May 16 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Thanks for venturing out on a limb with me though Violet. My answer to James on this would be white is normally associated with purity. And although it could be a false white…the text does not say that. However, (and @Violet this may also interest you) we do have a white horse among four previous to Revelation. It is in the book of Zachariah. And although some see this also as the four horsemen, I do not. These are not the same as Revelation 6. But what we do find is a white horse among 4. And that white horse is identified by scholars often as Cyrus. Who was “chosen” by God as good for Israel. Do we have another reference of a white horse other than Revelation that suggests we think upon Rev 6:2 as deception? Where in the word is that deceptive white horse comparative? I know the answer comes with Matt 24. And we can go there. But there is no horse there is what i am saying. Blessings.

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Well God may not but I think you should consider the headache you gave me trying to keep up with this my pot is boiling over.

I looked for a Rev 12:5 & Rev 6:2 chiastic diagram connection haven’t found one yet.

OK, mass programing for the slow ones here correct?

Unfortunately it’s not all material some is even on the supernatural level using subliminal messaging and background noise and drugs legal and illegal. And when they add LSD into the mix we don’t want to be here.

Yea, I know I am all over the map here, sorry.

Well I understand that part and agree it’s basically a setup that even social warrior christians will buy in even though many are being warned daily its false doctrine…


Interesting… I have not considered that and will have to study it some. Thanks.

Sorry I have not read that… is it in this thread or some other thread? If this one, do you know the message number?

So if the first four seals are already opened, then where do you see us at in the timeline? What do you see as the next event to occur… the rapture? or seal five (a period of persecution?) or ?

The Chiastic of Rev on that would have the seals opposite the bowls. So like 1st / last. Rev 12 in my understanding is from the beginning of the tribulation to just past the midpoint. So the focus:

6 & 7 = seals
8-9 = trumpets
10 = midpoint (Israel revived via 144k) Midpoint regarding revived Israel
11 = from beginning to midpoint (two witnesses) Beginning to mid regarding two witnesses
12 = from beginning to midpoint (Church / Israel) Beginning to mid with church split off / Israel
13 - 19 (last half)

To me the focus Revelation puts on Israel revival is huge. Even chapter 11 highlights the temple rebuild and the two witnesses in theory keep the AC from jumping over the supernatural fence…it would seem.

But the woman / child seem to be a sign for seals giving during the age of grace (because of its benevolent imagery). Just saying…if true, it is rolling out with the seals…and that starts with the 1st one. We could see this sign in age of grace prior to the seals rolling out.

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Israel revival
This is the Great Awakening that counters the False Awakening of Satan

I believe you are seeing clearly.

I feel you on this. just want to vent my coordinating thoughts here. the leaders I look up to below God never broadcast applause. the mission is what they want you to pay attention to. amir being up on big stage with big audience that claps for him the way you would for an entertainer at the end, has made me uneasy, same with Ravi zacharias, who ended up being a big hypocrite. he had the same stage presence with a crowd that cheers at the end. I am not against cheering after hearing fit words spoken, but I get an icky feeling when it is highlighted in these professional, broadcasted settings, where I feel it should be humbler than that, if the real mission is God’s- they could edit out the cheering, and I dislike that it is included in the final video. Farag and my other spiritual leaders, like Brandon Holthaus and Sydna Masse, simply make it about the message and never try to insert how popular they are perceived even though they have so many “followers” themselves.

so yeah, I feel you on this.


Do you or @JackN happen to know of a pastor or teacher that holds that viewpoint about the four seals/horsemen already released? Now that I think on it, I seem to remember hearing a mention of it in a video once but can’t remember… ugh, I hate when that happens. Thanks.

This is what I have always understood also. Still I am curious to learn about Jack and James ideas as its something new I haven’t really considered and I’m a curious sort. :slight_smile:

I think so as well. But after the Rapture it seems there will likely be a large number of people who will come to Christ such as those who were close with us and when we go missing they will know what happened.

I’m still a bit lost. You see someone such as him being used of God to conquer, not as a revival or awakening, but so in what way? Sorry if I am being dense. It’s not on purpose.


I perceive this kind of thing is pandemic. I have an acting background and I give a pass for the most part of any pastoral theatrics. Especially in our day and age. I had been involved in the epicenter of reformation theatrics extraordinaire and what God did not want of me was to “play the game.” What I believe He did want from me is to have empathy on our age. 15 years ago I had to purposely look for what might be God’s heart in a teaching because I was just done with “the stellar teaching” model. In addition, I was convicted to have great mercy upon what would ordinarily annoy me about it all because it appears, looking back on it all, that God was interested in eliciting fruit from my heart i needed to bring to the situation. In all humble honesty…had I to do it again…i would have treated the whole thing with a lot more respect looking back. I had no idea we were coming into end times.

