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LOL no one wants to be the first to talk about themselves.


Or everyone is just abiding by Mark 9:35

35 And He sat down, called the twelve, and said to them, “If anyone desires to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all.”


Well, ok, I’ll go first.
I’m Christa. I’m only special because Jesus loves me.
I love everyone here and send a loving welcome to anyone new who joins us on this forum.
We are people who love God’s word and find comfort in it through each other.
Looking up! He is at the doors. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


your to funny , you gave me a good
laugh .



Hi I’m Joy and I’m from New Brunswick, Canada and I am also a snowbird to Florida for the winters. I enjoy the freedom found there as we are still in mandatory masks here. Even when they stop( which is supposed to be soon) non vaccinated people may still have to wear them.

Looking forward to being raptured soon and meeting you all in heaven!


I visited New Brunswick once long ago. St Andrews by the Sea! Was the most wonderful vacation I ever had with my family! And the people were lovely!!


My name is Brenda. I live in the Adirondack Mts on a little farm and forest where I grow a big garden, raise a few chickens, keep a few sheep and a wonderful Pyr named Gideon who barks all night to scare away the coyotes! I’m so grateful to God for the view from my window, the song of the wind in the trees, and fresh eggs for breakfast daily! So grateful for this gathering of believers and Pastor JDs teaching. I’m just learning how to navigate and post, though I’ve been reading along here for a long time! Happy to meet all of you!!


Hi @joygal! Aw, you just brought back sweet, fond memories. :two_hearts: My great grandmother was originally from New Brunswick, on farm/marshland a bit north of Fundy National Park. My grandmother & mom kept in touch with the rest of the family over the years, so we visited a few times back in the late 80s. When my husband & I married in 2000, we spent our honeymoon camping/hiking in the park area. Went back on our anniversary the following 2 years and wanted to bring the kids up for a visit now they’re a bit older & we have the $ but sadly the world went covid crazy first. Ah well, with Jesus in heaven is a better destination to look forward to anyway so I’m good!

(FYI, we are in the states, about 12 hours south of there.)


Sounds beautiful!!:slightly_smiling_face:


Hi ,
My name is Rebecca ,
I live in the city , ca . I have my Two
sons living with us , when civid hit . It is comforting to have them here after years of living away from
us . My hubbie and I are grateful we have
a roof over our heads and room for other
family members if needed in the future . I love gardening , mosaic art , and cooking .
I am a proud grandma and earned every winkle and gray hair lol . I call them my stripes
of life .



It is a beautiful part of Canada, for sure! I was born here and lived here until I turned 15 when we moved to Prince Edward Island. I was there 40 years and moved back here in 2018. St. Andrew’s is about an hour and 45 minutes from here. Very quaint area! Glad you were able to visit! :blush:


I live 60 minutes away from Fundy but spent a lot of time there as my grandparents lived 25 minutes from the park and I spent my summers with them. Beautiful place to hike and enjoy the beauty God created. So glad you have been where I am from! :blush::two_hearts:
Where do you hail from? I have been up and down the eastern seaboard about 30 times so may have driven past your home!


And . . . You live on PEI!!! That was the second leg of our journey!! I wanted to stay!!! It is so very beautiful, and at that time, gosh some 20 years ago now, it felt like going back in time! My husband, who was trying to learn to play the bagpipes, was still recovering from open heart surgery. There on the red cliffs we received a God blessing every evening as a line piper played against the sunset. A memory so precious to me that I’ll never forget. Thank you for bringing it back to me today!


We lived in Summerside and the college of piping and Celtic arts was there. People from all over the world came to learn bagpipes there! Cool that you were there too! The red sands are beautiful but hard to get out of your clothes!
Blessings on your evening!:pray::two_hearts:


PEI too?! Well now I’m trying not to be jealous.:rofl: I read the Anne of Green Gables series as a kid so when we visited in the 80s of course we spent a day there and it was like stepping right into the story.

Probably not directly past as we’re a bit off the beaten path, but you may know Mystic, CT–known for the Mystic Seaport Museum, Aquarium & Olde Mistick Village.


Hi my name is Jim from Philadelphia. Been attending cc philly for a decade and came across pastor Jd prophecy updates last year during lockdown. and been watching since. Between pastor joe and pastor jd i am learning a lot and glad we have such great bible teaching pastors.


Yes we are famous for Anne of Green Gables, for sure. I’m ashamed to say, I only went there a few times and only saw the musical the summer before I moved. PEI is also famous for the beaches so hopefully you went to one while you were there.
I don’t think I have been to Mystic but will keep my eye open next year…if we’re allowed to go south. We usually fly down and drive back with my parents but we will have to see. It would be cool to see where someone else is from… :blush:


I started in here kinda backwards, I signed up, didn’t do anything because I was trying to sign up for all the other “safe” non censorship programs. Trying to learn each ones bumps. Some I still haven’t a clue about! Then stumbled back in here the other day and see that this is going to be like the other one I was in for years… it was Hal Lindsay and Jack Kinsella website. It is just like this one. Jack died a few years ago and they kept it going for awhile. I’m going to tell the people about this one.
Well today they emailed me and asked me to do a profile, so now that it’s completed, I’m off to the races and looking around and replying to some posts.
Hey just wondering do we have a area where kids … say age 10 and up can post and talk about their issues as seeing end times coming to pass or perhaps help from other pre teens to teens replying back to each other… in the Christian Faith? Just wondering.



Now THAT was a sharp one :wink: