Peter Pan) even though false its effects are real is how I guess I would see it. So you don’t think there could ever be a time where America uses real voting systems that won’t be controlled by outside forces?

My view on JFK is that he was killed because of the secret society thing (as you eluded to as a potential). And all presidents after him were globalists. Even Reagan, who emptied out the insane asylumns which are now mass populations of homeless people the gov can get money for and do nothing about. Except for Trump winking at Speaker Johnson and earmarking money to Ukraine (aside from the vax issue…I have different a view on that), I don’t see Trump as really part of the globalist regime. He does seem swampy in places. But pound for pound, I think the good ol boy globalists club genuinely does not want him…and its not theater. Its not a false flag. Its kind of as real as JFK getting his brains blown out, shocking America some 60 years ago. I know most are not on that page…but in some ways we are likely hoovering over the target with JFK…just saying. The shot heard around the world part 2.

I understand many folks will see this. And again, my hats off to Dean Lentini (a reformed brother of ours) for helping me to understood how those who go somewhat off the grid are thinking. It is far more palatable for me to consider at this point, that some won’t vote. So I do understand. Dean said: There is nowhere in the Bible that says you have to vote. And although Jack Hibbs would differ, Dean is correct. Amen. As I research further back into democracy starting with Athens 508 BC and much political democratic nuances also pulled from the same timeframe governance style of King Cyrus (grandfather of fair and equal treatment concepts in government), I would see America as far more a product of that than is generally upheld as America the Freemason Hub. No doubt there were masonic minds used during the inception of the USA. But God already used Cyrus historically as well as Alexander the Great to conquer the world protecting Israel as well as laying one foundational language for the New Testament era to be setup right and flourish–all on the “Masonic” wings of democracy :slight_smile: So I tend to see things through the beauty of His soverignty more than the depressing themes we might otherwise tend to gravitate toward.

I understand the sacred value a bit better now of not wanting to vote. I did not before I saw how Dean expressed it in contrast to Al Mohler. Very helpful contrast. But yeah we see a bit different in this way. As even though I grant it that those that don’t want to vote, amen, I believe there is a value in that. However, I do have my own views of course different and are my my personal perspective. But I believe it has weighty potential though different from common thoughts.

  • Voting to keep America free would not at all be even a neighboring thought to change the mind of God. I’d see it quite the reverse. Like when Elisha instructed king Joash in 2 kings 13. Or in Esther. We see people who care for something and have heart toward it, can be a “biblical” thing.
  • In some ways I believe that it is more honorable for a nation to wake up and keep an elected leader accountable. So if America wakes up, and holds Trumps feet to the fire, it would be an honorable way to reposition America. That kind of heart out of God’s creation I believe would be preferable. We tend to think often for God in how excited He might be to judge the word. Biblically I don’t see His character like that at all. Therefore, it makes sense we might have some time. Not in hopes of temporal pleasure. But because that might be the pleasure of our Great God and Savior who’s character matters more than clergy might instruct otherwise…just saying.
  • So yeah maybe the end of the age of grace grand finale is creation that cares to want good governance in the world. That would be a sweet note to end in echo fashion the age of 'grace." God permitting His gentile creation to desire good things for the eath His creation. And even though many won’t know Him and be saved, their flesh desiring good for His creation in more wholesome rule in honor of who He is (whether they realize this in their hearts or not) could be a statement against Israel too…in hopes to make them jealous…like look at how lovely of heart fallen creation honors the creator at the end of the age of grace, and Israel won’t even believe in their own Messiah (kind of contrast).

,in any case, I thought this clip is pretty cool. I did not go to see Trump. I had no idea this was going on. But I see a country that cares about itself as wise and as out of the goodness of God’s heart. Not deceived so much. Yeah I know…we kind of differ there. Even still…even so…blessings.

PS and also this thing about America liberals waking up…to say the least…a pretty darn interesting time unfortunate to mislabel if we might. There by the grace of God go any of us…amen…

Amber Rose Explains Donald Trump Support: “We’re Not Brainwashed Anymore” (hotnewhiphop.com)

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I am not saying there have not been false flags. There definitely has been. Jade Helm was one but it did not have the consequences many thought it would. The 9/11 was also one as it allowed for the Patriot Act to be rolled out which appears to have been in the wings waiting for such an event. It still exist to this day because it keeps the US in a perpetual state of war allowing for disposing of certain constitutional rights if we get called a terrorist.

I am just saying that hacking the voting computers is not a one time event coming up. It has happened in the past and is definitely a part of our computer based age. It is almost a given since voting has been moved from human endeavor to machine based endeavor. Best relationship I can offer is the PO. Prior to the late 1990s roll our of something called DPS (delivery point service) where mail is sorted by machines there was never a case of letters being destroyed and contents lost as every thing was hand sorted by humans. With the advent of DPS it is now a common occurrence to receive the remanents of a later in what we called a body bag, a clear plastic bag with the printed but useless apology that our machines destroyed your important contents. It is the very nature of our technologically based society. As such anything connected to the internet and some that are not are capable of being hacked into. What is worse is the number of systems that are now being hacked on a regular basis not just by kids in Mommy’s basement bored out of their minds but by nation state actors as well. If I had to guess we see about 1 major attack every week which we usually don’t find out about for several weeks as companies and government entities now have to report it by law. Even then when they do the first response is deny, deny, deny. They report the instance but say things like it was just an attempt and no data was loss or they got in but we caught them and shut them down. When in fact by the time they are found out the attackers have been in for quite a long while and the real damage is already done. I say that to show that in the cyber world perfect security does not exist and will likely never exist. For every device or system designed by man can be gotten into or by passed by man. Take and anti personnel mine for example. Most people who step on one will lose a leg but not all. There are means to keep that poor person safe and relieve them of the danger. That is a by pass. The locks on your house door only keep honest people out that will not try to bypass but for the criminal it is just an inconvenience as the lock can be picked or they just break a window and go in that way. Nothing is secure as we would like to think it is. That being said the hacking of the computer voting machines is a given as it plays into the hands of who ever wants to change what ever they want to change. Some of that will be from one or both of the political parties and some of it will come from outside where it helps to destabilize the national mind set.

As for about liberals vs. conservatives or Democrat vs. Republicans, Pastor JD has shown that to be two sides of the same coin or as some say two wings of the same bird. Neither side is really wanting to change any of the bad stuff now in place because if they do they lose it all. Not gonna happen. In that view point whether liberal or conservative or party affiliation they are the same in what they do, only different in what they call themselves. It would be like saying there is a difference between a cat burglar and a common thug thief. Both are criminals, only use different names. Trump is now as much a joke as Biden is and neither of them will change anything. On the contrary I fully expect them both to make things even worse.


Thanks Jack. We will likely differ on some things. But it is of great benefit for our forum that you with your life experience and connections are here with us as family. As for Hagelian Dialectic, well, i’m open to that to a degree like with An0maly. His version is we can change things if we hold leaders accountable. That is just common sense. But the tendency is to see how brain dead the country has become. The two sides of the same bird thing i think was true in 1965+…but i don’t believe we live in a matrix because God transcends. I love the spirit of country that cares. And i think it is godly to encourage people to not settle for Hagelian Dialectic. So yeah we differ there in signifant ways. Like you said pastors are responsible before God. Its just their opinions.

But i am grateful for where i see Pastor JD strive with the word. And the passion of his heart toward the amen. In my book everyone is off somewhere. Some more than others. The standard deviation from the norm i believe gets great when we factor in eschatology. But i am impressed that Pastor JD has convictions to vacate Calvery Chapel in relation to vax issues. And truly believes what he teaches. I can tell. Blessings. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Carol! Those words will stay with me everyday i wake up and before i go to sleep. Jesus bless you sister. :heartpulse:


It may have started around that time frame but it is still here and gotten a whole lot worse. What was the cry going into the time Trump got elected? It was drain the swamp and he even told Hillary in a debate on stage she would go to jail. Where is she now? Definitely not in jail and not a single hard core long time democrat in congress has been brought up on any kind of charges much less treason. So he talked a good game and got elected but not one person in congress ever faced any kind of charges for theft, treason or any number of other possible charges they are likely guilty of. It was not like their crimes were not out in the open for all to see. In fact they have gotten more brazen with treason since he left office without putting up a fight to have the election honestly validated. He has plenty to work with but no, just slinked away. Now he wants back in to do what, warp speed another round of jabs? No thanks. It is now obvious if you compare now to then that he will not likely do anything at all to clean up the government. He did not do away with useless agencies that no longer fill their mandate but oppress US citizens, take the NSA for example. No it is still two wings same buzzard just like it always has been.

