May 9 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

I want to interject, the Psalm 83 war happened in 1967. The specific combination of nations specified is who Israel fought in the Six Day War. We’re just waiting now for the destruction of Damascus and Ezekiel 38 (which the church may or may not witness from earth).


I agree. I put down $10k on Psalm 83 as 1967.


Plus Billy was hooked in tight with Rome. :frowning:


Yes he was.

Furthermore BG said Muslims believing in Allah as God (not Jesus) will also be saved. I have a dvd with this footage of him saying as much.

It’s rumored he was also a 33rd degree Mason.

Too many red flags for me when it comes to the Graham family.


Some may be surprised to discover these backgrounds to Franklin Graham. I was never into that sort of thing. I think when I was young I went to a BG movie…way before I knew anything about the man. He is a SIGN of our times. As was Ravi Zacharias. :frowning: I believe God want’s us to know what time it is.


This pastor prayed for Canadian police before church lockdown;


Before I became a Christian I went to a Franklin Graham concert. Looking back on it now I didn’t come away with any enlightenment about WHO God was. Maybe the messenger (FG) wasn’t delivering the message.


I would say this though. I went to a church for a number of years that was top shelf teaching. They train pastors around the world. But there were plenty of times their training apparatus got in the way of the milk and the meat i felt. So there were many occasions I would just read Ephesians through 3 or 4 times while tentatively listening to the sermon.

As God began to work on my heart, He helped me to realize the living juice in some of the simplest things said. I found my self retraining my heart to “hunt” for the treasure of God’s heart in the sermon. And by doing that I often did find it.

I know there is a lot of watered down teaching. I know there is a lot of fallout in the church and apostasy and orthodoxy as performing art. I would never recommend the Grahams. But if per chance they accidently do preach Christ…or that God gets the hearts of some and animates His spirit words into the heart’s of the audience–in spite of the Grahams, amen. Many will be deceived…but Paul did say too:

Philip 1:18
What then is the issue? Just this: that in every way, whether by false motives or true, Christ is preached. And in this I rejoice. Yes, and I will continue to rejoice,

This is good to pray too. Some may never come to understand the age of smoke and mirrors. Blessings.


Instead of abandoning Amir all together on one subject, think of eating watermelon, sometimes you need to spit out the seeds. Amir is not my all in all, nor should J D Farag be either. Martin Luther definitely had his flaws concerning jews, a subject not talked about much nor should it be the main focus but acknowledged. I think Amir is wrong on the vaccine, well it is really a gene editing jab or shot. I disagree on a certain thing with John McArthur from a scriptural basis but there is just way too much great and amazing teaching to ignore and see that God has blessed his teaching. At my church no one agrees on everything the same, on the core of scripture, yes, but not on every subject. And this may reflect upon at where they are in their journey with the Lord depending upon theur understanding of scripture.

God is the only one who has perfect everything. Amir is a brother in the Lord and God has greatly blessed his ministry and it continues to expand and by taking the jab, this allows him to travel the World and minister to others that do not have the rich depth of biblical teach here in the US. Now do I see how the jab pass is being used to form the basis of the inevitable mark of the beast, MOB, yes and it greaves me deeply and I know that lies are being used on multiple levels to have us take the shot. But I so far have a choice not to take it and it us not that I won’t but cant take it.

It is up to you to decide and at the same time I recommend and think about what I have said and even read Ephesians chapter 4.

God Bless



Thank you @Bigwave for taking your time for messaging me I totally agree with what you have said thank you for your loving encouraging advice…
I think sometimes messages read from folks on here like texts read different from what the author means , as you don’t hear the tone or see the facial expressions and unable to see into their eyes , which I think causes a lot of misinterpretation and folks taking it to heart meaning at times divisions are seen , it’s when you have to deny yourself ( daily for me , sometimes more ) as in your feelings and submit all back to Jesus and then restart fresh Amen . Glory to the Lord !!
I do not condemn anyone for taking the shot .
I still listen to Amir for news of Israel but have been reminded once again to sieve out the good from the bad , always to go firstly directly to the Lord in word prayer and only Him :pray:

Again thank you
Stay strong in Christ


You know, Teren, that’s right.

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It may have started in 1967, but that doesn’t mean the prophecy is finished yet. :slight_smile:

We all tend to compartmentalize in a moment of time what takes years sometimes to complete.

Case in Point…

Psalm 83 nations still exist, and haven’t been made desolate…

Psalm 83:9, 13-17


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What a sweet treat for your drive, Jewel. He’s just a steady delivery man, isn’t he!

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Sadly, I have come across more and more about heavy suspicions regarding his membership (and the degree is recent news to me), yes.

We will drive men from Christ if we run around calling them fools, Nazi’s, etc…
What we can do is share with others how much He forgave us!
Remember, Jesus became sin (mine, yours, Hitler’s, ) so that we might become His righteousness!

And Jesus cries because He loves them both…
Oh that will let Christ live and love through us!


I did not actually read this article which I’m sure is full of propaganda. I don’t need that. but the title, which is quoted in the article, I just want to mention feels like a stab at Christianity in itself, purporting the idea of evolution.

using the word “evolution” in that generalized way that the whole world seems to adopt. people talk about their “evolving” taste in clothes or music, evolving methods in how we do things in life, etc.

it’s subtle but I just personally see it as another way to poke holes in us.

they can use this term to explain away all their whims in mandate-making.


Oh my Josh Garrels has such an amazing voice ,wow :pray:

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Yes, the proof is in the pudding … as they say.
They have a plan, but so does JESUS … His will prevail!
Very Interesting … Implanted Microchip, Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum and The Great Reset - YouTube



Also opening bible study discussion for Thursday and Sunday book by book studies by Ps JD.