❤ (Unofficial) Google Ad of JDFARAG.org

Hi guys,

This is an unofficial ad

Current status: Ad validated and running since August 10, 2022. I still need following infos:

  • short videos of Pastor JD to promote it (like ABC of salvation) or maybe your short videos of end times

Now I’m ready to promote Jdfarag.org on Google Ads :smiley:

I will ask you what titles, descriptions… keywords to use. Of course, it’s free. Let’s do something together for the Lord :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My goal is to point directly to Jdfarag.org (let’s go to the point) or to a specific page of his website (maybe a page for the newcomers).

Tell me asap

@yhvh4life @DEC @BayouBushi @DallasT @Gold @Pax @staceylovesJesus @Jelloburger @jasonacts177 @FoxMan

Please help me to find good keywords to catch them and direct them to the website. After if the content is attractive, they can watch the videos, come to the forum, listen sermons… be a new member of the community or just a Christian.

Our goal is to bring as much people we can to the Lord (i think Pastor JD already said this) :pray: :raised_hands:

Rem: I don’t track people as they come directly to Jdfarag.org, I just see the stats by country.

The story to be clear: I’m promoting my Bible Apps since several months on Google Ads. Recently I created my website referencing my apps on various systems and have created another Ad to promote it (but stopped several weeks later). Now let’s go to promote a good Pastor, able to speak differently than me and able to fill the Kingdom of God :relaxed: Alleluia!!

I “finance” this and don’t ask money.
It will be “Our Ad”.
If someone ask money for this, call the cops.




Short Titles (30 chars, max 5)

Long titles (90 chars, max 5)

Descriptions (90 chars, max 4)

Logo (max 5)

Assets (pictures, max 20)

Assets (short videos, max 5)



I used (based on YT newest videos and popular videos), with some “recadrage” 1/1…:

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First steps (all is urgent because it takes 2 days to be validated by Google).

Provide me the keywords and more importantly the short titles, long titles to catch people.

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I’m sorry I cannot be much help as I really don’t know anything about aps etc.
All I can think of is the following (not nec in that order)

Bible topics

I don’t know if that is the type of thing you are looking for or not.


Yes exactly it’s keywords people enter in Google Search or YT, Google Mail and some other social networks.

Google warning:

“Serving paused in the Middle EastPlease note that we’ve temporarily paused serving certain ads in some countries in the Middle East and your account might be impacted.”

Some infos here: J.D. Farag - YouTube

Please give me, good promotional videos of Pastor JD (on YT, so it will not block on Google Ads validation)

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@DallasT has hit the big ones but…

Keywords to consider:

  • Grace
  • Peace
  • New Life
  • Forgiveness (or just Forgive)
  • Freedom
  • Rest

Don’t want to use big words that many would not know or understand, and so would not impact the search much.


I’m not great at this, but I am hoping my ideas will help.

  • How to be saved
  • How to go to Heaven
  • Why pray to God
  • Why Christianity
  • Who saved me from death
  • What is Jesus’s salvation gift
  • Will I go to Heaven or hell

I don’t know if these help, but it’s all I have. Sorry


Yes, seems good but we have 90 chars.
Can someone watch main questions on GotQuestions.org ?
We can collapse some of them.

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I would think you would want to catch the attention of those looking for answers that have not come to the saving knowledge of Christ, so probably some words about what we are seeing happen in the world.

What is going on
Has the world gone mad

Something along those lines. Biblical terms as search words are great, but those who need reached aren’t even looking.


Yes also BUT we don’t have to grab all the fishes of the sea, only those which can be saved/saveable.
This is the reason to have an audience and strong keywords where we can “detect” they need Jesus.
Ex: this is the reason, I will not add words like football, music, Rihanna, Bieber… of course they need Jesus but the budget is limited and we have to be pragmatic.

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Seems the keywords they will search for.
Rem: some keywords like “Jews” are blocked!

I will update the list

Current status added to 1st topic
(Unofficial) Google Ad of JDFARAG.org



Good news
Transhumanism (#trending)
New World Order

Apologies for any duplications…


“Abrahamically advantageous apples”


Nobody will enter that:
“Abrahamically advantageous apples”

Already 60 clicks!

Rem: the jdfarag ad is eligible, my website ad still in “learning”!


(I made a copy from my ad!!)


Already 92 clicks today (but still learning)

This type of ads (with keywords) are cheap compared to those I did in the past for the apps.

More people click, more people come to Lord Jesus.



That didn’t take long… :slight_smile:

I mention this, as this kind of comes off as a dis, to those you tagged and asked for help.

Maybe it’s just the wording, but you should at least be made aware of how it seemed. :wink:

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If you can help me to adapt some titles/descriptions to catch more good fishes. The good fishes are the fishes interested to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, to leave their false doctrines if they were in wrong churches…

We don’t have to catch the fishes which are just curious… if you are a marketing guy, you know that.

Here we are giving (not even selling) a ticket for eternity. “Keep it or leave it”

I also need good pictures/illustrations.

All the info needed are in the 3 first topics.

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Well unfortunately I am not a marketing guy, and I offered what I could think of. :wink:

I will pray for your success and for the someone you need to show up.


OK thanks, I will have more Google reports within few days. They will tell me which titles, descriptions, illustrations are weak, good, excellent.