Having said that I totally understand the concern with Amir et al. As a funnel or channel our culture is moving generically thickly through a postmodern meme-ish culture. Our personhood leans toward a figurehead rep of ourselves. When we come across genuineness, we should applaud. Celebrate it. Take it out to dinner. But I kind of grew up in the smooth theatrics church-hood. I guess I would say hold them up in prayer. When you can comment on their stuff mention things constructively for them. We are in the thick of a whirlwind of persona-age persona. Unfortunately it is a cultural pandemic. The reason why so many of us love JD is his genuine presence. To me, most church scenarios have “scary” attached to it. But I adore the simple and the humble. I thirst and hunger for it. I hear you so. I do. Amir is too Hollywood for me. I pray that he has intimate knowledge of the Lord. It saddens me to say this about someone I actually want to cheer and be excited about. :frowning: Blessings




Well brother if we are being honest you touched a nerve that still brings pain. I learned that we were in the end times when I was maybe 12. I still remember well when I 1st heard about the rapture and never forgot it was coming soon.

The rapture has always been there overshadowing all the choices I made even while I was running with the lost ones. What if the rapture happen while I was living as the prodigal son used to ask myself via Holy Spirit?

I was good at living a sinful life but never truly happy as one. I would sometimes wonder if Satan was opening doors, they were eazy paths to a dead end.

Thank God for the conviction of His Holy Spirit he is so faithful.

But now as I look back knowing that I should have understood the eternal importance and had more compassion for the lost than I allowed myself to except as my responsibility and the opportunities given.

The question always has been?

And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: am I my brother’s keeper?—Genesis 4:9.

Yes and again I say Yes and Amen
Just so glad His love never fails and He alone puts me back on the path when I stumble or wonder to far.

Fortunately he keeps me on a short line and I like it like that.



From what I understood this could be an emerging in the conservative values in America. That party starts to overpower the Marxist road we are going down. And then the constitution put into greater effect re-establishes healthier government as globalism gets pushed back dramatically and central banking throughout the world losses its grip. Sound money becomes reestablished and economies interact in healthy ways to produce benefits for varying countries (better reasonable trade practices and healthy developing economies–not syphoned by central banks). It would become a golden age of sorts. Like how governments with much less evil could benefit the world kind of thing.

As far as an awakening, well, if it does go down that way we might see something like it. I don’t think that is the takeaway though. Or that we should put too much on that. The first seal may be God’s judgement upon the globalist system. Maybe to help the world know it is God and not the globalist that will be introducing the world to the tribulation. So it might make sense that God overcomes the globalists for His glory–for the moment, perhaps. His glory to be seen in the ensuing tribulation. In that we might see non-apocalyptical crack down on this world system. Perhaps to a fever pitch. If it goes this way then the church might see radical events but not apocalyptical until a certain point where we may or may not be here. But I imagine that even the shadow of an oncoming first seal (if true) would be off the hook.

For the world, coming to a place where evil government (like the globalists) is overcome would be both exhilarating for some and too much to handle for others. Like the shock value of upheaval in the world we live in would devastate some. Their sense of orientation toward reality would be greatly compromised. Those exhilarated would likely see it as a golden age. NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) would think their time has come. Catholics would think they would bring on the millennial reign of Christ. New Agers would see it likely as a new age for the human race. But all in all, we could see a wholesome conquer over evil government via following the constitution of the USA that perhaps is given strength backed by God. At first intense but not apocalyptical…but then at some point perhaps does become that.

THE HEART OF GOD: Ezekiel 18:23 – Do I take any pleasure in the death of the wicked? declares the Lord GOD. Wouldn’t I prefer that he turn from his ways and live?

So I would see the conquer potentially ease in to place in that theory. And then become very powerful. The world may call that a lot of things. But in how I am thinking about it, if it is apocalyptical in nature (such as the 1st seal), then it could be God displaying His power and majesty just before the red carpet to tribulation is rolled out. Like God showing a taste of the millennial kingdom to come. Granting His creation about to go into a savage hell ride, an opportunity to see His character before it utterly becomes unrecognizable to them. We see in Revelation, a lot of people won’t repent. They will love their sin and be angry at God. The opportunity to see the character of God hath passed. I could understand if the 1st seal is actually a mercy judgement. A grand display of the power of the One who conquers the globalist age. For a moment in time. Like when a roller coasting creeps up clicking…clicking…clicking slowly as it is approaching the top of its peek high plateau…where it levels off and is “still” a moment before the big and deep fall. That tip of the rollercoaster track ride when it levels out I might liken to the white horse moment.