But the bigger and more important point is how close we are to the Rapture. Where in years past I would gladly think some years down the road especially when people try to date set or associate with Jewish feast days. While I will never settle on a day or even a general time frame in relation to Jewish festivals, I am not blind to the fact that I see prophecy fulfilled every day with bigger and bigger events and those come at almost warp speed now it becomes obvious that what Jesus told us as how this will play out we are either in the labor pains and birth is extremely close or we are close to the water breaking. All that says is we are so close that the need to call for midwife is just around the short corner.


Hi Jack. Thanks. I understand how you are looking at things. This is a general sense many watchers would see it like this. You, nor this forum, nor JD are alone in this perspective. An0maly also has this same perspective. Which is why i spend so much time listening to him. He is not into eschatology. I’m not certain he is a believer. But he might be like a baby Christian. Hard to say. But his perspective is as concerned as JD and this forum regarding Trump and the GOP. But without the added eschatology perspectives and inferences.

As I have understood An0maly’s concerns, it is easier for me to see things of concern, that for me, don’t blur into added eschatological perespective. So it is easier for me to take at face value the concerns without adding too much to it. The view of two sides the same since 1965 came to my awareness in 2017. A few years before i came to this forum. It was at that time i finally got interested in the book of Revelation and the forming importance of Ez 38.

I believe much of it still exists. But i don’t see that view as comprehensive enough though. Because there are other factors seemingly as well at play. It may well be that if Trump gets elected, he just becomes a dud and America tanks. That is a very real possibility. And i understand that possibility. But in the variants i have seen, it is not the only potential outcome. Those holding to a two-bird view don’t seem to be open to any other consideration. But i believe there definately are some. I’m on this forum in the event i might be mistaken about that. Because other than my alternative views to this issue, i side much with how this forum is generically seeing end times. But there are quite a few differences.

Trump got elected with “lock her up.” And then said, “Yeah that is something you say to get elected.” And did not pursue her. Although there were investigations into the Clinton org. So Trump got elected in 2016 coming aboard to CrossFire Hurricane. An already inprogress insurance plan to out Trump should he get elected. So Trump, saying he will lock her up, didn’t. But what the other side, the democrat side, did was onboard the president with a “get you out” plan already in place. THEN, he runs in 2024 having not vindictively pursued Hilary…and what awaits him is election interference through the court system. I think this observation is note worthy. Because the dems for 8 years now have gone after Trump as an authoritarian ruler…all the whille the dems are that. So if he gets elected, his going after the left will likely not be seen as vindictive because when he had the chance with Hilary, he did not. It was not him who pulled the first real punch. This is important for optics if in play.

Why didn’t Trump get border wall funding in his first 2 years in office when he had a republican controlled congress? Why did he wait? On this note it is fishy. Yet he was able to get funding even against the tide in his 2nd two years in office. Had the wall been completed, it would not be so easy to see an open “invation” at the border. Also, i believe, important for optics.

During the 2020 election as Trump was crying about Pence being weak, something interesting happened. Trump was wanting Pence to send the votes back to the states in question. One main arguement at the time (enjoined by Pence as well) is that the VP did not have the power to do that. Yet, what happened? The dems changed the wording to the statute governing the ability of the VP to send back the votes so that the VP could not do so. Why do that if it was already in law like that? Now, we are at 2024. Where the dems cannot have the VP return the votes to the states in question. Again, optics.

I could go on. But those are perhaps the easiest to digest on the surface. Or at least provide a headscratcher. It is understandable that Trump trends toward weakness in how things look. I get that. His siding with Speaker Johnson to send money to Ukraine is bad. And looks really bad. As for warp speed, there is research out by a high ranking doctor or renown that shows proof that warpspeed was an illusion. And the vax came from the DOD. Which opens up a greater can of worms no doubt. These are complicated nuances. And a huge one of course is Trump and his authorized vaccine.

