★ Requests for: ABC... Billboards | Business Cards | Templates | Designs ★

20$ for 50 is too expensive.

Do you know that we can buy a gospel of John or Matthew for 0.30 euro ?!

So for 60 euros (~60$) we have 200 gospels.

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I don’t sell anything, those prices are example costs of printing cards in Australia. You can find any printing company you like the pricing of, or print them at home.

You should totally print those gospels and letterbox drop them for that price.


Do you have the Yellow ABCs sign for yard sign use?

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Hi Alan,

I can easily modify it to the size you require within 12 hours if you let me know the dimensions of the yard sign you plan to use. :slight_smile:

Most people choose 24x18 inch signs if that makes it easier to decide.

Vistaprint Yard Sign

God Bless!


Yes want modified templates:) the 2 yellow ones

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@Alvis1 Here they are, how do you like them?

These are only samples since the forum reduces the quality of images, so can you email me and I will send them via that instead? (My email is found in the top post)

For this one, I can also make each line occupy two rows to fill in the ‘blank space’:

Any changes?



Thank you so much !

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Some new Business Card designs! (Easily converted into a billboard)


Greetings everyone,

My name is Amela Chamberlain and I partner with Chris aka @fluidicice to design powerful messages based on Scripture that are printed on T-shirts, sweatshirts & hoodies, bumper stickers. These products become evangelistic tools to share the Good News about Salvation in Jesus.

I have an online store and I decided to shift my focus to this Christian niche after I became an online member of Pastor JD’s church early this year. We’re running our Black Friday sale starting today with a 25% discount storewide. If you’re interested in sharing the Gospel through the things you wear, we would love it if you could visit our store and browse/shop our collections.

All of our clothing designs are original creations by Chris and myself, and are not sold on any other online or brick & mortar stores. Any similar designs on other sites are either copies or creations by other individuals/groups.

I’ve included a link to the store below, and also posted some photos of our clothing products. I pray that you would take the time to visit the store and partner with us in spreading the Good News about Jesus (or simply encouraging others around us who are going through challenging times) through powerful Bible-based messages on the clothes we wear and things we use!


But God Long Sleeve (1)

Lord At Thy Birth

Raptured Blue Font Male

I Was Blind Navy Female (1)

Greatest Gift Female

No Fear Female  (1)

Insane World Updated (1)

ABC's  Bumper Rectangle (1)

Crazy World Bumper Rectangle (1)

ABC's  Bumper Square  Close up

These are only a few examples of our designs, and you will find lots more in the store.


Blessings in Jesus,


lovely :rose:

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Thanks, @staceyLovesJesus! :smiley:

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Hi Everyone,
Many of the designs have been reworked and more have been added. Take a look at my site for the full collection of the billboards, tracts and other content!

God Bless,


Thank you so much for sharing all this. I have been gathering them and printing them off. I send them in cards and with crafts I make at home. Again, thank you so much!


Hi Cher, that’s so wonderful to hear! I never really know how they’re being used since I can’t see when someone downloads a design. It’s great to know my efforts are reaching people for Him! Keep it up :smiley:


I want to order the abc of salvation business cards… can someone help me direct me to the person who knows more about this.
Hi :slightly_smiling_face:
do you sell abc of salvation business cards?

Hi StaceyPsalm!

Wonderful to hear you want to spread the ABCs. I don’t believe anyone here sells printed ABC cards but it’s quite straightforward to get them printed up and mailed to you.

The first thing you want to do is decide if you want single or double sided business cards. Then just download the Business Card versions of the designs from my website: Business Card Tracts

Head to Canva, Vistaprint or Officeworks and look for their business card printing section such as:
You can also just search for local Business card printing companies - you could even walk into a store and they will help you print them there and then.

On the website when you select the options for the business cards be sure to select the 3.5x2" size option. The other settings are up to you such as cardstock type, finish and quantity.

Then upload the designs and check-out through their system.

If you are confused or have any questions just reply with a message here :slight_smile:



Thank you Chris! :slightly_smiling_face:
i plan to go Staples, it’s just a block from where i live and i’ll have them print out front and back of these two.

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Great to hear! Those are the Digital versions though, so download and put the BC (Business Card) versions on a USB as well so the content doesn’t print half off the edge.


im not sure how to do this. if i show them at the store, they can do this for me, right?

It depends how they get the designs from you, whether they download them from my site themselves or you bring in a USB with the files you want printed.

You want to download the image using this option on my site:
Business Card (RGB | 100x65mm | JPG)

Note the size: 100x65mm. Choose that size when you download the files because they are used for professional printing and afterwards they trim the business cards so they look like the versions you posted above.

If you’re stuck just head in to the shop and ask the sales/printing helpdesk for guidance.

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