We saw COVID stop a world’s economy and make barren all the tourist places. Well, I had heard some say that it was the 1st seal which was a fake apocalypse…lol. I guess I understand that logic. I mean it makes sense if the seals are birth pangs only. But I would think a birth pang mapped out specific by God to be called a “seal” would be a notable difference form other experiences. And would not be a fake anything. But I understand the logic I guess. But as COVID became a fake pandemic, it would seem fitting…

…that God might permit a fake pandemic to give us a heads up. Like, “This is not the tribulation…its fake…but…WINK…one is coming that won’t be fake.” And it looks like that virus probably did leak out of a lab in Wuhan. Go figure. The timing on that is rather precious. Who was on stage for the crowing virus? China? Like the same China Trump was putting their feet to the fire? Why is our government a fake operating system today? Why are they Alice in Wonderland meets Beetlejuice? In a perfect movie script, would it not be justice for America to come back on that? I don’t know, perhaps it is nostalgic, but I would think the end of the age God might want to end on His note. Now He can end on any note. He doesn’t need to even have a note. Mankind is a mess and our world going to hell and the tribulation in a hand basket. God could just as easily turn His back for there is no need for Him to show any extraordinary measure of kindness at this hour…its “show time.”

I realize this is Hosea times, but does it not capture the Character of God?

Hosea 11:9 I will not carry out my fierce anger, nor will I devastate Ephraim again. For I am God, and not a man - the Holy One among you. I will not come against their cities.

He is above how we think of Him. And He has shown us at least in one instance how that looks. How He does not think like us. Or merely us. And that he blends Holiness with mercy…as God? Coupled with Ezekiel 18:23…flashing a white horse at us may not be deception…just saying. It wasn’t just a century ago (and so far back from there too). The Puritans believed it was the Church. I would say (although I am willing to be challenged) that Revelation 6:2 has been thought of as “good” more centuries in history than it has been thought as the AC. I believe this statement is true. Even in the 19th Century it was thought good. In our 21st century minds, perhaps with all the conspiracy theories we entertain…we can tend to see ominous in the non-ominous. Is it a freak opinion to share a view of orthodoxy that has been believed (that the 1st seal is good) 10 times longer than it be the AC? And if we hold it can only be the AC, what does that say about our age? Did we even know there was a history to that…anyways? Just saying…i never knew there was. I don’t think many do…and perhaps feel its not important at all. And yet…we are certain its AC…lol. Its a bit Twilight Zone-ish in that respect…at lest to me. Sure it can be AC. But it also does not HAVE to be. Right?

To me, it might be God’s demonstration of millennial apocalyptical power and authority…like His stamp, His heart, His character upon what is about to hit the earth. And in so granting a world a taste of supernatural justice to come. Something those who rejoice with good justice would like. If the church is here during that then we are offered an opportunity to tell people “Hey, this is the God of the age to come. What comes next is war and hell for 7 years. You don’t want to be here. Repent. Worship Him. He wants more to come with…in the rapture ya’ll.” Because what would come next would be the apocalyptical power not sparing. Perhaps Ezekiel 38 is the blow back…and Seal 2. We just don’t know its timing. And 7 years is a very long Sahara Desert to cross without water. The temptation would be to stay enjoy be merry and indulge in massive growth and almost magical enterprise (the enlightenment pretending to be the great awakening). Yet “We gotta go ya’ll” clock pretending to be the enlightenment. :slight_smile: Kinda fits. :slight_smile:

I don’t perceive anything about Trump that makes him necessarily godly. A man that loves America, I do. Cyrus was the white horse in Zachariah 1 & 6. And he had many gods. Yet a shepherd called by God. A man who was not devoted to God, His shepherd? Trump’s fancy for the heretical…uh…maybe a match? Yeah…maybe something like that. Isn’t that ironic that Trump’s romp with heresy might just be s symbolic echo of Cyrus’s? Are not the fields now filled to the brim with “irony.” Don’t get me started on Esther. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Well hope that helps. Blessing dear sister. Please receive this with a hearty glass of scepticism…as we are to be discerning. Amen.