But the consideration that a shift in political wind direction transcending the two-bird scenario does not seem to reach any shore liine. I understand the concern with false light agendas. But if that is the only or main working filter…well…it is good i believe to be open to the “But God” factor. Especially in ground swell eschatological considerations. When i see the church too certain on a view, it causes me pause. Especially in light of the above examples. And in addition, the trajectory also outside the country…


What you have said here makes for good and interesting reading for those who follow politics to that depth. I don’t, not any more. Where you look at the political comedy of errors with a birds eye view, I look to prophecy with that kind of view.

When I look at the world size picture of what is going on, what China is doing with regards to Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines and the US responses as well as how the world is trying desperately to turn popular oppinion of even Israel supporters against Bibi from both inside the country as well as across the world, I get a sense that were are either just now coming into range or already in range for the Rapture. The interesting thing is the Rapture makes all this political intrigue a moot point anyway.

I don’t want to be the one that when Jesus shouts, “COME UP,” I say hold on Lord I have to finish reading this article because it might be important. Just a run through Revelations and the seal and bowl judgements tells the story of what will eventually happen. The good news is we won’t be here for it. So I see no valid need to chase after US politics. It has absolutely very little bearing on that world level birds eye view. The prophecy wheel is not rolling at a pretty good clip and either you step out and watch it go by or you will get run over by it. Like the joke says, I see the light at the end of the tunnel…oh crud it is the train coming. The train is a coming and it is getting closer with each passing day.

Basically I don’t care anymore what happens in the world. I do care what happens to people, the ones I know and love but that is the extent of my concern for the things of this world. I do pray for the ones I know that are not saved get a nice visit from the Holy Spirit to push them along to accepting Jesus as savior but still if they don’t make it then there is really nothing more I can do for them. I can’t come back, I can’t play god in their lives to force it. So once we are out of here what happens on the planet is out of our hands. The good thing is that frees up a lot of my time to take care of other things to leave as little to deal with after I am gone just like end of life planning. Will I get it all done? Probably not but the more I do the better it will be for who ever has to deal with it. I say that because I am pretty sure with the sudden disappearance of so many the life insurance companies will be freaking and definitely forcing the wait how ever long it is for a person to go missing to be listed as deceiced so they don’t have to pay out anything. In that regards I don’t mind actually dying before the rapture. That way those in need of the funds will get them. But there are other things I can do and need to get as much of that done as possible.

Pretty much with me this political intrigue with Trump is a moot point already. I simple don’t care about it.


Understood. And this is the forum for your sentiment. I’m the odd one out. For me, I was kind of sold this notion of not caring all my life. And i “not cared” my life away. Not wise. But ironic i end up on an end times forum picking up the slack if there is any…lol. But i understand. That was my past. Not those on the forum. Pastor JD and others have lived a full life. Children and all. Amen.

So what i notice is that providence seems to be very much in line with prophecy. And i am free to care as God has enabled. Not for temporal. But for however. Providence with the Abraham Accords is a good crux intersection. We can say we don’t care about politics. But most of the watcher world makes the Abraham Accords a bad thing for Israel. And only really senses it as that which the Antichrist will strengthen later. I believe it might. But in the short term i would say it has far more weight in relation to Ez 38…which changes how we pretty much view everything else.

For example, if the weight of the Abraham Accords is a call to the church to filter eschatology through Israel events perhaps more so than how we are looking at our blueprints…we will likely see a very different picture. We would see America become stronger (supporting Israel). We would see Israel become more poweful and at ease (with a potential Saudi normalization). If 2025 travels in that direction and we see it through the false light view of the alt right…i think we would be shoehorning in our filter rather that what God is actually doing. I guess will see. Blessings.

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Why would providence not be in line with prophecy. Last time I looked at the definition of Providence it was said to mean divine guidance and care from God. Bible prophecy is from God as well. Since He is deeply involved in both of course they line up or it would make God double minded and that is not nor ever will be the case.

I don’t know about others so I never say “we” I only say “I” don’t care. As I said at the beginning each of us have a right to choose or not, a right to vote or not. That is a strictly very personal thing. As I said I served to uphold and protect the Constitution which allows for both voting or not voting. It is not my place or anybody else’s to demand if someone should or should not vote. If you want to, please by all means do so. I am not going to ever tell you that you cannot. It is your right either way and that goes for every citizen in this country.

Bringing prophecy into this conversation is a waste of time. I am not going down that road because it is apples and oranges in my point of view. I am talking only about the up coming election if we are still here. Prophecy on the other hand removes all doubt of the ultimate out come when Jesus steps foot on the planet once again. That is more than good enough for me because the 7 year lead up to that time I won’t be here. If I am not here then what could I possibly do that would change anything? Simple there is nothing I can do. So why bother. I hope that is starting to sink in. I don’t care about politics how it affects short term prophetic events. It will do it some how and I know that but just not how it will so I wait and see when it happens. It is not that hard unless you want to argue just for the sake of arguing it. I don’t.

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So yeah that is why i am interested in how politics unfolds. Because providentially they tell a story. You look at the same thing and say: “I don’t need to look. I know how it ends. i am fine with not talking about it.” And you know what? Amen. But me? That is a different story. What i do is more like “Wow God that is so cool. Look at what that means to you. And that. And that. You are so awesome God.” Maybe you are naturally on fire for Him all the time 24/7. But for me i sometimes am hot and sometimes not. So for me to look into what God’s providence is up to is so so so exciting. I would not prohibit anyone from seeing that. For it is their relationship with God. Nor would i insist those that don’t jump up and get all interested. Some of us are like that. Some not. Some on this forum are like that. Some not. We a family. Isn’t that awesome Jack :heart:


Yes but common sense in that this is a prophecy forum is going to have all kinds of convo, right? You don’t have to partake. But all the years Pastor JD has been doing updates are just like looking at all sorts of things. Then we talk about it. So should we just watch the video? Only say…amen? And then not really talk more about other aspects? Can we sneeze, couigh, or use the restroom if we need to after? I see what JD does is has a heart for prophecy. At times he most certainly blends politics into that. Maybe not directly. But yeah. They in there (newsflash: Hagelian Dialectic is not only a poltical science itself…it is also philosphy). So Jack lets not talk prophecy and politics. We don’t have to. But some, like myself, might. I understand you don’t want to. Fine. I’m good with that.

Why though are we talking so much about what you don’t want to talk about? The reason i am is because the things i want to talk about i WANT TO. But you don’t. So you don’t. But i explain why i do. And you say why there is something less than how you feel about not talking about it and then say: “I don’t want to talk about them.” You want to have your opinion about some things I hold in interest, downplay them…and then not want to talk about them. That’s a little different. I love you Jack Masters :heart: I got your number homey lol :crazy_face: You little party pooper u :tada:

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Because I am trying to back out of if politely but you are not getting the hint. I don’t want to come right out and say something nasty that gets people on the forum all riled up. It is just that you go on and on and on even though I say multiple times I don’t care, it is not something I am interested in etc. It is like dealing with my neighbor when I have to go in after wasting hours telling him I am not interested while trying to get some work done. He just does not listen or just ignores what he hears.

In short you do not seem to get the hints politely but I keep trying. That is why this goes on and why I try to avoid discussions with you. I don’t have the time to rehash stuff over and over and I not interested in a million what ifs.

I am not trying to down play what you hold interest in. I am happy for you to discuss it but when I am not interested in it, just not with me. How many post have I done here to days saying I don’t care that you have ignored. How much could you have discussed it by finding someone else to talk to about it?

It should be obvious when I say I don’t care, it does not matter to me and even give a reason or two why then it is time to let go. But if you come back multiple times I will try multiple times to let you know the conversation with me is over. Yes I am a party pooper as I have learned that when people continue with the unlimited what ifs it will just turn into some long drawn out useless discussion that never solves anything. I am not into that.

It is like dealing with a small child who keeps asking why after each explanation why. If they really wanted the answer they would stop listen and let it digest but no why, why, why? Don’t have time for that. Sorry I am a party pooper but it is what it is.