PS – there are scholars who believe that seal 1 and 2 are related. So the window between the two could be very short. In that scenario…with Ezekiel 38 hanging in the wings over there in the middle east right now…might be cocked for readiness in retaliation and the window so much shorter than my little essay imagined. Not sure how that would work exactly being so short and quick and having such shallow divide. In that sense though…whatever that version looks like…if we are here for that…wow…dang…what a bang to go out on.


I believe we had that glimpse and opportunity possibly when Trump was in office. Birth pangs do not stop unless the baby dies correct? We are about to start to see Israel dilating.

Still not over the fact that many of the things trump did put us under the boot we find ourselves in just to convenient. The GOP has always played this part in the show.

Also I believe you need to put your focus back on Israel the US had its day in the sun. The Remnant Church has been shown who is and who is not of us and that we should focus to awaken them if possible.

Things are about to go exponentially in the Middle East will this upset the apple cart for the Deep State. Yes, their plan was to take Israel out or take control of her the later remains to be seen. Neither will happen but she will compromise after possibly the next major conflict for peace and safety. All the surrounding terrorist organization have now stated on the record next time they will all join in the fight with Gaza.

Nope, I pray something like you say can happen but if it does its a but God moment because the Deep State will be so busy in the Middle East that hopefully they have to halt their current battlefront scenario…

At least that’s how I see things playing out for now just be watching Israel and last days prophecy. Yes, I still see for now Psalm 83 and Damascus as what is now lined up for war.



Truth. It’s a wicked world.

Friendship with the world is enmity with God. How clear the meaning of those words become when we realize just how wicked and sinful this world is.

I agree it’s important to realize God’s mercy through Christ, but also be ready, we are at war with evil. So yes avoiding sin (cutting off one’s arm as Christ illustrated) is important too.

Thank God that we don’t have to rely on ourselves though! Praise be to Jesus Christ. Amen, amen, amen.

I started understanding why we will cast our crowns at Jesus feet (if we are like the elders?), it’s all for Him.

@Gigi bless you friend. :heart:


BUT GOD would be like a 1st seal, no? The 1st seal would be God doing it. How I understand this is the following:

  1. America had its day in the sun – Let us not forget that Trump affirmed Jerusalem for Israel. Something no other president was brave enough to assert. Then he did the Abraham Accords. Something the media down played because they don’t want peace in the middle east nor do they want Trump to get credit for it. The point being, what Trump was able to do no other normal human could. A subtle signature of the stature behind potential ensuing and ongoing future dealings by this one.

  2. The globalists are against the USA Constitution. Where things are going is anyone’s guess. But what is no mystery at all is that the deep state will always move its agenda forward. What Israel is experiencing is that. We should not be surprised that they look like they are winning. They will always try.

  3. Globalist want a war in the middle east to move their strategic power to the next level. They also want America dumbed down and neutralized. We see this. But we also see escalating push back. The deep state is trying, but much of America is starting to push back. Yes, keep our eye on Israel. But also, keep our eyes on election fraud recounts throughout the country. This will take several months. But if it starts to gain momentum, what will the globalists do when America plainly sees voting machines cheated? They won’t just say: “Ok, well lets see if Trump really one.” Rather they will riot with antifa, BLM, and escalate war in the middle east for distraction and intimidation.

  4. If Trump had just moved on, Dan, I would probably agree with you that America had its day and we suck. lol. But Trump is not backing down. If there are movements toward other social media platforms over the course of the next few months, well, it is good to keep on eye on that too. Because the globalists want Twitter, Facebook, and Google to hinder news as it comes out. If we have other social media gaining attention then news can go to those locations and the media cant have a successful media black out. I see globalist strategy trying to control the narrative. But if they lose that narrative, what can they do then?

  5. They said for 4 years that Trump was a Russian pawn. And that Trump was a dictator who would not step down. Now, Biden ends USA pipeline jobs, and contracts to empower Russian pipeline project. The Obama admin had been involved in Uranium One giving Russia 20% of USA Uranium. Biden is in bed with China and Russia while deflecting. So they scapegoat Trump as in bed with Russia when they really are. The irony is killing me. In addition, they are the dictators that won’t step down…even after stealing an election. Or should we see, especially after stealing an election. Trump did step down and spared a country…and seems to have still an interest in rule of law and the constitution. If God is behind that, the deep state is in big trouble. If not…I guess America fries. But the point is, Trump did step down in honor (even though the regime against him cheated to do it). That is a noble position to have…if you care about the country and want to build it back better from grass routes that God just might indorse, no?