Jack i’m not interested to talk politics with you. I believe that if a Pastor like Jack Hibbs distorts and abuses the word of God to tell people if they dont vote they are going to hell that that should be enough to remove him from his office of pastor. That is sick and abusive and a sign of our times. You think its fine. And that this is about talking about plitics or me wanting to. Here is my point:

Jack Hibbs is flagorantly abusing the word of God telling people if they don’t vote Jesus will say depart from me. If you don’t think that is unprofessional i don’t consider that a very sound and stable view. I just wanted to be clear of the disagreement. That is what it is. Not about politics. Blessings.


I know nothing about this discussion, but I definitely agree with what is stated by you above!!! :+1:


Thanks brother. Love you. :heart: Even if you saw it differently that is cool. We are of different walks. I’m just not crazy about some forum members kind of drive by comments. And not so open to why someone might want to discuss “those” differences. Just “drive by and comment.” Yeah. Like fast food. Burger and fries. And off to another joint for coke and dessert.

But Goodboy…thanks. I know you are not invovled. Very kind brother. Yeah. I think it is an extremely EXTREMELY loud alarm. Worth keeping the :heart: alive. Thanks brother for being a part of that. Blessings.


Then take it to Jack Hibbs, or his church elders, or the denomination higher ups. Nothing we say here will change anything. If you see a problem with that then go do something about it. There is nothing I can do so it is useless to complain about it. As such it is not my problem. I don’t live close by, I am not a member of that church. What will crying about it on and on succeed in doing? Nothing.

So my suggestion is you go to member of the church, go to Jack himself and/or the elders and voice you concern. I think you said you lived close by but if I am wrong sorry. Still if it bothers you to that level then go do something about it yourself. Telling me or others here is useless and resolves nothing.

There are two things at play here. One is warning others about someone and the other is doing something about those that are doing wrong. Warning is good but it does not have to get run over by a train. There are folks here who often put out junk stuff from junk influencers. I point it out with evidence and then move on. If it shows up again after a good period of time I will reiterate the warning. I can’t stop the junk influencers as I have neither the time nor the resources so that is as far as I can go.

Please take you complaint to Jack Hibbs now instead of going over and over it here with me. Not trying to be mean but the old saying is appropriate here, put up or shut up. Either go deal with it or move on. The warning has been made. It is now up to others to take it or leave it. I choose to leave it. As I said not my circus and not my monkeys. As for me the warning was not necessary as I was suspect of the man and many more pastors and so called lay ministers all over the likes of Rumble and YT long before you sounded the alarm.


Thank you Jack for more articulatively addressing that. The reason I bring it up brother is not to air Jack’s dirty laundry. It is to warn. But not really as much as it is to give context. It is to point out the zietguist and nomenclature of our age. That we have a mega superpower like Jack Hibbs using the word to selfish end. Do I think you can listen to Hibbs and benefit spiritually? Yes. Is what I am saying on this forum a Facebook rant or Youtube rant as you say “complaining about it?” Now I understand why you might think that, because that is the sort of thing you see and don’t like. But just because I bring up something that to you might look like that, does not mean that is what it is that I am doing.

If I asked my family members in Jack’s church if they believe that if they don’t vote they will go to hell, they would tell me, “No. We don’t believe that.” So it is not a warning in the sense of rescuing even his own flock from sad teaching. To me this is not an issue of telling the pastor or his elders. If to you what I am saying here on this forum in this regard = don’t tell us, tell Jack. Think of how well that might go over with a group of elders who support Jack. If what I am doing on this forum with this issue results in a somewhat (but well meant…and thank you for the admonition brother) knee-jerk reaction from you to go tell it to the pastor and stop complaining about it. If to you it is this estranged to digest…how much more impossible might it be for Jack or his elders. It would not even make sense in the same universe to them. Or, “Oh that is just someone being nit picky.” Like.

My point is explained in the quotes from our converstation I will leave in part 2. As I doubt everything will fit in one post. I am making this point in discussion with you to point out something important to me in regards to our current state of affairs in the church. The reason we are talking about it is because you wanted to correct the way I stated it. And although I understand that. And although I can actually appreciate that on some levels brother, your seeing it as an issue I should not state on this forum but just go to Jack’s church, omits my reason for stating it in this forum.

I am stating it on this forum not because I am complaining that Jack Hibbs should step down from his pastorate and lets sign a petition. What I am saying is that we live in a day and age where a powerful well respected pastor can use the word so selfishly. That is my point. You don’t want me to make that point. You want to turn this into why you don’t need to be warned. And that I am wasting my time saying it. To which I see is diluting the importance of why I am making the point. That is your opinion. You are free to have it. But I differ. I believe it can be helpful to help one another in the body of Christ get helpful refining ideas about our day and age. To me, particularly when it comes to several surrounding issues brought over and over and over again in the prophecy updates and our forum. Christian Nationalism, false light right wing movements, and making our focus too much about saving America…I have views about that. They won’t align with yours. Nor would you be interested to see my reasons why. But as this is a public forum, since you are telling me why my posting does not belong in my context (that you don’t need to understand) I defend my context that you don’t care about. So we disagree Jack. I am not bringing up Hibbs for how you see to correct me. And since you don’t care about how I am thinking about. Let it go brother. And please respect in the future that you may tend to come at me with reasons why I should not post something…while you will have no interest in the reasons I do. So in that sense we should probably not post too often with each other. Or at least respect we will end up there from time to time.

I think what you bring to this forum is helpful. You don’t really see as much why I might. But just keep in mind, they are things you don’t care about. I do. I will defend them. Even if you recharectorize why I am saying something…its important to me for reasons you don’t care about. So please just keep that in mind. Your level of not caring is not my problem. I will post as I see fit. As a caveat, I understand your well meant warning to not need to bring up brash things about a pastor. But in this instance, it was not to hunt a heretic or down a pastor. It was simply to point out that we live in a day and age where super powerful pastors will teach the word selfishly. A note to self to augment the greater discussions we will be having this year. Much of which you don’t care about. So please respect I totally disagree with your charactorization of why I believe it is ok for me post something you are not interested in. I posted it in conversation with you because you tend to downplay my point. And still doing it. You don’t see the value in my point. So it is how you see it. I see it as taking away from the value of why I said it. Its my point. Not yours. Please let it go. Its not under the jurisdiction of your logic. It speaks to greater issues outside both your logic and mine…is all brother. Please don’t use this explanation of mine to further feed how you don’t care and why do I keep bringing it up. Otherwise…this is the clarity on it. You may not agree. Then just let it go. But if you weigh in with your opinions about things I say, I will defend them. And unfortunately that means it would be in discussion with you. I don’t say that because I mind talking with you. I don’t mind. You just don’t like talking about it. But I am encouraged brother you grant this opportunity for me to make my point.


  • We live in an age of celebrity pastors. This can tend to blur our own senses of God’s prescious word. Realizing this at a deeper level keeps our spirits fresher toward His word vs celebrity pastors words.
  • It helps refine our critical thinking skills to distinguish issues as they relate to Christian Nationalism, blurred lines of conservative thought vs. biblical thought
  • It enforces the individual relationship we have with God vs what other people think
  • It reminds us at what level spiritual warfare in the way we think upon things is afoot
  • It CAN be useful to understand that if long standing pastors can be swayed in their bias, that we keep a sober mind as to how we might too…or how easily can or might be diluted by our own bias
  • Encourages further placing a premium on understanding nuances of how bias and the word of God can be seen in plain sight–ways to see that and be of help to us to keep our own sense of where we ourselves might allow our selves to be influenced
  • Help people realize better hopefull future conversation can be had–even though i have very different eschatological views, as close as it might seem my views align with Christian Nationalism…they absolutley do not–and further discussion without bias on that front can be very productive

All of these I believe to be adult spiritual principles we CAN be about. I don’t get the sense, at least in this same way, they may appear to you to be adult nor helpful. But they do to me. And this is the proper context in which I brought up Hibbs (as noted below). So this is where I am coming from brother. A world (if not universe) of difference. Keeping in mind…one you don’t care about.




Here is the the context explaining in conversation why i brought those things up about Jack that i did. For diary sake. Not to keep endless disucssion of this ongoing. Blessings…

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