  6. If we look at Rev 6:2, what do we see? This person got a crown. Then what? “…and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.” If Trump is that, then a) He conquered as president. And then, b) He went out to conquer. So I see that is where we are now (if indeed he is the 1st seal–which we will have to see).

  7. What does it look like for him “to conquer” if the 1st seal? That would mean that where he is now is out of the presidential limelight. As long as Trump was president, then the deep state would always make things look political and jade his image. But now, he is not president. So if from grass routes it is determined that there was voter fraud, they can’t go after Trump as though he were behind it politicizing it. While Trump was in office the deep state could shield themselves behind accusing Trump. The irony is that if there is no Trump in office, they themselves become exposed because they have no finger left to point and would be naked before the public. This is the direction i see at least currently likely trending.

  8. As for Israel I would imagine this is gonna go on for quite a while. Back in 2017, it was my understanding that a potential tribulation timeframe could be 2024. If true…we have a while yet to go. So yeah, let’s see how Israel unfolds. It could always be Ezekiel 38 first. But if that is the case, we are here for a while I believe. Because if Ezekiel 38 goes off first, we have to wait for peace again (seal 1 down the road) and then seal 2 (peace AGAIN taken from the earth). So we would have to wait for things to settle for quite a while to be at a place of general global world peace again for there even to be a reasonable seal 2 loss of world peace. Perhaps that may cue us also up to a 2024 tribulation timeframe. Or maybe longer? Israel will burn weapons for 7 years. So would Ezekiel 38 be the 7 year countdown for tribulation? It could place us here for quite a while. Things need to somehow line up where when the seals do come…they make sense in their context. It won’t be a random free-for-all kind of thing IMHO.

  9. If we look at the book of Esther, what do we see? We see of that book that it was canonized because of nationalism (according to historian sources). An odd reason to canonize. But ok. The Jews were set for annihilation in Persia. But everything planned against them, God turned to irony back upon their head. But the Israeli’s in Susa and its provinces had to fight back or they would indeed have been killed by the king’s previous edict.

  10. What does that have to do with us? lol. “Come on man.” If Trump does end up being the 1st seal, then we have a tie in with a book in the bible canonized for nationalism (which is the big issues today in the USA–the most powerful country in the world…who is Israel’s number one ally–AND…during an “end time” period). Additionally, Esther seems to be strangely linked to favor brought Israel in relation to the 70 weeks countdown started by Artaxerxes. It is a book slated per Josephus as the actual last book of the Jews to be canonized. If both of those are true, then Esther = thematic presence leading to the 70 week edict for Israel and “where it all was left off canon wise for the Jews.” Coupled together, that would imply it is a hyperlink book in two ways: a) 70 week edict (reignited in our age) and b) Just as the temple rebuild reinstitutes animal sacrifices for Israel, so might Israel also pick up from where they left off in week 69 (which at that time would be the book of Esther last canonized–at least to writing they last accepted). In that way Esther may be a hyperlink book for our age. And may bring in a similar thematic social problem tide to our shores (as the key nation expected to protect the apple of God’s eye…Israel): Under Biden our people are doomed. But for nationalism sake we might have to rise up against the globalists. And in that might just be Estherian Irony and the 1st seal. God’s heart toward defending Israel possibly for show at the end of the age of grace…possibly before blow back and Ezekiel 38 potentially being seal 2 refines them.

These are irregular hermeneutics for sure. How this plays out we will have to see. It is entirely possible that Ezekiel 38 happens first. I just don’t want to be here personally for another 7 years :frowning: So maybe keep our eye on Israel and the USA. “Come on man.” We are only into the first quarter of the first quarter (the first 16th) of Biden’s admin. If this were a football game, would you call it over so early? Blessings.

Why would Rome keep the book of Esther they certainly were trying to rid the church of all “national” Jews? Israel may have created it but Rome kept it while removing all Jewishnes they could?

So your saying you believe Trump comes back and that is a sign of 1st seal or at least in part?

I keep looking to Israel these days. So I guess that would give Israel a huge supporter so then that could stall the birth pangs in Israel? Or do you se that actually forcing Iran to move forward before the Trump return?

Just as the kings of Europe were family controlled by demonic spirits or worse for the most part would war each other to see who would control the earth. Kind of like the stories in mythology they all fight to take control of the earth in the end Satan wins the 3.5 time.

Who can tell what man “little king” wins the 1st 3.5 year? Just saying even the elect if possible could be fooled. After all who created the Space Force and now we see the next phase in disclosure coming.

Yeap, I know this is way out there but just say it’s stranger than we think. Also watching this and only taking notice to Trumps mindset has to make one wonder?

While I may not agree with all the narrator has to say, can you really tell me there’s nothing to see here? Then of course his son in law Jared and his 666 address?

The Meaning Of The Name Jared

Definition of Jared : descent, descendant

Meaning of Jared: From the Hebrew name יָרֶד (Yared) or יֶרֶד (Yered) meaning “descent”. This is the name of a close descendent of Adam in the Old Testament.

even stranger:

Nope I don’t trust any of them its all a setup from both sides of the coin.


There are some brothers that teach the Deep State is faking the lead up to the tribulation so they can take down all the trouble makers in the middle east and steal the booty to build their one world order.

They also say top leaders in Israel have signed in on the scheme to protect Israel, from the scourge coming upon the middle east.

Anything that will get them the Temple and the return of the Messiah .

The Deep State for the most part are being played too.


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I would think like Jesuit order would do, perhaps keep it to lure in Jews to Catholicism?

I’ve studied Trump quite a bit over the years. To me, honestly Dan, the term “comes back” seems a bit foreign to me. Which may sound odd to you. The reason is that knowing quite a bit of how he tweeted, how he worked the dems, how he strategized, indicated to me that he had far more on the table going on that would not be affected adversely by what happened in November. In other words, we saw a president do more than any other modern president we have seen. That kind of person does not likely leave themselves so vulnerable.

An example would be “look at just some of what Trump left for them to HAVE TO undue by contrast.”

  1. We were energy sufficient. Biden took jobs and gave oil power back to the middle east (when the USA became the number one oil producer in the world under Trump).

  2. The border wall and building of it protected the country especially during a pandemic. There was 0 problem at the border under Trump (with negotiated care on the Mexico side as well). In two short months Biden created a border crisis where there was none.

  3. Biden revoked a measure issued by former President Donald Trump following the Black Lives Matter protests that instructed federal law enforcement authorities to prosecute individuals who vandalized federal monuments and to withhold funding from local governments that didn’t prevent the destruction of their statues.

  4. Trump’s foreign aid freeze was changed by Biden enabling unrest in the middle east through empowering terror networks.

Had Trump remained in power, his programs would have continued and certainly other items like the economy, jobs, the stock market etc would have been improved as well. But Trump was well aware of his opposition’s proclivities to their agenda in making America last. I would see imbedded in his strategy (should they cheat and win–which was obviously not off the radar) an easy way for America to see the deviance (afresh and with much more attention on it all) of the left by undoing what worked. And in contrast expose their plans plainly to America and the world. Whereas had Trump not won 2016, the world would have never really noticed. Now its shouted from the rooftops.

So I don’t think Trump exactly left. He left a quagmire for the left. That is for sure. But as the USA sees the Biden mess and concede America’s doom, I see it is that America is clear on what we see (only 4 months in) because the left are flagged or inked (like a bank dye pack explodes in stolen money bags so the robbers can’t spend the money). I don’t think they can pull it off. It would only be natural for Trump to return. The left is a mess and vulnerable right now.

I think it is possible that Ez 38 is seal 2. Although it might not be big enough for a seal (since it is just in the middle east and northern hemisphere area). I believe it could be though. My concern is that if there is no 1st seal and Ez 38 goes off…it may mean the tribulation is still many years out. However, yes, middle east war could be retaliation to conservative up-rise in the USA. If not, no doubt something horrid would.

Matt 24:24 and 2 Thes 2:11 are inferred for the midpoint and second half of the tribulation. Not the first 3.5 years as far as i can tell.

What I see I call rhetorical markers. The 666 building as likely nothing more than a “heads-up.” I have seen that video before. It did originally alarm me years ago when I thought Trump might be the AC. However, please consider Dan, Daniel 11:37. The AC would not have been so supportive of conservative Christianity. In addition, we do have a white horse (among 4 horses) to compare with in Zachariah 1 & 6. That white horse has historically been identified as Cyrus. What did Cyrus believe? He was into Zoroastrianism. Hardly partial to the Israeli God. Zoroastrianism - Wikipedia Yet God called him His shepherd, Isaiah 45. This would be matching of Trump’s mingling with heretics under the Christian unbrella likely. The 1st seal does not have to be holy.

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Maybe old testament where it talks about pouring out on all flesh, young men dreams dream and old men vision